Jay Cutler Receives Less-Than-Ringing Endorsement from Random Denver TV Personality

The Dan Patrick Show is today’s source for all things relevant in the land of Vikings.  Earlier we learned of T.J. Houshmandzadeh’s less-than-positive assessment of the Vikings’ quarterbacks via Patrick’s program, and now, from the same show, comes this (also unflattering) characterization of the man some would like to see join that quarterbacking corps, one Jay Cutler.  The new negativity arrives courtesy of Denver Nuggets TV analyst Scott Hastings…who must be some kind of authority on the NFL, otherwise why would Dan Patrick be asking him questions about Jay Cutler?  Maybe Patrick just likes helping the careers of people no one cares about.  I don’t know.  At any rate, Hastings’ view of Cutler is not a good one (which is putting it mildly).  He called the Broncos QB an “arrogant little punk” and also a “little bitch.”  This because of Cutler’s infamous remark that his arm is better than John Elway‘s.  Hastings is also mad at Cutler for not showing up at new coach Josh McDaniels‘ introductory press conference.  Maybe he was too busy engaging in arrogant, bitch-like punkery?

If you’ve been paying attention to the coverage of Cutler at all, you know Hastings is not the first person to suggest that Jay’s opinion of himself might be over-inflated, and that Jay might not always put the team first either on the field or off it.  Who knows if this kind of stuff would play into the Vikings’ thinking, if in fact they are pursuing a trade for him.  I’m guessing it would have to.  I’m also guessing that, if the Vikes really are convinced this guy is the missing piece, they would be inclined to let a few things slide.  Let’s just hope Rick Spielman and Brad Childress don’t have Scott Hastings among their advisors.

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  • Mike

    Cutler is clearly talented but there will be legitimate questions about his leadership until he leads a team into the playoffs and eventually the super bowl.  He is a brat to try to compare himself to Elway.

  • jeege

    Patrick should stop trying to get a “scoop” so hard that he has to stoop to quoting NBA analysts for good sound bites.

    Talk about stretching a story.

    Who is he going to ask for opinions about Vikings rumors next, a local lacrosse fan or something?

    Shit man

  • Mike

    ESPN saying Broncos have taken Cutler off the trade table.

  • http://www.itascaradio.com the6thKing

    Lol(jeege) I agree. I have no reservations about cutler. I believe he is and will be a good-great qb if only statistically. He’ll never leave denver this year but I would love to see him in purple and gold. (It’ll never happen until he’s a free agent has been, because thats the vikings style with qb’s)

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Cutler would’ve been a big boost to the Vikings passing game, but i do agree with Mike, that Cutler has yet to lead his team to the playoffs, let alone comparing himself to the great John Elway.  If you look at the history of the Vikings when it revolves around  QB’s, we’ve had but a couple great ones, all the others were average to not-so-great. Most of the good teams we had, actually revolved around the good defense, with the exception of the Cunningham to Moss days, or some big numbers Culpepper put up. Tommy Kramer actually was a very talented QB, unfortunately he had many personal problems that shortened his career.  I thought one of the best teams we had all-around was when we played the Redskins for the NFC championship game and fell short 17-10. Wade Wilson was QB and again we had that awesome defense led by our big front-line pass  rush with Keith Millard and Chris Doleman. That loss was one of the worst to take, as a long time fan.