Denver Post's Kiszla Thinks Cutler Mess is All About Bus Cook

Denver Post columnist Mark Kiszla thinks Bus Cook is to blame for the mess between Jay Cutler and the Broncos, and believes Cutler should dump Bus for the sake of his own career:

Grown men drool in wonder at Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler, as if his throwing right arm was the caboose of Jennifer Lopez or Angelina Jolie’s sexy lips.

Of course, we all know a grown man doesn’t always think with his brain.

For example: If Cutler has anything more than a Beatles haircut between his ears, our disgruntled quarterback would come to his senses and do something smart for a change.

Cutler should fire Bus Cook, the two-fisted, money-grubbing agent who has Cutler wrapped around his finger like a puppet and seems to enjoy yanking the chain of Broncos owner Pat Bowlen.

While earning free publicity at the expense of Cutler’s good name, Cook has wrecked the working relationship between Jay-C and Denver to the point of no repair, if you’re asking me.

But that’s not even the saddest part of this NFL soap opera.

Cutler has been brainwashed by Cook to believe this 25-year-old player is far better than the impressive 4,526 yards passing and 25 touchdown passes he produced last season.

Broncomaniacs are panicking with the mistaken impression Cutler’s 17-20 record in Denver somehow qualifies him as a franchise quarterback to be retained at any cost.

And it has been screamed new Broncos coach Josh McDaniels is doomed to failure, or should be fired on the spot, if he dares trade an unhappy camper who wants out of Denver.

Well, hate to be the one to introduce a heaping teaspoon of reality to this hysteria, but Mr. Cutler is not yet the quarterback that Cook would have you or his misguided client believe.

I’m not sure I follow Kiszla’s logic here.  Seems to me, if Cutler wants out of Denver for the reasons we’ve been told – he hates the coach and thinks he was lied to – then the last thing he should want to do is fire Cook, the guy who has enflamed the situation to the point where a trade has become an actual possibility.  Kiszla claims Bus’s motives are self-serving – he’s after publicity – but it looks to me instead like Bus is doing what any good agent would, namely, serve his client.

I don’t really get the point of vilifying Cook.  Yes, Bus is being a public jag-off (even worse than last year during the Favre fiasco) but if anyone is truly a guilty party in this it’s Cutler for not being a man and moving on with his career in Denver, a situation that has been very good for him so far.  Kiszla, it seems, wants me to believe Cutler is some kind of naive victim, but come on.  Cutler may act like a baby sometimes, but that doesn’t make him innocent.  He knows what he wants, and I imagine he realizes what a fine job Bus is doing of being an a-hole on his behalf.

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  • Mike

    I am not sure who or what to believe but it would seem that the new coach McDaniels is trying to quickly and radically change the Broncos to fit his strategy developed at the Patriots no matter who he steps on, including QB Cutler, TE Scheffler and also a well respected safety that was traded.

  • Mike

    The Jets said they want Cutler at the owners meeting yesterday.  Let us hope they get him so they can release Favre to the Vikings.

  • Mike

    Denver Post columnist Mark Kiszla should claim Bus Cook is engineering a conspiracy to send Cutler to the Jets so he can get Favre to the Vikings.

  • danzinski

    Mike…yeah, I had thought of that.  Actually, I have now done a post on it.  Thank you.

  • Chuck

    So it  pretty much sounds like the Vikes they won’t get Cutler,  They had said before that they would like to bring in a 4 th Qb… Who would you guys like them to get???

  • Mike

    Chuck, isn’t it obvious?  Think conspiracy!

  • Chuck

    NICE!!!  I can picture Brett Favre in Purple!!!  Lol

  • Mike

    Click here to see what it will look like when the Vikings get Favre:

  • Chuck

     We’ll see what happens in the near future!!!

  • Dave E.

    Thanks for the link and I’m glad you all enjoyed that pic. I wish I could take credit for it, but it just showed up in an email and I have no idea who did it.

    Great blog here. I’d love to see Favre as a Viking if he is willing to put ego aside and share some time just mentoring the young guys. I’m skeptical that he has that in him.

  • Mike

    Frankly, I only care if the Vikings free AP with a passing game and win now!