Percy Harvin, Hakeem Nicks Post Weak Wonderlic Scores; Stafford, Sanchez, Freeman Do Well

This year’s Wonderlic scores have begun leaking out, setting up some guys for a hearty pat on the back, others for Vince Young-level ridicule.  The big winner so far is Matthew Stafford who reportedly posted a 38, excellent for a quarterback (24 is considered average at that position).  The other big quarterback prospects, Mark Sanchez and Josh Freeman, scored 28 and 27 respectively, not great but still above average.

Among receivers (a position of greater concern for the Vikings who will likely be going that way with the 22nd overall pick), Missouri‘s Jeremy Maclin posted a 25 – well above the 17 that is considered average for a man at his position.  By contrast, the top overall receiver prospect, Michael Crabtree, managed only a 15…making him – if you believe the Wonderlic has any validity – slightly stupid for a receiver.  But not as stupid as Darrius Heyward-Bey who only scored 14.  Or Percy Harvin, who only managed a 12.  Or poor Hakeem Nicks who came back with an 11.

Obviously, the Wonderlic is a controversial matter:  Some say it gives a legitimate measure of a player’s mental abilities, others say it is culturally biased and utterly worthless.  I have no idea where the Vikings stand on the issue and I’m guessing if I asked they wouldn’t tell me anyway.  I do know that the Vikes will probably be choosing between Harvin and Nicks when they select (since the good offensive tackles will all be off the board)…and, clearly, neither of them is going to be bringing the potato salad to the MENSA picnic.  Then again, how smart do you have to be to play receiver in Brad Childress‘s offense?  There are only three routes and more likely than not the quarterback is going to miss you anyway.

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  • Mike

    I agree that it looking more and more like the good tackles may be off the board at 22, but I hope not or the Vikings have another plan for right tackle (like a trade).  Moreover, since WRs, especially low IQ WRs, usually take longer to develop, the Vikes will also need another vet WR to fill in.  Now things are looking depressing.

  • Chuck

    Keep your chin up, Maybe the Triangle of Gloom will do something right yet this year… Even a Blind squirrel finds a acorn once and a while… Hang in there My Purple Brother!!!

  • papaspud

    Well said, we could have Randy Moss back and with the QB’s and offensive scheme we have it wouldn’t matter.  Things are looking depressing for next year in the land of the purple……..can you say 8-8……..aaaaaaaarrrrgh…… what we really need to do is clean house…..maybe next year….

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