Powers Also Thinks "Some Elements" Means Childress

St. Paul Pioneer-Press columnist Tom Powers agrees with my belief that Brad Childress was indeed the “element” in the Vikings coaching staff that shot down the Jay Cutler trade the team reportedly had cooking with the Broncos:

…the report by Yahoo.com said the deal fell through because “some elements” of the Minnesota coaching staff weren’t sold on Cutler. Some elements? There’s only one element that counts on the Minnesota coaching staff, and its initials are B.C.

So let me try to follow this: Brad Childress isn’t sold on Jay Cutler, but he’s sold on Tarvaris Jackson. That’s one of those things that will make sense, I’m assuming, when that secret plan is unearthed. The wildly inconsistent Jackson has been Childress’ guy, unequivocally, for close to three years. He still may be his guy because the official line on Sage Rosenfels is that he’s coming in to provide a bit of competition for Tarvaris.

At last count, the Vikings had about 147 assistant coaches on the payroll. Perhaps ownership should invest in a quarterback evaluator. Because this may be the most puzzling decision yet.

Oh Tom…why should the Vikings need a quarterback evaluator when they have Chilly, the all-time quarterback guru?  The guy who, two years ago, thought an inexperienced Tarvaris Jackson backed up by Brooks Bollinger and Kelly Holcomb was a formula for success?  The guy who, last year, had to basically be ordered by the owner to bench T-Jack even though everyone on earth could tell he wasn’t fit to start?  Chilly knows exactly what he’s doing, and when T-Jack hoists the Lombardi Trophy next year, he will be vindicated.

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  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i’m assuming your comments of chilly knowing all are in jest? so please appease me one more time, who do you really want as your starter next year? danzinski, or anyone else: t-jackson, s-rosenfels, or other qb on roster, or any qb that might come in trade. i’m real curious because there seems to be a lot of different opinions here and not to many are the same. i’m not here to bash or pick a fight as some of you seem to think of me, i’m just here as a fan to hear some solid football speculation on a situation that i follow very close because of family fans. i’m serious guys, hope to hear from you

  • papaspud

    C’mon….clueless IS the QB guru…..LOL. The only vindication we will see next year is when they boot clueless and his sidekick T-whack to the curb. Expect another year of crappy QBing and 10 on the line stacked for AP. Hmmmmm what will we call…..Hmmmm……run…run..pass…kick….the offense is like a metronome it is so predictable.  Yes chilly’s kick-a$$ offence….what a joke.

  • papaspud

    Just reading about this morning Clueless said there would be a legitimate  competition between T-whack and Sage. In other words he is giving the job to T-whack unless or should I say until he falls on his face again. The worst thing the vikings have ever done is get clueless for a coach. He is running this team into the ground because of his big head. We are so close to having what it takes to go all the way. I believe if we had that great or at least good QB right now we could go all the way, instead I see another disappointing season ahead….can you say los angeles here we come?????????????????   What a bunch of bull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chuck

    I agree with Papaspud,
    I can see a rerun of  Jackson again this year, They got Sage because  Gus spent alot of his time on his back, Not getting rid of the ball when he should, Being older and hit so often he was hurt alot… Think that was why they tryed to get Sage last year to get someone  younger in there, other than Culter, I don’t see a proven, young QB to step at this time, I see  young ones but not proven… 2 year Vets for the window we have at this point  Garcia , I’ve talked to guys on here had they have Good points about him getting hurt, But I think he is faster at reading Defenses and would get rid of the ball faster than Gus would , Farve , Why not, He was having a very good year before he hurt his arm, My point is the Vikings need someone else besides Tarvaris and Sage, John David in the mix…

  • Spanky

    i now know the one thing i hate more than green bay its “chilly”

  • All Day 28

    Ziggy Wilf, please do what you need to do to go get Cutler. If they want our 1rst and 2nd rounder for him, give it up. We need a franchise QB, we have needed one forever. We had a great chance years ago to go to the Superbowl and win it, but the giants exposed Culpepper’s sorry azz in the NFC championship and well we alll know 41 to 0 was the final score in that game. I have said it before and will say it again. I wanted us to draft Cutler badly and well Denver jumped up and drafted him. I do realize that if we give up those 2 picks that its possibly talented youth that we could add to the team in positions of need elsewhere like the Oline, or CB’s or WR, but we need a QB, just think if we had Cutler as the QB last year in that playoff game against Philly

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    well, my uncle the big viking fan, whom i’ve been trying to get to come on here and voice his opinion, says no that he won’t waste his time on a blog, he may just call chilly up himself. hey, don’t laugh, this is the guy that calls his congressman once a week to chat about the vikings. he says that’s not a waste of time. he says, “davy, we got da kid from iowa state, and if he sits on da bench dis yer, i’m gonna kill someone.” end qoute…..he says that no way jackson will beat rosenfels out in an open duel in camp. he says that booty could beat out jackson if given the chance, and that he might just be the hidden gem that everyone seems to overlook. he goes to camp everyday in mankato to watch practice. he said that he,” liked what he saw in booty last year and he needs to get a break to crack the lineup. he not bad, given the fact that our running game and D are the tops.”???? well this comes from a guy that IS in mankato and see’s it, and talks to the coaches, and strangely enough they talk to him. he’s got away with getting in to the coaches????? it’s amazing, i’ve seen it! anyway he says, ” we won’t be that bad as people think with rosey, and jacky will be a good backup, and that booty would be good insurance. farve would be ok, but i’d never hear the end of it from dat dang cheesehead brother of mine. but we’d take em at this point.” so you heard it here first, and i think my uncle is one good source, again thats my opinion.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    he says the point he makes for rosenfels is that he has a gun for an arm. he can hit that 25yard out pattern and zip it on a string, something that will make him the starter,. ????

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  • Mike

    The Cutler pot is stirring again.  A Denver news station alleges Josh McDaniels was willing to deal Cutler due to concerns about Cutler’s alcohol consumption, given his diabetes, and because he’s not that football sharp.  Was that Chilly’s thinking?

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    I really like this Viking web page, but I’m really losing my patience with the organizations’ lack of free agent acquisitions. We obviously need to fill the holes that exist on this roster right now, and yet the owner has yet to even flinch when time is running out. Do i think Jay Cutler will be traded, the answer is a big yes, but the way we’ve been going about this whole free agent deal, it does’nt look like Cutler will be our QB. One thing about being a long time fan is to never give up hope, and if we don’t make this deal happen, any chance for a Viking Super Bowl party this season will be pretty much=caput.. A drunk Cutler is still better than a sober T-Jack.