Gophers Coach Tim Brewster Selling Cutler to Chilly?

Just when you thought the Jay Cutler speculation couldn’t get any wackier…along comes Sid Hartman to lend his senile perspective.

Actually, I take it back about Sid being senile – only a man with a keen mind (and a well-developed skill for conjuring bullcrap out of nothing) could’ve come up with the column he wrote today about the relationship between Gophers coach Tim Brewster and Brad Childress, and what this could mean for the Vikings‘ plans regarding Cutler:

Vikings coach Brad Childress and his Gophers counterpart, Tim Brewster, are without a doubt closer personal friends than any past local NFL and Big Ten coach.

Their wives are also close. In fact, the two couples are taking a trip to Costa Rica in the future that they bid for at the recent fundraising gala for St. David’s Childhood Development and Family Services.

Since Brewster and Childress have spent a lot of time together, and Brewster was on Broncos coach Mike Shanahan’s staff for two years, including in 2006 when Jay Cutler arrived, is there any doubt that Childress is listening to Brewster tell him all the great things he learned about the former Vanderbilt quarterback? Cutler, who has made himself available, could solve the Vikings’ quarterback problem for a long time.

Childress also has to be telling the Wilfs, owners of the Vikings, that if they get Cutler, they will have a much better chance of getting to the Super Bowl.

Yes, there was a time that Cutler wasn’t available. But now that the owner of the Broncos has given up on trying to keep the 25-year-old and put him on the trading block, here is a chance for the Vikings to become one of the favorites to get to the 2010 Super Bowl.

“Some team is going to be lucky to get this Pro Bowl quarterback who can play with the best in the NFL,” Brewster said. “Jake Plummer was the quarterback my first year [with the Broncos] when we lost to Pittsburgh in the AFC Championship Game,” Brewster said. “But Mike was always high on Cutler, and the next year he took over.”

Okay, now I don’t know who to believe:  the people who’ve reported that Cutler doesn’t have many fans in the Vikings organization, or Sid Hartman who thinks Tim Brewster is talking Chilly’s ear off about what an awesome guy Cutler is, inspiring Chilly to sell Cutler to Zygi Wilf.  Someday, we’re going to find out the actual story here, about who liked who and who didn’t like who, and what Chilly and Brewster were really doing on their family vacations to Costa Rica, and what drugs Sid is taking to keep his dementia at bay.  Personally, I don’t think anything can change Chilly’s mind once he’s made it up.  If Chilly doesn’t want Cutler, Brewster ain’t gonna be able to talk him into wanting Cutler.

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  • Chuck

    Do you think the Vikes will pick up a 4th QB ??? and if yes, Who do you Really think it would be ??? I’m not sold on Chilly changing his mind either…

  • danzinski

    Childress said they’d bring 4 QBs to camp.  I personally think JD Booty is a waste of a roster spot.  I wouldn’t mind them drafting a guy in the top 3 rounds and developing him behind T-Jack and Sage.  But, then again, this might not be the year to do it, with all the other needs.  Maybe next year, a really good guy will be there in the 1st or 2nd.  I don’t see them signing another veteran.  Well, except Favre (wink wink).

  • Mike

    Mike and Mike were making fun of Chilly this morning for bragging that Rosenfels was a young Frerotte.  Greeny said most coaches brag they have a young Elway or someone impressive, not some journeyman backup.  Golic said it was mistake to bring in just Frerotte last year and now again Rosenfels this year, especially when he has such a good team that can win now.   They recommended getting Cutler or Garcia.  I’m sure they assume Favre has retired (wink wink). 

    I want to throw out a psychological theory.  I will assume Chilly can’t be this stupid.  Maybe Chilly has a weak personality and needs a weak plyant QB he can control?  We all know coaches need to control their team and QB is generally the team leader.  The biggest problem I have with this is AP should not have to risk injury smashing into 8 and 9 man fronts because Chilly is weak.  Brad, if you hear boos next year, they are for you! 

  • Chuck

    Read in, BLOGS/AROUND THE WEB, The Post updated Redskins offer Jason Campbell for a 2nd round pick to a undisclosed team to build picks for a Cutler trade…  Do you think it could be the Vikings??? Do you think they would pull the trigger on J Campbell??? he would be a upgrade for sure…

  • danzinski

    Campbell doesn’t do much for me.  He’s slightly better than Sage.  I could see it if you were dumping Jackson but we know they won’t.  You’ll have to pry T-Jack from Chilly’s cold, dead hand.