Spielman Discusses Harvin

Vikings VP of player personnel Rick Spielman, in an appearance on KFAN, talked extensively about the upcoming draft, and specifically about Percy Harvin, a player many believe the Vikings should and will take with their #22 overall selection.  Spielman began by calling Harvin a “good football player,” but also pointed out his “durability issues” while playing at Florida.  And then he moved on to those other, more menacing issues facing Harvin – namely the stories circulating about his having failed a drug test. “There are some rumors going around now about [him] potentially being dirty at the combine, so we’re going through all that,” Spielman said.  Of course, all teams conduct their own inquiries into players they may want to draft (except the Bengals who don’t really seem to worry about that sort of stuff).  As Spielman explained:

Regardless who it is and who we bring into this organization, the one thing I know that we will do, we will drill down as deep as we can and any issues that pop up we are going to go through our psychologists, we’re going to talk to the coaches, we’re going to talk to [people] all the way back to his high school.

Evidently the Vikings have been very busy red flagging guys:  Judd Zulgad of the Star-Trib says as many as 78 players have been removed from the team’s draft board over physical or character issues.  Naturally, no one is revealing the actual names of those 78 players.  Going by Spielman’s remarks, it would seem that Harvin at least is still in the running.  But then again, we know how crafty teams are in covering themselves.  It could be that Spielman only wants us to think Harvin is still on the board.  It could be that, even as we speak, Spielman is on his shoe phone talking to Brad Childress, who is lurking around in his Inspector Gadget coat.  While Zygi Wilf and Penfold relax inside the Mayfair pillar-box.

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  • All Day 28

    Im not really sold on william beatty or eben britton and at 22 i think that they are a reach. We can always find a Oline guy in the 2nd round that would prolly blossom into a better NFL lineman than either of them. Lineman are a dime a dozen. Now Percy Harvin I really covet this guy, i know he has injury problems in college, but didnt Peterson ??? He is fast, explosive, elusive, and can be used in so many diffrent formations. Wildcat, Slot, Backfield, Punt and Kickoff return. We all know our QB situation. So imo i think the best thing is to get another Offensive Weapon to take some pressure off the 8 and 9 man fronts and keep defsense’s honest. Just imagine if Peterson could face 7 man fronts and all the lane’s that would open up for him to run buck wild. So if Harvin is still sitting there at 22 I say pull the trigger on him, unless someone slips like Andre Smith, Michael Oher,  Eugene Monroe, etc etc

  • Mike

    Percy Harvin is listed as the number 1 riskiest draft pick based on character by Pro Football Weekly.   If the Vikings have removed 78 you can bet Harvin is long gone!

  • Mike

    All Day, the tackle the Vikings would likely reach for in round 1 is now looking like Phil Loadolt.  Eben Britton is not a reach, but I expect him to be taken by the Lions at 20.  William Beatty is most likely a second roader and the only hope the Vikings have of getting a good tackle if they go WR in round 1.  I disgree that tackles are a dime a dozen – just look at second rounders Ryan Cook and Marcus Johnson.

  • Chuck

    All day,
    It’s too bad, But Durablity rate a #1, I know A. Peterson had some , But his potential was too hard to pass on, Plus he didn’t have the other problems in question, I’m sure they will find out the truth before making a choice… He is probably part of the Red Dot…

  • All Day 28

    I know Percy is Risky, Im just saying I think right now that I’d rather us take someone like Harvin, Heyward Bey, at 22 then going after a reach at tackle. I think another playmaker on the Offense would help out greatly and we can always concentrate on Oline later in the draft. I mean look at how the Colts and Pats always find good Olinemen later in the draft. Mike i think that they can actually pick up Loadholt in the 2nd round and if not maybe James Merideth from South Carolina

  • Mike

    All Day, I believe the best plan is a recent Vikings proposal to trade down in round 1 and trade up in round 2 so they can get both WR and OT  (see my article at Bleacher Report).  But I doubt they will get either Harvin or Nicks anyway because of character issues.  Mel Kiper is now talking about reaching for Kenny Britt.  I very much doubt they can get Loadholt at pick 55, maybe Meredith but that is more risky and I’m tired of late round 2 picks like Marcus Johnson and Ryan Cook.

  • All Day 28

    I feel ya on that Mike, Ive seen a couple of mocks that have Maclin and Crabtree falling too 22nd, now no way in hell do i see that happening. Do you think there is any chance on us moving up in the draft, i know we hardly have any picks to give up, but everyone who blogs on here do yall think there is any chance we move up to grab a top tier Olineman or say Maclin/Crabtree, i dont see it happening but i wanna hear others opinions.

  • Mike

    All Day, the answer is NO but I discuss that also in my article for The Bleacher Report: