Mayock Says the "W" Word Again

It astounds me how hard it is to get some people to give up their fantasies.  Take, for instance, Mike Mayock of NFL Network.  The draft guru and Vikings preseason TV analyst is quoted on Access Vikings talking about the draft and what the Vikes should look for – namely, a big-time playmaker who can help open up their offense.  He throws out the name Percy Harvin, then admits his off-season issues could make him too much of a risk.  Then Mayock throws out the real curveball:  the Vikings, he says, should draft Pat White and use him in the backfield.  Actually, that’s not much of a curveball – in fact it’s something that’s been suggested a lot before.  And always when someone suggests it, they bring up the word “Wildcat.”  Mayock did it too, saying:

[I would] line [White] up as a Wildcat with Adrian Peterson.  I think that would give defensive coordinators nightmares.

Maybe so Mike.  Unfortunately, the Vikings are presently coached by Brad Childress, a man noted for his stubborn refusal to budge an inch from what he believes is the proper path to offensive kick-assery.  Given this supreme obstinacy, suggesting Chilly should implement the Wildcat would be like kindly telling Rosie O’Donnell to mix in a salad.  Ain’t gonna happen.  Ever.  And Mayock, given his experience with the team, should know this.  So why does he insist on bringing it up?  Probably for the same reason certain radio personalities (Dan Barreiro, Mike Morris) insisted on throwing out the name Jeff Garcia every day even though they knew good-and-well Chilly was not going to bring the former Buccaneer in.  It’s what they wanted to happen, so, they kept hammering away at it as if it were a realistic possibility.  I find tenacious clinging to one’s favored pipe-dreams a little tiresome and more than a teeny bit sad.  Remembering of course that I was probably guilty of the same thing when I kept mentioning Jay Cutler.  But at least I admit I’m an ass.

(By the way…why not draft Pat White and give him a shot at playing quarterback?  It’s no dumber than thinking Tarvaris Jackson can do the job.)

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  • Chuck

    You couldn’t say it any better

  • Elgar

    Sure, it was hard to get that persistent Tommy Edison to give up the ghost on that idiotic idea he had for the electric incandescent bulb, too.
    Where one’s seat is in the cosmos has a direct bearing on one’s viewpoint.  Neither Mike Mayock, Dangerous Dan Barreiro, nor the notorious yours truly have been designated by Viking ownership to steer the boat.  We only hear of the stories of Viking conquest and disaster from wherever we happen to be.  Remember that Mr. Childress actually is betting his career on how his decisions work out, and he might jump on that Concept W more readily that his detractors loudly proclaim.  A gimmick is one thing; a gimmick that actually lights up Buffalo (as the wild and crazy Nik Tesla once showed that dubious aforementioned Edison) is a horse of another color.  So whether one thinks a Mr. Speilman is nuts or crazy like a fox when he mentions the banned red tag group predraft says as much about the thinker as it does the thought upon.  History shows Viking teams have beaten all those opponents on this season’s agenda before.  Knowledge of whether they will do so this time around is why they play the games (and get paid doing it).

  • danzinski

    Yur smrt.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    not quite sure what edgar winters had to say there, and really don’t care……but i will say never refer to steering the boat when it comes to the vikings……i just could’nt resist that one sorry guys

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Elgar, Could you please put that in layman’s terms? What the heck does all this mean? I already watched a show on the History channel earliar this week, and i guess most of us are hardcore Vikings fans, but please try to keep your analysis of the team simple , without boring us to death with Thomas Edison and colored horses.  Don’t get me wrong my friend, i like Minnesota  Vikings football history, but  a college professors’ theories on a pro football website  don’t mesh well with blue-collar fans.

  • Chuck

    Edgar Winter, Good one Dave,  They only come out at night… lol 

  • Mike

    Sorry Danzinski, while I believe high profile reporters should be more generic in their support - the Vikes need a proven QB (instead of saying we need Garcia) - there is nothing wrong with pounding on the point.  Chilly needs to remember why we are going to be angry and booing when he slams AP into defenses loading the box.   Moreover, the Vikings need to plug their holes in their conventional offense so they can open the offense for AP, before worrying about the Wildcat.  Besides QB, the Vikings must address problems at RT, possession WR and FB.  In addition, I don’t understand the broohaha about the Vikings getting a playmaker like Harvin or White.  Peterson and Berrian are as an exposive tandem as any team has.

  • jeege

    Man, I’d love to see White in a purple jersey. Let him run the ball a little bit this year…maybe catch a few passes. Have him learn the offense from all angles and then next year give the ball and see what he can do behind center.

    I think it would be a brilliant maneuver…but for the Vikes current way of doing things probably a bit too risky. Look for them to go tackle in the first. And Britton is a nice tackle by all accounts, so fuggedabout it. It will be a good draft…I hope.