Jay Glazer: Vikings Yet to Discuss Favre Internally

One might’ve thought, given news of the imminent summit meeting between Brett Favre and Brad Childress, that the Vikings organization was already decided on the issue of Favre joining the team.  No so, according to FOX Sports insider Jay Glazer.  Mr. Glazer says the Chilly-Favre meeting is just that, a meeting between two guys, and not necessarily a reflection of some collective organizational will.  In fact, Glazer reports that the Vikings are split internally on the subject of Favre, and will still have to all get together and work out how they want to proceed.  So, it appears that even if the Chilly-Favre sitdown goes well, it is not a done deal that the Vikings would make it happen with the quarterback.  Someone in there is not entirely sold on the idea.

If this sounds familiar, well, it should:  the same sort of internal friction was apparently present during the team’s abortive pursuit of Jay Cutler earlier this off-season.  With Cutler, we heard that some in the organization were for it, but Chilly was against it on the grounds that Cutler is a knucklehead.  Now we have to ask:  did Chilly know something then about Favre’s plans to secure his release from the Jets, and was he actually down on Cutler because he really wanted to wait and take a shot at Brett?  The team’s whole treatment of the quarterback position this off-season – last season too, frankly – would tend to suggest that they have been hedging their bets.  No Jeff Garcia, no serious pursuit of Cutler or Matt Cassel, just Sage Rosenfels, a guy who can hold down the fort if you need him but isn’t so expensive that you couldn’t stick him on the bench if need be (same could be said of Gus Frerotte last year).  If I didn’t know better, I’d think Chilly and Favre have been talking on the phone a lot the last couple of years, plotting to make this happen.  Or maybe I’ve just seen too many movies.

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  • jeege

    Danzinski, I absolutely agree. I just can’t shake this feeling…haven’t been able to shake it really, that this has all been a part of some plan from the beginning. That Jackson was never supposed to be our starter right away….that this entire time Childress has been crafting an entire franchise and, like you said, hedging his bets at QB.

    Just for now. Just for this moment when he can bring in a hall of fame QB for a year or two and get us a ring! Draft a youngster to sit behind Favre for a year and after you win a superbowl you are free to develop whoever you want at the position!

    I’m babbling, but point is: FAVRE!!!

  • Bryan

    Favre is a washed up hillbilly and a freak.  He will only sink the Vikings’ ship, you watch.  You speak of a ring!?  Good luck with that!  Haha.  The only thing he’ll bring you is disappointment when he throws another season ending interception in the playoffs…assuming that the Queens make it that far/Favre doesn’t end up on a stretcher.  Have a great season losers!

  • jeege

    As always, a Packer fan’s bawdy opinion is always welcome here.

    Drink up Bryan, it’s going to be a long summer!

  • Verno

    As a “Cheesehead” living in enemy territory…..I love the Pack, like the Vikes (I mean come on….I live here), and hate the Bears (as it should be).  Favre coming here puts me in a real bad position for the Packer/Viking games.  Who the heck do I root for?  The home team verses my #2 team with our former QB.  Love him or hate him he did a lot for the Packers and is owed some thanks and respect for that.  Several friends claim it’s a big joke and a media circus…..well in all honesty media/TV brings in a lot more money for the Vikes then the fans sitting at home or in the bars so to me that’s a bit like crabbing about government but not voting.  I say bring on the circus, good luck to both teams, and let’s have a great season and rivalry you Mud-ducks (sorry…I couldn’t help myself)!!!

  • MiamiJer

    If Vikings fans want to be “for reals”, they will acknowledge that an average Favre is still better than most other average QB’s in the league.  But if his arm is OK, or they can repair it and rehab it ASAP, Favre should be back at the top of his game.  Brett is the “missing link” that the Vikes needed last year during their playoff run.  Considering the fact that Brett had 6 TD’s against the Cards, it is safe to say that Minnie could have gone to the Superbowl.

    Although I am a Cheesehead, I wanted Favre to finish at the top of his game with one more ring.  I was hoping that he would end up in Minnie last year, but TT made sure that didn’t happen!  But my motives are NOT revenge on the green and gold.  Rather, I would like to see Favre play for a contender and have a shot at one more title before he finally calls it quits.  Brett is only a couple years older than Kurt Warner and Kerry Collins, and look at the season they had last year!  If the Vikings coaching staff can fix the arm and get Brett into shape, he can make a real contribution this season and take Minnie deep into the playoffs.

    If the Purple People eaters care to be honest, what does the team have to lose?  NOTHING!  It’s not like you have a good QB now.  The only hang-up for management is cap room and Brett’s salary.  Yet I can guarantee you that the team will sell out the remainder of their season tickets and all of the home games too! 

    Favre always elevates the play of the team he plays for, regardless of natural talent.  He had only one losing season in GB, and his supporting players were not normally superstars either.  The only “prime time” player other than Favre was Reggie White when he played in GB.  Too bad you guys don’t have Randy Moss anymore!  But the ‘ol gunslinger was having an MVP/Pro-Bowl season last year until he had the torn biceps tendon in New York.