Favre Blasted by Former Jets Teammates

So what do Brett Favre’s former Jets teammates think of all the drama surrounding the guy who was supposed to lead them to the playoffs last year but instead led them to a disappointing finish, then deserted them?  Let’s just say there are some unhappy guys in Jetsland right now.  The most scathing words came from an unidentified Jet, who said:

I’m tired of being part of his soap opera. If he really wanted to win a championship, he’d be right here. Let’s call it for what it is: He wants to play for Minnesota so he can stick if to Green Bay twice a year. He’s just being selfish. I’m not surprised.

Thomas Jones?  Probably.  But there are others too, who are willing to put their names on their words.  Jerricho Cotchery:

Before he came to us, the whole thing was he wanted to go to Minnesota. You kind of feel bad if you were the team he settled for.

Nick Mangold apparently isn’t angry at Brett, but he does question whether Favre still has it in him to make another run:

I don’t know. He is getting old. If he’s healthy and he still has the passion for it … I’d have to think at some point the passion has to die out. You can’t do it forever. But he had it all the way through last year. If he still has it, the potential is there.

Favre is embraced, even adored everywhere he goes, but when he moves on, he seems to leave a lot of bitter people in his wake.  The same would probably happen if he came to the Vikings.  But who would care, if he won us a Super Bowl?

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  • jeege

    I’ll tell you who: No-One

    It’d be just like Celtic fans who are facing the dreary realization that KG and Pierce and Allen are ooooold and their knees are starting to go. They are realizing that Big Pus…Baby and Mikki Moore are slotted to step in place.

    They realize all that, and they could care less! Because they got theirs; a championship.

    Its enough to get you through years of mediocrity. I mean look at us Viking fans. We ate up a whole lot of mediocrity in the last decade and only now are finally looking at a real team these last couple of years. Can you imagine how dedicated this fan base would be if they brought a Ring home?

  • Mike

    The ONLY thing I care about, besides winning the Super Bowl, is getting a QB that can free AP to run wild. 

  • Steve

    Please Brett, not the Vikings.  I’m not even a big Packers fan but I’ve been to a couple Packers / Vikings games.   for Farve to play for the Vikes would be like salt in the wound for Packers fans.   they supported you 100% (win or lose) in Green Bay for years and don’t deserve that.   Have some pride in yourself and your legacy.

  • Mike

    Please Brett, come to the Vikings to win a super bowl for you and us.

  • Mike

    and for Ted.

  • http://hotmail Eddie Torres

    I just don’t want to see the Vikings leave for a stadium some other place and zip code…You all can say what you want about how much TJ improved and Sage may have it in him to win, but bottom line, Favre knows the game, he knows how to connect with his receivers. Sure he threw a bunch of picks last year, but he also threw a bunch of TD’s and he didn’t have our O line to protect him….bottom line, he threw more Td’s than Sage and TJ threw combined…If the Viking fans really want to see the Vikings stay in Minnesota, they have to have a QB that’s proven, otherwise, pick another team to root for….cause Minnesota will no longer sport purple…

  • TC

    Yeah you Viking fans go ahead and want Favre so bad.  Just like the Jets were thinking he was so great before they traded for him.

    The guy is immature and has a huge ego problem.  He separates himself from the rest of the time because his head is too big, and apparently thinks everyone should bow down to him.

    I a Packer fan, and I actually hate him more than I do the Vikings.
    He is a lieing backstabbing traitor to all his fans, and former teammates. 

    Every pre-season he was outplayed by the backup quarterbacks, yet he was guaranteed his starting job every year.

  • Mike

    TC is just jealous that Favre likes the Vikings and not the Jets or Packers.  Well, we Vikings fans like him and not you Packer fans.  And we don’t care how big his head is as long as delivers a super bowl.  Preseason means nothing.

  • Jim

    TC Says:

    “Every pre-season he (Favre) was outplayed by the backup quarterbacks, yet he was guaranteed his starting job every year.”

    TC, seriously?  Come on, snap out of it man. lol …i mean that’s really funny, you got me laughing for at least 30 second for that statement…….now 45 seconds.  Thanks for the laugh.

  • dar

    brett farve is afootball player no oneteamowns him.   . he has the right to play for any one he choses. i have always been apackers fan but not to the point that i dont want players to play for another team.

  • Ed

    Aaron Rodgers had a qb rating of 93.80 last year. In the 700 years Favre played for Green Bay, his qb rating was less than that for all but 4 years and it took him 4 years as a starter to do it. The only reason the packers drafted Rodgers was because Favre was threatening to retire. This was about 5 years ago!
    Rodgers also threw for over 4,000 yrds last year- Another feat that Brett has done only 5 times in 700 years and didn’t happen until his 4th year as a Packer.
    Brett was a great qb because he could avoid big hits and survive the ones he couldn’t avoid. I can’t think of another qb that was more fun to watch. Unfortunately for Brett, the Packers understand the need to ‘move on’ with a more consistent qb at the helm rather than a ‘gunslinger’ with almost as many interceptions as td’s.

  • lorenzo4