Deanna Favre Pushing Brett to Play?

Here’s one I hadn’t heard before:  according to someone with knowledge of the inner-workings of Brett Favre‘s family, the “burning desire” Brett feels to get revenge on the Packers and specifically Ted Thompson has less to do with him and more to do with his wife DeannaPer Patrick Reusse of the Star-Trib:

I haven’t been around Favre enough to attempt psychoanalysis. So, a Wisconsin reporter was asked to put the quarterback on a couch.

Question: The theory that this return is motivated by a hatred for the Packers’ Thompson. Is it valid?

Reporter: “I buy the revenge factor, although I don’t buy that it’s as deep with Brett as with his family. His wife [Deanna] has got it bad when it comes to loathing Thompson. His family as a whole wants Brett to play to get back at the Packers. Plus, they enjoy watching him.”

Deanna Favre as Lady Macbeth?  Sure, why not.

Reusse goes on to address Favre’s insecurity issues:

Question: This would seem to validate that he both suffers and is driven by an over-the-top sensitivity to criticism — a Kevin Garnett in a helmet?

Reporter: “A shrink who wanted to win a Nobel Prize would do an extensive study on Brett and where he comes from. There’s this remarkable dichotomy between a brilliant athlete with supreme confidence on the field, and a guy with enough insecurities to never miss a game, even when he probably should have, and who tried to keep his backup from taking more than a few practice snaps.

“He got his job because Don Majkowski missed a game with injury. In my opinion, that on those days he’s with his football team, he never forgets that.

“Favre’s a weird combination of ego, confidence and insecurity.”

He sounds to me like a miserable bastard.  A miserable p***y-whipped bastard.

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  • Mike

    I don’t know about all that, but I like the explanation of ESPN. ESPN is reporting Childress and Favre had a phone call in which Favre wanted to know his responsibilites for attending OTAs and Childress wanted to know about the health of the arm. Favre doesn’t want to have surgery so he must test the arm for a few weeks and wants to leave his options open until he does.  His arm will probably be ready after OTAs.

  • Mike

    Danzinski, you missed the number one point of the Reusse article: Favre wants to drag things out so he can extend his streak of missing OTAs.  That was the cause of the whole mess when he retired from Green Bay but the cheese heads couldn’t figure it out.  You could argue Deanna is behind this to keep him at home and that indicates p***y-whipped!!!!!!!!

  • Harrison

    mike shut up. favre is no pssy. if the viking nation dont want favre, they are the pssys. ok? you better get a QB if you want to compete with the big boys in the nfc north.

  • Mike

    Harrison. you have to read Danzinski’s article and my posts.  I never called Favre a p***y.  I was simply agreeing with Danzinski that he may have a point by calling him p***y-whipped.  In case you don’t know what that is, p***y-whipped is a guy led around by a girl (like Lady MacBeth).  No one has been more supportive of the Vikings getting Favre than me. 

  • Rob

    Mike shut your face, Favre owns every single record for a reason, and that reason isnt because he is a p***y

    Brett Favre makes the Vikings better, not worse, get that through the thick skulls who want to slam him. He looked awesome last season before the injury,a nd he was a PRIME Brett Favre in 07, throwing 28 TD 13 INT 4155 YDS 13-3… He’s got PLENTY left for 09!!!

  • Mike

    Rob, you are as dense as Harrison. 

    P***y-whipped does not mean pussy.

  • Mike

    Danzinski, please define everything you say for your ignorant patrons.

  • Mike

    It is just ridiculous that everyong is being held in suspense so Favre doesn’t have to go to OTAs.  Let’s get the word out so people don’t have to waste their time on this any more.

  • Mike

    For Rob and Harrison:

    A pussy is a guy who is a wimp (hopefully you know that means weak).

    P***y-whipped is a guy who is manipulated by a girl. 

    He can be physically tough like the heavyweight champion of the world.  But women can run his life.  If you don’t know women can do this you set yourself up to be controlled by your wife, like poor Brett.

  • ReadyforSomeFB

    “Mike shut your face, Favre owns every single record for a reason, and that reason isnt because he is a p***y”

    not only don’t you get the difference between pu**y and pu**ywhipped, but Favre doesn’t own every single record. For instance, how many NFC championships won, or even more important, how many Superbowls. Oh, wait, yes, then there is the interception record, which he for sure owns.

    I can’t believe you want him on your team. He’s got TO beat at this point for Diva/Drama

  • Mike


    you are so incoherent you aren’t even worth talking to.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    hey mike for the record, i get it, and yes my friend, you are right.  what the hell is wrong with everyone here. mike is the man when it comes to getting farve on the vikes. he’s been there a long time. and read the statements before you crucify ole, mike……wow

  • All Day 28

    Anyone who is bashing Mike needs to back off and simpley just read his posts and threads. He is a true die hard Vikings fan and has been very passionate in getting Favre in purple. Mike says that you can argue Brett being Pu##y whipped. He never calls Brett the actual word. We know Favre isnt, i mean look at all the guy has been through with his fathers death and playing, all the records, the streak which we know he has played through tons of pain. I am very passionate in bringing Favre to the Vikings as well and i hope his shoulder is fine and we can get him in and hopefully get us a Superbowl Ring.

  • jeege

    Seriously! Mike has been talking Favre since about halfway through last season.

  • Chuck

    Mike writes About the Vikings in Bleacher Report, Always sticks up for Favre And so do I
     Never called him a Pussy!!!
    Got your back Mike
    Back off !!!

  • Mike

    Thanks guys

  • Dakota

    Yeah mike is doing a great job… BACK OFF FOOLS!

  • Jim

    how did Harrison, Rob, and readyforsomenaw-ledge get out of their rubber room?  The drooling retards even found a computer, so that they could share their utter stupidity with the rest of the world. 

  • Mike

    Jim, I suspected, from their similar babble, that the three are actually one person.  Call them the unholy trinity from Green Bay.

  • MeltingVikinginFL

    The Best thing that could happen to this club right now is for us to sign him and let Sagvaris jacksonfels learn from him for a year. Business wise it’s just obvious and we actually might have a fully confident team this year for the first time since the damn 70′s.


    “If you’ve made an ENEMY, You haven’t WON the Argument!”

  • MeltingVikinginFL

    They always seem to look like they don’t believe they can win.

  • chad

    I don’t usually write comments, but I feel like it’s necessary here. Patrick Reusse is calling Favre insecure because he does not miss practices or games. This comment can only come from an individual who has never played a day of football in his life. In “football” not missing practices and games is called dedication, as a quarterback it’s considered leading by example, yet according to Reusse it’s insecurity.

  • Brother Paul

    Real simple. Favre’s not the issue here. What’s at issue is the fact that Ted Thompson stopped Favre from going where he wanted last year. Had Favre been with the Vikings last year, and not being coached by Mangidiot, then the Vikings had a shot. Now with their newest acquisition at receiver, and if Adrian Peterson can stay healthy, then if the Vikes get Brett, then it may be the second SuperBowl and his first MVP for SuperBowl.
    And, I don’t care if he’s p***y-whipped or not. Anything that lets him take revenge on the classless Ted Thompson and his “Shucks, Aw Me Too, Boys” is just what is needed. Lady MacBeth or not, I hope that I can finally say that which I would never say over the last decade plus!
    Go Vikes!

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    hey deanna farve is hot. if she told me to do something , hell i’d do it too…….would’nt any of you guys????

  • Mike

    Dallas Dave, you sound p—ywhipped!  No matter what a woman looks like she is expendable or else she takes control.  Favre should be in control because he could have much more beautiful women with his money.  I suspect the desire to keep his family together while keeping the b—h off his back is the problem.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    hahahahhah, no mike i don’t think i am, but maybe???? hey i’ve got a great looking wife, and when she tells me to do something i try everything in my power to do it for her. there’s a difference in being whipped to being an adoring, attentive husband. my wife is a very classy lady and deserves to have me attend to her and hold her at a high assteem. trust me, because of that i have a very happy wife that seems abolidged to let me do what i like. it works both ways, my friend. if a amn has a bitchy wife he probably helped create her that way. if you want a content women, then make her that way too. i love making my wife happy. i think deanna is a very classy lady also, and brett is a southern gentleman, so it just works that way. a gentlemen knows a gem when he sees one.    you don’t need any more of them when you got one that fits the bill.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    seriously though, brett almost lost deanna to breast cancer, and is very greatful just to have her. and i think he holds her opinion of the situation very high. deanna was qouted as saying she was disappointed after everything that brett did for the packers that thompson would treat him that way. well she’s sticking up for her man, so with that, i’d see brett’s sence of loyalty to his wife.? his family comes first. i admire him for that, and admire his family for the sacrafice that they endure every year at this time when brett teaders about retirement?

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    and i don’t think farve was ever insecrue about losing his job once he was intrenched. emmitt smith was once qouted on saying, ” you play 16 games in a season. you get 20-25 touches a game. if your blessed, the average rb life expectantcy is 7-9 years. thats not a lot of chances to get to canton.”  brett knew this too. you only get so many chances. he loves to play and he has an ego. he wants to be the alltime best, and every time he throws one he adds to that tape measure.

  • Mike

    Ha, Ha, Dallas Dave.  Was “assteem” a mistake, joke or Freudian slip?  Men are really just dogs.

  • Mike

    Like Sharon Stone once said “Women can fake sex, but men can fake a whole relationship.”

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    ah, you caught that, yes a nice “assteem” will go a long way in my book. yes i do believe that my wife is smart enough to know where her repsect comes from. thats why she also refers to me as “dave the dog”. you hit that one too. hey “dave the slave” works too. slave to my own weekness, a nice “assteem”

  • Mike

    Dallas Dave, as Danzinski would say, poor p***y-whipped bastard.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    well, a poor p***y-whipped bastard, or one lucky s*b

  • David

    This is such garbage. Since when is a REPORTER FOR THE MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE someone who “someone with knowledge of the inner-workings of Brett Favre’s family?”

    They original article is hypothesizing; you are twisting his idle speculation all out of recogntion, into what sounds like facts.

    This is what I hate most about Favrepalooza — not what Favre or Vikings are doing, but how media and bloggers are twisting what they are doing — or more accurately, twisting that they don’t know what they are doing into some kind of insight all of itself.

    Stop. To anyone with the ability to think critically about this, you look silly.

  • Loretta

    This is such crap! Who cares? You men sound like a bunch of gossiping school girls speculating about the motivations of the pretty new girl in class. Unreal!!!