Dog Days

We appear to have officially entered the dog days of the off-season – a dead time between the draft and the beginning of minicamp where there’s really nothing substantive to talk about.  Oh, but ha ha – we’ve had the Brett Favre saga going on for the last couple of weeks; but now that appears to have dried up too, which only makes the dogginess seem doggier.  That’s okay – I was getting bored with the whole thing.  Not with the traffic – that’s been great – but the waiting around for tidbits of news to make something out of.  That gets to be like origami after awhile.  Can I make this boring piece of paper into a beautiful swan?  Or at least something vaguely swan-like?

I realize now that, with all the rehashing and regurgitating and speculating we’ve been doing, I haven’t really given my position on whether I favor Favre being brought to the team.  Well, the truth is I’m torn about it.  On the one hand I think it would be a kick to have him here – it would certainly make Packer fans crazy, and we like it when that happens – but on the other hand, I fear the experiment would ultimately blow up in our faces.  Favre usually gets into trouble when he tries too hard, and if he comes to the Vikings meaning to stick it to the Packers, I think that’s exactly what he would do.  He would get caught up in trying to prove a point and wouldn’t stay within the game.  There was a time, of course, when Favre out to prove something was a good thing – but at his age and with a bad arm?  I just don’t know if Favre is capable of dialing it back the way he would need to, to compensate for not being able to zip it in with the old velocity.  And I think if he went out there slinging it, well, it would be entertaining, but we would finally be disappointed by the results.

And consider also what a year of Favre would mean to the other quarterbacks on the roster.  Do we really want to give up on Tarvaris Jackson this way?  After investing so much time in him?  And what about Sage Rosenfels?  Doesn’t he deserve a chance to show what he can do?  I personally don’t think that Tarvaris is the answer:  but the end of his Vikings career shouldn’t come because he gets buried on the bench behind an old broken-down former champion who’s playing out the string.  Let Tarvaris go out there and lose the job fair-and-square.  Who knows?  Maybe that potential Brad Childress sees will finally manifest itself. Or maybe – just maybe – Sage Rosenfels is the answer.  Let’s at least find out, one way or the other, if he can get it done.

If either Tarvaris or Sage wins the job, then we could have a solid QB for the next five years.  If Favre comes on board and is anointed the starter on past reputation?  One year is the best we can hope for.  And where’s the guarantee that he will win you a Super Bowl?  Yes, I get the argument:  take your shot now.  I’d agree if it seemed a legitimate shot – but I’m beginning to wonder if Favre has it in the arm and in the head to make the gamble worth taking.

Then again, like I said before, it would be entertaining.  Head says bad risk, heart says let’s just go for it and the hell with the consequences.  Stomach says I could sure use a cheeseburger.

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  • Mike

    It would be obtuse to continue this experiment of risking undeveloped QBs on such a good Vikings team.  Even more importantly, destroying the health of Peterson (by continually smashing him into defenses loading the box) is unacceptable.  There is absolutely no reason not to take a chance on signing a developed QB like Favre even if, heaven forbid, he lost the job to one of the others.  This is a no brainer.

  • AlldayEH

    Say NO to an old washed up grampa whos to dense to realize his time has past. Ask your self with him at qb, will AD get the numbers and carries that he should. How about all those ints he likes to throw, airnt we trying to get away from that. Hes a gun slinger and always will be. He doesn’t fit a run heavy offence. We have a super star (AD), and with PH now in the mix, that only opens up the offence MORE. Stick with what we got. It got us a title last year and this year will only go further. I personally like TJack and I think this could be his coming out year, if not throw in Sage. Our Dfence is alot healther this year to with Udeze, EJ, and Jerd all healthy and ready to blow up. Farves only in it for his self. He’s a cancer and cant perform at the level the rest of the teams at. Its bad news. I called it last year and im calling it this year. HE’LL RUIN US………  Udeze 15 plus sacks this year…….

  • Mike

    I hope Favre can take some carries from AD and perhaps provide a passing game for Chester.  Without a passing game, the Vikes are wearing AD out .

  • Jim

    Ok, I’m confused here, do you both mean AP.  Who is AD? 

    If you’re talking about AP, then just look at last year.  Thomas Jones the pro bowler for the New York Jets.  Jones has had average seasons prior to Favre’s arrival to the Jets. Defenses must respect the pass when Favre is under center, and that leaves AP with potentially 1 less man in the box.  AP would probably have a record year next year if Favre is on the team.   I agree with Mike, this is a no brainer.

  • All Day 28

    Seriously what do we have to lose, Favre is a win win situation for us. I realize he has maybe 2 years tops of descent football left in him and im streching on the 2 years probably. But we know he can play and he can sling it. He knows how to read defense’s and not to mention that mojo and swagger that he brings. He wont have the burden of carrying this team on his shoulders. Thats for Adrian to do. But with Brett that play action would be amazing. No to mention he knows the West Coast Offense. Hell he probably wouldnt have to open up the play book, im sure he already know’s it. Lets not forget about the marketing that he would bring to the Vikings as well. All the televised games with him, the media. The # 4 jersey sales, cause dont think i wouldnt buy one in a heart beat after its announced that he joins. It also helps generate revenue too keep the team in Minnesota. We have a great team without him, but with him we are alot better. Honestly do yall really think that Sage or Tjoke can lead us to and WIN a Superbowl ??? Im gonna say chance’s are not even slim, they are a NO. Farve has the magic to do it and our team fits him great. Age is just a #, and yes he throws alot of int’s but believe me he wont have to put the ball up 30 to 40 times a game in our Offense like he has always had too. Brett get that tendon to snap so you can help guide our team to whatever the future might hold

  • Mike

    AD means ADrian Peterson, which they also call All Day (Peterson likes this nickname).  AP is also used.

  • Dave

    Favre is a no brainer, Simple. Don’t be a hater. You have to throw interception to get the records that he holds. How can you argue with the records that he holds? A bad year for Favre is better that a good year for T-Joker. How many chances do we give this guy before pulling the trigger. He has gotten more chances that anyone in the league. Even is Favre does not join, T-Joker s/b riding the pine.

  • Mike

    Yes, I’m done with T-Jack.  He actually looked like he was improving in 2007 when he had an 8-4 record.  But last year he came out stinking and lost his job with 2-4 record including that one and done playoff loss.  I suspect he was distracted by his new family but that is no excuse.  Football careers are short so just stick to football or leave.

  • Jack

    if we get favre.. they cant load the box with the deep threat of berrian and harvin.. you just cant. and when they are not loaded in the box.. Peterson will run all over them.. but if they try to bring them up.. favre will pass all over them also.. its a win win situation here.. YOU GET BRETT FAVRE!!

  • Jack

    and another thing.. t-jack getting pointers from brett favre is only going to make him better.. t-jack is still young.. if he is behind brett favre for a couple years.. he will be a SOLID quarterback!

  • KJ

    (I’ve bled purple since 1967) – Got to admit… I always hated Brett in green but always respected him for the job he could (and did most of the time) against us.  Looking back I also wasn’t real fond on Darren Sharper when coming in, once he bathed off that nasty green piola, the stink started going away, once he made an interception, the lavender aroma took over. We as Vikings fans accepted him and that was a done deal.
    So Favre is a much bigger “ex-green stink” figure but I think he’s always had one goal in mind and that’s win. Win for whatever team he is playing for (green moldy cheese fromunder fungas included). Not only that but MARK MY WORDS… If Brett signs not only does the QB position get upgraded but SO DOES EVERY OTHER POSITION on the Vikings. I guarantee every player (even special teamers) will play harder with more intensity, motivation and determination. The locker room presence and the players know how of Favre driving their offense is definately a win win situation for the whole team.
    Personally I find it appauling when defenses stack the box with 8 or even 9 and bulldoze the line crashing (and seeking) All Day Pete. We have had NO answers to this, how pathetic, the passing game is soo wide open at this point we should be whipping some down field booty!!. So if this means destinking an ex ganggreen  soldier then I say JUST DO IT.
    Brett,  get the surgery done, read the playbook on the operating table. Get to all the OTAs and Mini’s as a visual guided missle thrower (I did said visual… well until healed in a couple of months). Heck that’s what you want anyway (to miss OTA’s and MiniCamp) or you would have put the ink on the line already.
    So use the muligan in hand, sign and (physically) skip the OTA/Mini’s but if your not there at heart and contributing besides the arm we don’t want you. We want the whole package just like the team you are inheriting is going to give you.
    Thanks Brett and fellow fans, we”ll all be best friends I’m sure after the 1st touchdown pass to BB when the oposing teams stacks the box to stop AD Pete.  It will be soo Sweet!!
    KJ Miller
    Geneva, NY

  • Mike

    Yes, the Favre story is really about what he can do for AD.  It has been so terrible watching him smashed into defenses loading the box.  Here is to watching AD run all over the field like he did against SD and the Bears his first year.