Steve Mariucci: Brett Favre Consulted Physician at Vikings' Request

An item from a Steve Mariucci live-chat on possibly confirms – as if we really needed confirmation – that the Vikings have been speaking to Brett Favre about his shoulder:

Keith, Ontario

Steve, you seem to be one of the only TRUE authorities on Favre. As a huge supporter, can you please provide me with some factual information on his current position, i.e., are we going to be blessed with another season with Favre?

Steve Mariucci

We might be. He’s trying to determine if his shoulder is going to allow him to throw the ball well enough. Of course, the Vikings want to know, and are trying to determine, if the torn biceps tendon will be healed enough to play well. So both sides are evaluating the situation.

Brett prefers not to have surgery unless it’s a last resort. He has consulted a physician to get another opinion. I supposed that was the Vikings’ request. There’s enough time for him to get in shape and get ready if they can work it out.

All right, I think we can put to bed any doubts we had that the Vikings are interested:  they definitely are.  And Favre would not be seeking second opinions at their request were the interest not mutual.

And then there’s this from an story, also on Favre’s process of shoulder evaluation:

The NFL Network confirmed Tuesday that the retired quarterback, who is in the process of determining if his right shoulder is healthy enough to let him return next season, had a cortisone shot and threw the ball last week.

This would seem to be in line with everything else that has been reported about Favre’s determination to seek non-surgical solutions to the shoulder issue.  Maybe he can make it through a whole season just shooting the damn thing up.  The worst-case scenario, from the Vikings point-of-view, would be for Favre to come back, make it part of the way through the year, then decide the pain is too much to tolerate.  What a rip-off that would be.

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  • Jim

    I don’t think it would be the end of the world if Favre came back and made it part of the way through the year and reinjured the shoulder.  He could transition right into QB coach for the backups.  And he may be able to come back for the playoffs?

    It wouldn’t be the end of the world, but it would suck.  

  • sadpackfan

    Enough said:

  • Mike

    Thanks sad pack fan.  I voted that it was the Packers fault and not Favre’s.

  • AggieRose

    I agree with Mike. This was the Packers doing. However I will remain a loyal fan.

  • Heather

    I will follow him wherever he goes.  I think he should play with the cortizone shots.  What else does he need that arm for anyway?  Minneapolis needs FAVRE!

  • jc

    Favre and his agent, have lied since day one, lie after lie.  Why is everyone so foolish to believe that Favre’s arm is actually injured?  The guy is a lazy football player, trying to get out of practice.  A guy who also alienates himself from the rest of the team, because he thinks he is some kind of God.  He is nothing but a lieing attention whore diva.  He needs the “Cortizone” shot in the head… seriously.

  • jc

    I also find it pathetic you Viqueen fans are all of a sudden a huge Brett Favre fan.


  • packsuck

    “I also find it pathetic you Viqueen fans are all of a sudden a huge Brett Favre fan. Hypocrites”

    Please sign him Vikes, I love watching the cheeseheads explode.

  • Mike

    jc, I also find it pathetic you Packer fans are all of a sudden a huge Brett Favre haters.  Hypocrites.

  • Wesley

    Favre is gonna deplete whats left of his legacy in Green Bay and thats a damn shame. Green Bay fans loved him, but will always love the Packers more. Favre has lost his mind.

  • perry

    Mike, dont be so blind. Brett Favre has been dragging the Packers and there fans through the mud for the last 3 or 4 offseasons.
    Its not that hard to figure out. He tried to get the packers into a he said-she said pissing match. He accused the Packers of producing rumors and a mess of other stuff.  And you cant figure out why Packer fans dont like Brett Favre anymore ? The Packers are bigger than Brett Favre, I dont think that Brett understands that. I agree with Wesley, what a shame. But the only thing is, it wont just ruin his legacy in Green Bay, it will be his legacy. Period. It already is. 

  • Mike

    Perry, I only care about his legacy in Minnesota.  Favre will win us our first Super Bowl and that is all that matters.

  • Rich Friday

    Favre said he doesn’t remember you,  jc, and when Viking fans are in need of your pathos, we’ll be sure to tell you.   Just keep holding your breath till we do.

  • http://none mick Pickett

    Last I knew it was still legal to work!  Minnesota is indoors, playing half the season against teams Favre knows very well.  The Vikings need a QB, Childress needs a job, any young  QB in MN has the best mentor around.
    Aaron Rodgers got the benifit of being his understudy. It shows.
    Favre want to protect his arm. Holding children, grandkids, playing catch, golf, etc.. reguires a pain free arm.
    As for legacy, is it yours, GB’s or Favres?

  • 4merpackerfan

    @heather, I’m with you. I was a life-long Packer fan until last year and now I go where Brett goes. And nothing makes me more sure of this than all the Favre-bashing I read from Packer fans that have totally forgotten what it was like to be a  Packer fan until Brett came along. Or maybe they’re just too young.  Hope to be adding a purple #4 jersey to my collection!

  • Stephanie Pollard

    I’m truly starting to question Brett’s motives and integrity, and I can’t help but feel that he’s disrespecting his fans.  He’s never really acknowledged them, and the fact that he won’t even acknowledge the new tribute book in his honor bothers me as well. I’m a librarian, and our senior reading group chose “Letters To Brett Favre: A Fan Tribute” as their featured title of the month.   Several of our members questioned why Brett won’t acknowledge the book or the many fans who helped to write it, especially since portions of the proceeds are going to the Special Olympics, a charity ‘Number Four’ always claimed to care about. I had no answer to give them, and I’m wondering the same thing myself. Brett seems increasingly fake, and I don’t think he values the support he received from his fans throughout his many years in Green Bay. He’s looking more and more like a selfish, self-absorbed jock who only cares about the money, and I really don’t care what happens from this point forward.

  • Mike

    Stephanie, he is probably busy right now getting ready to win the Vikings a super bowl, along with his many duties around the house.

  • Bloom

    Stephanie….. he was offered like 20 million dollars just to stay retired and he declined it, so don’t tell me he is just in it for the money, your a libarian?  Why don’t you please just stick to sorting books and magazines and let the people that actually watch football be the judge of Brett’s integrity. Thank you.

  • Jim

    Fans like Stephanie just don’t understand that the nfl is a business.

    Ted Thompson fired Favre, so what is Favre.  Based on what you are saying Ted Thompson gets to decide when Favre should retire?

    That’s ridiculous, as are you.

  • Mike

    I don’t think Stephanie said she was a fan.
    Her patrons do appear to be fans, but they appear to be from Green Bay, the same people that tried to put Favre out to pasture before he was done.

  • Mike

    My article shows the uncanny similarities between what Favre is attempting to do with the Vikings and what John Elway did to win 2 super bowls with the Broncos:

  • perry

    I cant even read the stupidity on here anymore. Brett Favre retired and the packers moved on. Two weeks after Brett’s teary eyed retirement he called head coach Mike McCarthy and said he was having second thoughts. The Packers chartered a plane scheduled to leave the second week to fly down to Mississippi to meet with Favre and discuss his comeback. The flight never left.
    Favre called the Packers back and told them not to bother, he is 100% retired and not comming back. So……… the Packers put the Rogers plan into full throttle. Rogers was told he was no doubt the starter now and the Packers and Rogers prepared all offseason for him to be there new starting quarterback. They stayed the course and it was too late for Favre. He RETIRED. Get your facts strait. The Packers did nothing wrong. Ted Thompson deserves all the credit in the world for doing what he thought was best for the Packers. And it is whats best for the Packers.
    This is a business and the packers think that Rogers is the better quarterback at this point. I happen to agree.

  • Bloom

    Perry, what we are saying is how is this tarnishing is legacy if he still want’s to play?  We all know what happened in Green Bay but the fact is Brett can’t let go of football, with his talent who would? 

  • Mike

    Perry admits that he and the Packers think Aaron Rodgers is the better quarterback at this point.  What he won’t say is that Ted Thompson made Brett Favre feel that way before Favre retired.  Thanks, we’ll take him.

  • IhatePerry

    Perry,  give your head a shake! You can’t honestly say with a strait face that Roger’s was the right way to go.  The guy gave the Pacs what I would consider was a very sub par season, not that Bretts 9-7 season was much better but remember he had to learn a completly new system.  Had Favre been the pacs QB the season would have much more successful.  And for years Favre has been trying to convince Ted Thompson to at least show some intrest in signing a good receivers (ie Randy Moss), and TT just ignored him.  So If you think your boy Ted is doing any good to your team you better take a better look at your situation cause it looks to me like the Pacs are going to be the bottam of your div for many yrs to come.