Pat Williams Calls Tarvaris Jackson an Unmotivated Slug

Pat Williams made some fairly provocative – some might say disheartening – comments about Tarvaris Jackson‘s commitment during a recent appearance on Sirius satellite radio.  “I talk to Tarvaris all the time [and] tell him you have to put in the time,” the big defensive tackle said. “This ain’t college no more. This is the NFL. You have to put in more time than you are used to putting in. If you are putting in four hours, you have to put in eight. You have to put in more time than what he’s doing. I think if he puts the right time in, he will be a great quarterback in the league.”

Well, if T-Jack still hasn’t figured out that this isn’t college, I don’t know when he’s ever going to.  It’s not like he’s a rookie in the league anymore – 2009 will be his fourth year with the Vikings, and, if he wins the job, his third going into the season as the starter.  Sorry, but a guy in T-Jack’s position shouldn’t need veterans like Fat Pat telling him he needs to work.  You think Peyton Manning requires Dwight Freeney to light a fire under his ass?  You think Tom Brady sits around playing video games all day unless Richard Seymour calls him and tells him to get his fanny into the tape-room?

People always say of Tarvaris, “He looks great in practice, but somehow it doesn’t translate into the game.”  I think now we see why.  If Brad Childress is truly open-minded about choosing his quarterback, Sage Rosenfels should have no problem beating out this evidently unmotivated slug.  Sage isn’t a broken-down old man like Gus Frerotte – he’s got the physical tools, and he’s hungry, and I’ll bet you a buck he knows what to do without Pat Williams telling him.

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  • Mike

    In that same interview, Pat Williams also talked about Brett Favre, but not Sage Rosenfels.  Pat said he would welcome Favre with open arms, which could only be as the starter.  He also said “He’s still one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play” and said that Tarvaris could be great. Some are saying that Pat Williams meant that Brett Favre should be the QB of the Minnesota Vikings.  

  • Mike

    I also would like to see some evidence for your statement about Sage Rosenfels being ”hungry, and I’ll bet you a buck he knows what to do without Pat Williams telling him.”  We might know little more about him than T-Jack.

  • Ray

    Pat should shut his mouth…. and move away from the table… thats what got him to this starcaps mess   moving mouth and watching how much others work out … go do some exercise pat and shut up.

  • Alex

    Ray you are an idiot. You think he doesn’t work out? lmao, you are the biggest idiot ever. If he didn’t work out then he wouldn’ t be on the team. He is hella strong, and if you want him to be skinny then he wouldn’t be a d lineman. Go kill yourself

  • Mike

    I’m thankful to Pat Williams for exposing what I have suspected for years.  Plus, now we finally know the reason for T-Jack’s poor play.   But his poor play should have been obvious to everyone.  He can’t read defenses, handle the blitz or throw an accurate pass.  These traits come with time and work.  T-Jack supporters have been too patient.  They have not done the rest of us any favors.  This is a waste of a great career from Adrian Peterson, along with all of the other vets.

  • Mike

    I think Pat Williams may be getting us ready for the dumping of T-Jack, if they get Favre.  Even Chilly can’t be happy with his pet project. 

  • Mike

    T-Jack is history, but we don’t know Sage Rosenfels.  I found the following scouting evaluation of Rosenfels: (1) mediocre arm, (2) can’t get the ball into tight spots, (3) limits the offense, (4) looks worse the more he plays, and (5) potential is limited to solid backup.  He doesn’t sound like a QB that can get the ball deep to Berrian of even short to Harvin in stride.  Moreover, he sound like he can be easily defensed the more he plays.  My conclusion is get Favre!

  • Mike

    Say it ain’t so, Brad.  ESPN’s John Clayton believes Jackson is actually the favorite because he has Brad Childress’ support.

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  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    TJ needs to go to another NFL team and try to prove himself, because the Vikings fans have had enough of the learning process. We need a real QB, and Adrian Peterson and Pat Williams know a winner when they see one= Brett Favre. TJ will join a long list of other QB’S in the NFL who have failed because the NFL is not college football, no wishbone formations, simply put, running QB’S don’t cut it in the big-time. Throw the football….

  • Mike

    Did you hear who is supporting the work ethic of Tarvaris Jackson?  None other than that underachieving defensive end Ray “I will break the sack record” Edwards.  Apparently, he knows because he works out with T-Jack, probably half his problem.

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  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    mike i’m no scout and don’t have access to the film tapes that they do, but i will say this about rosenfels when i watched him at iowa state. he had a great arm. he played well against some of the best Ds in the country, and was the main reason we had any success in the big 12 at all against the likes of oklahoma and texas. when he was at houston, he was better than matt shaub, their potential starter that they traded a #1 pick to atlanta for. shaub could’nt stay healthy and rosenfels played great when he came in for him. he had andre johnson, look at the season he just put up, and kevin walter had a career year. shaub played less than half of those games, meaning most of the success of those wrs came off the hands of rosenfels. houston also had a great ground game with steve slaton to take the pressure off rosenfels. sage produced in that enviroment. t-jack had the same situations on a much more talented squad, what did he do? so with what i know about rosenfels, and given the talent that minny has, it would be fair to say that rosenfels should succeed very well? we both know that he can beat out t-jack and is the #1 choice as it stands. but if farve comes aboard, well then that changes everything. my uncle says that the rosenfels situation reminds him of the trent dilfer/ tampa defensive superbowl team. maybe he’s right? but i do think your right about getting farve. my uncle still says his sources tell him that farve is on his way, but ofcourse, it’s on farves timetable

  • Mike

    I believe Trent Dilfer played with Balt and Brad Johnson played with the tampa bay defensive superbowl team.  But I don’t like the comparison because the Vikings don’t have a dominant D to rely on a game mgr (like Balt and TB).  Plus it would be waste of all their offensive weapons –  AP, Taylor, Berrian, Rice, Harvin, Shancoe, etc.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    yes mike you are right i meant to say baltimore and i was going to say tampa with brad johnson too. got them mixed, sorry. but yes you got my point. i think the vikes do have a dominant D because they can shut down the run. when you do that you limit your oponent to a one-sided attack threw the air. then your line can pin it’s ears back and pass rush. thats how you win championships. not many are won by powerful offenses. it’s the D that makes the difference? minny has that. but farve could add to this offensive attack, no doubt. but if he becomes to big of a distraction, he’ll hurt and divide this team. your seeing it already and so is FRAN TARKENTON

  • Mike

    The Vikings D was rated 6th last year compared to #1 and 2 for Balt/TB super bowl teams.  Most SB teams are balanced – strong on both sides.  The Vikings need a decent offense because they can’t shut down a QB like McNabb (eg last year).

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i can’t disagree. i got my own problems in dallas to worry about too, my friend. we can’t seem to win shit with good talent either. it just seems that farve would be great for minny, but if he becomes too much of a distraction, divides the team, and causes your young guys to loose the drive to be the starter if they think that they have to keep looking over there shoulder, than thats a problem. thats what fran is pissed about. my uncle has said that farve needs to “shit or get off the pot”. this comes from a avid viking fan. yes he needs time, but the vikings are at a point where they need some answers as to his commitment. thats where the packers were. they had a good young prospect in rodgers, so why wait on someone who says he’s retired and then when he sees the packers are moving on, says “hey wait a minute”. fran is right about that point. and he’s right about the fact that to many times farve HAS cost his teams to loose in a bad decision. it comes with the position, and there does’nt seem to be anyone better to comment on it then fran tarkenton.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i stand by my comments about fran. i hated him when he played. but i have to say that he was a “little giant” in the lores of football fame. nowhere has it ever been seen that some one of his stature could play at the level he did in a game basically of giants. his records are phenominal when you put a tape to it. i repect fran tarkenton to the utmost. he’s a winner at any level in my book, trophies, championships, or not. if he says something about a qb, then i would listen. he has paid the price to talk, right or wrong. no-one can ever agrue that fran does’nt know anything about the position of qb, winning, or losing. so why can’t he speak of them. and in the case of brett farve, he is right for the most part, but did go a little over the top with some of the name calling. but again i still think that fran, as well as the rest of us, are sick of this maybe i will shit, maybe i won’t. if i was a kid a football team and another was acting this way, i’d pop him in the mouth as well. pat williams is a big dumb kid, thats already been proven. so he’s the last person i’m going to listen to. but if fran comes out and says something, there must be something to it then right??? how many times has fran ever done this in the past. ? i see this as frans way of saying “come on already”

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