Chuck Foreman Joins the Branch Favreidians

The Brett Favre melodrama is proving a divisive issue among legendary Vikings of the past.  On one side you have Fran Tarkenton, who recently told Atlanta radio that Favre behaved in a “despicable” manner by forcing his way out of Green Bay, and said he hoped the Vikings do sign Favre so he can “watch him fail.”  This anti-Favre stance has now been answered by former Vikings running back and Tarkenton teammate Chuck Foreman, who is decidedly pro-Favre.

“Number one, I’m a big Brett Favre fan,” said Foreman.  “Number two, the New York Jets, where he went to play [in 2008], were a mediocre team or less when he got there and he took them to an above average team. He didn’t have the talent surrounding him, he had the injury. At 39, Brett Favre is better than 80 percent of the quarterbacks in the NFL anyway. I don’t think age should be a factor and if the man wants to play, he should be able to play.

“Loyalty in this game is not what it used to be,” Foreman went on.  “If you’re not playing well, they drop you like a hot iron. Brett Favre should play and I hope he’s playing with the Vikings. But as far as being selfish goes, I think some people need to look in the mirror. In this game, there’s some selfishness in all of us. So to say that Brett is selfish or that the Packers gave him … he gave the Packers just as much as they gave him.

“The Packers decided they no longer wanted him and they made their move and that’s understandable. But I’m tired of hearing people talk about guys when they get older that they should retire, especially when they can still play. I think if Brett Favre was here with the Vikings it automatically makes them a contender for a Super Bowl. We have everything. We have a defense, we’ve got Adrian Peterson. … Now don’t misunderstand, I respect and I care a lot about Fran and all that. But I don’t agree with his statement.”

Clearly, Foreman has drunk the Favre kool aid, as have so many in Viking fandom.  And, like true kool aid swillers, Foreman and the other pro-Favre folks just can’t stand hearing anyone say anything against their imaginary savior. Tarkenton spoke some truth, but that truth calls into question the “truth” the Favreophiles have convinced themselves of, so of course they attack him and call him all sorts of names.  That’s always the way it is with people who’ve lost their objectivity and become crazy and cultish.

I hope these people are prepared for the disappointment when Favre either doesn’t sign, or plays and ends up being a bust.  I’d hate for there to be another Waco situation.

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  • Brett

    How come this piece of trash has no author listed?

  • Mike

    Somebody has made up their mind.  “Foreman has drunk the Favre kool aid” …. “like true kool aid swillers, Foreman and the other pro-Favre folks just can’t stand hearing anyone say anything against their imaginary savior.”  IMAGINARY????

  • Mike

    The author says “Favreophiles …. attack him (Fran) and call him all sorts of names.”  Gee, I thought it was the Favre bashers that have been attacking Favre and calling him all sorts of names.  Apparently, you Favre bashers can dish it out to Favre but can’t take it when thrown at your advocates like Fran.  What a moron.

  • Mark

    The interesting thing here is that Brett Favre has not, himself, uttered one word — not ONE word — about unretiring & signing with Vikes.  IN fact you can say he has done everything in his power to STOP the speculation.  Yet it still happens.  And people like Tarkenton blame HIM for it happening.  Ironic – tarkenton, of all people, tlaking about how a player should jsut quietly do whatever their FO (even ex-team’s FO) wants them to do.  Fran Freakin’ Tarkenton!

    And it’s ironic also, in a situation where behaviour is the issue, that it’s 100% people like Fran Tarkenton who use the insulting words like “despicable.”

  • Mike

    Good example, “despicable,” way over the top.  Sounds like a some bitter, bitter old loser QB who doesn’t want someone to do what he couldn’t – win us a super bowl.  I hope Favre wins us a super bowl and Fran’s legacy gets thrown under the bus.

  • danzinski

    So you’re calling me a moron now Mike?

  • Mike

    Definition of despicable is morally reprehensible; “would do something as despicable as murder”; “ugly crimes.” 

    Shut up Fran.  You are way over the top.  Bitter old fart. 

  • Mike

    I called Fran a moron.  But if you wrote this piece of trash, I am disappointed with you also.

  • jeege

    Lets all be friends and not fight.

    We are sounding like the Green Bay Packer locker room here as Brett was headed out the door.

    I’ll play the part of Aaron Rodgers, “Everything is fine. Don’t worry. Everything is fine.”

  • Mark

    Aren’t we missing the bigger question? Childress thinks there is a problem at QB but when he had the chance to get a young QB he balked at the idea? Now he tries to solve the problem with a 39 yr old QB. I respect Farve, and I hope you could be the answer, but I don’t know if he is the answer. And where will the Vikings be when and if he leaves? I don’t think the answer is on the roster.

  • Mike

    Mark, this team is built to win now.  That should be our primary concern.  Maybe after a couple of super bowls we can decline and get a low draft choice.  Or maybe they can get Colt McCoy or Tim Tebow next draft.

  • http://VikingAge Eddie Torres

    I look at this site each and everyday and its the same discussion with the same conclusions..either you like Favre or you dont…period. I have been a Viking fan ever since I started watching football wayback in the late sixties and what do the Vikings have to show for it since the mid-seventies? They came close once…Well, I just want to see the Vikings stay in Minnesota and I live in Alaska..if you want my bottom line its this..either the Vikings win this year or maybe the year after or they are gone and we will not need to have these discussions any longer…unless you root for the “L.A.Vikings”…

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Well said Eddie Torres, and i’m a longtime fan from the Joe Kapp era myself. You know how many Vikings games i had to watch on the tube all those years, nervously chewing my fingernails down to the skin, only to suffer the following Monday with sore fingers and having to digest another playoff loss? Mike is right on this one, the team is in place and ripe for the Super Bowl, we gotta have Favre now, or as Eddie states, “root for the LA Vikings” later. All true Vikings fans have got to know that it’s now or never. Dallas Dave, it’s easy for you to take sides with Tarkenton, because Dallas has had its share of Super Bowl wins, we Vikings have’nt. I believe now, that Favre is our only chance to get there and win. I myself was a naysayer towards the idea of Favre playing in purple, but now it all makes sense, and Tarkenton even feels it himself, being dethroned as the great QB that almost got us the ring. You really gotta hope that Brett un-retires and brings home the ring to Minnesota.  

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i do feel for you viking fans. i have watched my uncle suffer over the years also. i know the pain. yes i’ve tasted super bowl wins, but we have 3 losses as well and it cuts deep. i still hate that feeling.  and yes i hope farve comes to minny. yes i hope they stay in minnesota. if they go to the super bowl, that will mean dallas did not, so i’ll pull for them, i’m an NFC guy. my uncle goes back to day one. the day they got the team. and that was 60. i was born in 62 and have grew up in viking land and raised in the midst of it all. 2 uncles fighting back and forth in the viking/packer family fued. turned me to dallas so i did’nt have to choose sides…….. i feel for ya…… saw those damn packers take the first 2 away from my cowboys, and seen the vikings go a couple of times at the expense of my cowboys as well. but i stay loyal. and i also stay true to a great warrior like sir francis. i’ve seen him play and felt the sting he delivered. he was class. he was a winner at every aspect of his game and his life. if he wants to spout off a little on this frustrating situation, who the hell am i to tell him different. after all as i’ve said before and say again, he’s earned that right. he was great before farve ever put a jock on. hell before he was done shittin in his diaper. so guys, please don’t tell me that fran is wrong, a fool, an idiot, or anything else. i’m not a viking fan, but i respect the hell out of fran tarkenton.

  • http://VikingAge Eddie Torres

    Dallas Dave you wont ever hear me say anything bad about Fran…With him, my Vikings (and I was born in Minnesota )came that close…and you know what that is…I’m just ready to see my team win after such a long drout…hell Africa doesnt have drouts this long…but with the possiblity of a big name (even if he is getting old and has to modify his play ) Quaterback has got my juices flowing again and maybe the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to show….well I hope anyway…