Fran's Favre Aversion – It's All About the Rivalry

Fran Tarkenton doesn’t just think signing Brett Favre would be a mistake for the Vikings as a football team – he believes it would violate the very essence of what it means to be a Viking; an essence that, in Fran’s mind at least, is intimately tied up with feelings of tribalistic hatred toward that team to the east that, with Favre at the helm, tormented Minnesota and their fans for so many years.

“I know the Minnesota press, fans, whatever have gotten kind of excited about is the flamboyant, Hall-of-Famer to be, the great Brett Favre going to come here?” Tarkenton said. “But if they sober up a little bit [they will think], ‘Is that the old Packer over there leading the Vikings?’”

“I can’t put my arms around this as a Vikings fan. I was born a Viking, I retired a Viking and I will die a Viking. … And in the spirit of sport — I don’t like to use the word hate — but [the Packers] are the enemy are they not? And I want to embrace the icon Brett Favre to come over here and play for my team? He’s a Packer and should be a Packer. That’s his legacy. Now if he were to go out and play for the Chargers, I don’t have any problem with that.”

Some have accused Fran of hypocrisy, pointing out that he once forced the Vikings to trade him away – a funny way for a loyal Viking man to behave – and that, in recent years, he hasn’t exactly been a vocal team booster.  A few have even alleged that Fran is only making these remarks because he has a book coming out and it’s all a marketing push.  To which I say:  “Can it all you haters.”

Fran, with his old-school way of looking at things, is a refreshing voice rising above the chorus of Favre worshipers and saying, “Hold up here a second.”  And yes, maybe his motives are self-serving, and maybe he’s full of crap in the end – I frankly don’t agree with him that the rivalry matters – but the fact that he’s willing to set himself against the tide of popular opinion and throw new takes into the monotonous mix makes him a kind of hero in my book.

Shaking things up is never bad.  And Fran has definitely shaken things up.

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  • Mike

    Damn Fran, we only care what Brett Favre can do for the Vikings football team now.  We accepted Ryan Longwell, Darren Sharper, etc.  Stop changing your story and living in the past.  And start watching the Vikings games so you can prove you are really a fan of today’s team and give an informed opinion.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i’m old school……i’m 47 years old. i was born in 1962. i have kids as old as some of these young footballers of this game today. when i hear an old boy from the past shoot off a little and tell it like it is, i love it. i miss howard cossell. he was a reporter. not this shit that you see now on espn. he was grit. he saw controversy with ALI. he knew ALI was a mouth. but instead of treating him like the press of today going after OWENS, he opened up the real ALI to the world. love him or hate him, because of howard you knew who ALI was. i miss walter croncite. “ole concrete” my gramps used to call him. he always had the bad news to tell every nite, but when walter was done, you just knew that tomorrow could be better. he had class, and dignity that is lost today. the reason i believe is we no longer respect our elderly. the wisdom filled, experienced mavericks that have gone before us and have tread those paths and made them walkable. this is why i love fran. he’s the old guy. he knows his shit. he’s been there. he’s won-he’s lost. he bit it off and spit it out. again, he knows his shit…………..this is the problem, he’s not just a grumpy old man. this is why are country is in the turmoil we have. i was a student of history in school. history always repeats itself because people don’t change they do the same stupid shit generation after generation. and when and ole guy says be careful, we need to listen, cause he could be right. he ain’t an idiot. i do think farve would do well in minny, but maybe it’s all wishful thinking not wanting to say that farve maybe just an old guy too. meaning; “ he knows alot but can’t do shit.”  i believe fran is imputting some great knowledge on the situation that should be heeded. that puts fran in a different lite……………..please cut him some slack, and respect what he’s done, really thats all he wants. and if the vikes win with farve, he’ll be the first to say i was wrong.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    thanks danzinski, i think you hit it about what fran is trying to say, he the old guy in the crowd that stands up and says ” hey wait a minute there boys, when i was young we used to do it this way.” he needs his time, and deserves his respect. i think you got that too.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i really sorry viking fans, i just love fran tarkenton. he’s my uncles favorite alltime player. i told you guys before, he goes to games with his old #10 jersy on. it’s too small for his damn beer belly but he loves franny. he’s just tore up about this. he hates farves ass, but thinks it’s for the best. and now franny says hold up? my uncle says,” hey franny knows what he’s talkin.” this guy is the ultimate alltime viking “N UT”. i love em. and i love fran. even though i’m a cowboy fan……i’m a football fan of this great game first. so i’m sorry about ramblin on and on, but it’s my passion. thanks for listening guys.

  • Mike

    To those who have accused Fran of hypocrisy since he forced the Vikings to trade him, hasn’t been a team booster, and is marketing his book, you say “Can it all you haters.”   I say to you all the hate was started by grump old Fran.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    you guys will like this one; this is my uncle at his best; he says, “farve, that son of a bitch playin for the vikes? ah…thats like me puttin on a skin tight pair of levis, gettin on my harley, and huntin for ass. it just ain’t worth it anymore.”

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  • Mike

    I thought your uncle said Favre was a done deal.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    yeah, he says it’s done. no doubt. it’s just that he’s old school and can’t ” put his arms around it” like some of you guys said.  he just has hated farve so long and now he has to root for him? just ain’t right he says………i just laugh at him. he’s like frans age, and just can’t get a hold of this, but says hey, ” we need a bowl win, if farve’s da guy den get his ass in.”

  • Mike

    I liked a comment about Fran on the star tribune web site:  “Give it a rest already.  We haven’t heard from you in 30 years and now suddenly you’re a big fan again.”

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