Marcellus Wiley Has Words for Fran Tarkenton

You thought Marcellus Wiley was going to let Fran Tarkenton‘s hatchet job on him go by without a response?  Think again.

First, what Fran said about Marcellus, in response to Marcellus calling him “a grumpy old man”:

Marcellus Wiley, who is trying to parlay a minimal football career into still making  more money. This grumpy old man is 69 years old, I own six businesses, I’ve built 16 over the years, I’m paying my taxes, I’ve started two new businesses, we’re hiring more people, we’re not laying them off, we’re not cutting their salaries — we’re increasing their salaries, and in this society we are productive when so many people are not productive. I’m not playing croquette down at Orlando at the Villages, I’m not playing golf every day, I’m out there as a 69 year old … making money out of sports or with sports — I’m creating and building businesses from the ground up: that’s this grumpy old man.

And now, Marcellus’s comeback:

Yeah his response, I heard how he dedicated a line or two to me as he called my football career minimal, that was cute, and then from there he just started rambling on about his businesses and how he’s doing well in the recession and all those kind of things. It was pretty interesting.

Marcellus claims his main gripe with Tarkenton was Fran’s little (possibly ill-advised) remark about wanting Favre to fail:

As I took Fran’s comments, I had no problem with him having a public opinion about Brett Favre coming back or not. I have the same division between should he come back or not as well. I think most people have an opinion towards that. When you say ‘OK, come back and fail’, hold on now Fran. You’re part of the fraternity, the special fraternity of guys who played in the NFL, and one of the rules in the code of conduct is you don’t want another guy to fail. You want a guy to give you his best and you give your best and you just hope your best is better than his. To want a guy to fail, and I went back to my mental rolodex through time and I’ve never heard another guy say that, it was unfortunate because it’s a Hall of Famer, and you come into this game respecting those guys who are in Canton. You respect the guys who played the game and paved the road for you, and for one of them to come out and say hey, why you’re battling one of the toughest decisions in your life which is to retire or not retire, you say I want you to come and fail, I mean that was very unfortunate and I think that was underneath what Fran Tarkenton really is. I said that he sounds like a grumpy old man because who says that? I mean the next statement out of someone’s mouth like that is ‘hey, get off my lawn’ and ‘leave me alone’.

So the best Marcellus can muster by way of a response is more ageist jokes?  Thanks for raising the level of the conversation Marcellus.  How about next you make a crack about him needing a diaper?  Clearly, Marcellus is only taking advantage of this controversy to further his career as a TV analyst.  Well?  If you can accuse Fran of only doing it for his book, why can’t I accuse Marcellus of only doing it for his media gig?  I’m only posting this for the traffic.  We’re all whores.

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  • jeege

    It think this is all leading up to an inevitable comeback bid from Fran.

    Thing is, the only pads that are allowed on the football field are football pads…not diapers!


  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i as a cowboy fan saw marcellus wiley play a year in dallas. he did’nt do shit because his career was basically over at that point. but i agree with fran. who the hell is marcellus wiley, and what the hell did he ever do to be able to critique fran tarkenton’s career or any word that comes fro his mouth or any sound that might come from his ass for that matter as well?  fran’s right marcellus ain’t shit. he’s got a job, well good for him. i still back fran…….he said what he was feeling. he said what was asked of him. he said what everyone wanted to hear from him so they could have controversy. so he gave them something to chew on. evryone hates those vanilla answers the atheletes give always, so fran gave them some flavor and everyones in an uproar. godd for fran…….he nailed the damn thing right on…….and surprisingly no one wants to admit it. this is probably whats going to happen. my uncle says the farve deal is done he’s coming. but how will the viking fans feel if his 39 year old body plays like a 39 year old trying to make a comeback……because people, that is what your getting. your not getting brett farve from 5 years ago, your getting the brett farve who started out hot last year, then died because of ……lets face it…..age, and injury! this is what fran is saying. this is what is going to cause him to fail if he comes back. that is what fran believes. that is why fran is against it, and that is why he does’nt want him in minny. if he does fail how will all you guys look at it.?  i’m not saying he will, cause he IS brett farve, but he is 39 and injured.

  • Mike

    Danzinski is going way over the top like other Branch Franidians.  I’m glad he agrees Fran is a capitalist pig who trashes people to promote his book.  But that doesn’t mean people who just try to defend themselves against these depicable slanderous rants from Franidians zealots are also whores.  Grumpy old Fran attacks everyone from Favre to Eli Manning to Wiley’s minimal career.  Wiley never asked for this crap.  He just said he was grumpy.  Did he criticize Fran’s career including his 3 nightmare super bowl losses?  If Wiley started this crap, I could agree he is whoring for his analyst career.  But he is just defending Favre’s right to play if he wants.  I also agree that as a former player, Wiley is rightly disgusted with Fran for wishing him to fail.  But as a Vikings fan, I am disgusted that Fran wants Favre to come back and fail with the Vikings.  Go Vikings, go Favre, let’s make Fran a distant bad memory of super bowl losses.

  • Mike

    Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon is saying Favre and the Vikings would make a good fit.  Moon spent three seasons with the Vikings and retired in 2000 at age 44 – for all you hypocritical Franidians that criticize Favre’s 39 year old age, but hate Grump Old Fran ageist jokes.  Unlike Fran, who basically predicted and hoped Favre would fail in Minnesota, Moon is intrigued by the idea of Favre playing for the Vikings if his right arm is healthy.

  • Mike

    Hey Danzinski, why does your poll say Favre is a jerk, but Fran only needs to go back to the dog track.  To be equally vicious with your name calling you should say Fran is grumpy or better yet an a**hole.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    warren moon was healthy when he played with minny. all i’m saying, and i say this to my uncle too, can a 39 year old heal fast enough to be the difference that you guys need to put you over the top? will his 39 year old body heal at all? it’s a tendon in his throwing arm. rumors are there of a shoulder problem too. yeah farve has the will to win 5 super bowls in a row. no one ever has questioned this guys drive to win. hell he should be in the hall for just that alone. but this is a young mans game. i’m 47 and i don’t heal very good any more either. i’m hanging on with a partialy torn meniscus and waiting for it to either fully tear, or heal. my money is on the full tear. then how fast will it heal on it’s own. 27? no problem. 37?   emmmm.  47? i’m screwed.  you guys are putting a lot on a 39 year old trying to make a comeback and injury in his throwing arm? my uncle says if any body can, that damn farve can. well so be it……but i doubt it myself. and i think fran does too, and thats why he was’nt afraid to say what he said.

  • Mike

    Dallas Dave, Fran is now saying Favre would be a good fit for the Vikings but he just doesn’t want a Packer on the Vikings.

  • Mike

    I wonder what Anthony Robbins thinks about his “Personal Power’ co-host Fran Tarkenton new “how to win friends and influence people stategy.”  Influence people by calling them despicable, denigrate and belittle their careers and accomplishments, tell them you hope they fail, hate people from Wisconsin even if they want to move to Minny, face challenging situations with a grumpy, destructive, confrontational and negative attitude.

  • Mike reporter Randy Moss of Mpls is reporting the local media has dug up some of Fran’s old quotes that show he was every bit of the me QB that he is accusing Brett Favre of.  Like I said in the my first post, the pot calling the kettle black.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    guys the best way for me to sum this farve situation up is an old saying my grampa told me; “don’t judge a man till you walk a mile in his shoes; you can’t so don’t judge him”. fran has walked a mile in farves shoes. he maybe one of the only people that has the right to judge farve at all. he’s just like him. fran played along time because he was realativly injury free, till he broke that tibula in his leg. at his age it was very difficult for him to come back from it because it hampered the one thing he did best, scramble. farve is in the same boat, the injury is going to hamper his big gun arm, and his age slows down the heal. grumpy old men the movie is a classic example that grumpy old men don’t like to admit that they were wrong to try to do something, SO they blame, and jump on someone else making the same mistake they made…… you see my point. ???? fran should have hung it up earlier in his career, he knew it, and knows it today. he was an ironman and thought he could do it. he could’nt. farve’s an ironman, maybe the greatest ever, but sooner or later iron breaks down. who’s ironman records did farve break—FRAN”S. do you see the anomosity? he’s a packer, frans old school vike. there’s hate there boys, but fran does deserve to critisize farve, he’s walked in his shoes…..thats all i’m tryin to say, and thats why i’m backin fran. i’ve been raised by my old man, my gramps, and 2 damn stubborn uncles. there were and are all headstrong, grumpy old men. they don’t mean to, they just get pissed when they see me and my brother make the same mistakes they do. fran and farve are bros. whether they like it or not. it’s a “fraternaty” and we’ve never walked in their shoes. fran ain’t gonna take it back, he feels justified, right or wrong. i’d say out of respect, let the old guy have his way. it’s always worked for me.

  • Mike

    Sorry Dallas Dave, but Favre, 39, has the same inury that Elway did just before he popped it and went on to win 2 super bowls, the second at age 38.  Favre has every right to play football without Fran, his so called fraternity brother, wishing him to fail.  I hope Favre erases Fran’s forgettable superbowl losing career, his book fails, his Personal Power tapes are scoffed at, all of his businesses go bankrupt, the IRS gets him for tax evasion, and he spends the rest of his miserable life in the slammer as a grumpy old man.  F***Y**Fran, you damn the pot calling the kettle black. 

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    well i really hope farve succeeds too. i don’t want to see him go out this way. thats the problem with great athelete legends. they keep trying and end up tarnishing their great acomplishments. i was devestated when roger staubach hung it up in 80. i think he could have played a few more years? but the thing i will always have is he went out at the top, and in my opinion is still the greatest comeback qb ever, including elway. i love this game. i admire brett farve. i love his tenasity. i’ve always hated both farve and fran, till they’re gone. then you know what’s gone and you miss em. my best to farve, whatever he chooses to do. and my admiration will always be there for “franny” the great littleman of football. jim kelly lost 4 in a row. think about it, 4 in a frickin row….wow!!!! but look what it took to get there 4 straight times!!!! kelly will always be one of the greatest ever, and he never won one. marino….the name speaks for it’s self. elway lost 3. staubach lost 2. unitas was injured and never really got to play in 2…….hey nothing will ever take the greatness away from fran loosing 3 superbowls…….he was the man that got them to 3.

  • Mike

    Grumpy old Fran will now be remembered as he who trashed Brett Favre before he went on to win the super bowl with the Vikings.  If he would have just kept his mouth shut, he would have remembered much more sympathetically for his 3 super bowl losses.   I hope the money he gets from his book deal (from people that buy his rag like Danzinski) was worth it.  What is next, a reality show where old athletes trash each other?  Capitalist pig.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    hey mike thats not a bad idea about the reality show about retired atheletes. hell, i’d watch that. that would be a hell of a lot better than flavor flav shit……hahahahahahha, funny damn it.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    have you guys seen the article that vikings gab wrote about farve having  one week or so to decide???? good article.

  • Mike

    I caught that article and complained that Dan Patrick didn’t cite his source.  (BTW he looked bad as a mustached cop in some movie)  There have been no public statements to that effect.  I also said in my post that ESPN’s John Clayton said that the Vikings will give Favre until training camp to pop the tendon.

  • Mike

    Marcellus Wiley is not even mentionable. Stop talking about him…he is irrelevant.

    Wiley……… just trying to keep a job. HE SUCKS in everyway.

    Leave Fran alone, his accomplishments will do the talking.

  • Emelina Pieretti

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