Brett Favre Has Shoulder Surgery, Return Still Not Assured

There are many I’m sure who view the news of Brett Favre having arthroscopic surgery on his throwing arm as a sign that he will inevitably come to play for the Minnesota Vikings, but these Favreophiles need to cool their jets, at least for a little while longer.  As Chris Mortensen points out in his report on, Favre has been testing his shoulder since having the surgery last month, and still doesn’t think it’s well enough for him to take the plunge.  Favre was clearly burned by the way his season ended in 2008, and his pride is such that I’m certain he will not mount a comeback until he satisfies himself that he can sling the ball around in true #4 fashion.  And, frankly, I wouldn’t want anything less than that.

And then of course we must consider things from the Vikings’ point-of-view.  Though they’ve already completed minicamp plus another week of OTAs with many veterans in attendance, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind tossing out much of what they’ve gotten done and starting over with Favre…assuming Favre is physically and mentally ready to get down to business once training camp starts.  If Favre is, in fact, not ready to go, and even tries some shenanigans to get out of having to participate in camp, what then for the Vikings?  Should they welcome Favre into the fold simply on the basis of his legend?  Should they throw all common sense and reason out the window just to accomodate the revenge fantasies of a guy who isn’t necessarily entirely committed to the team?

I would hope that, unlike many Viking fans, Brad Childress, Rick Spielman and the brain-trust are not so consumed with their daydreams of Favre-fueled glory that they would allow themselves to be blinded to the possibly unpleasant realities of the situation.  But, I’m sure that if Favre has had the surgery, and ends up determining that his arm is good to go, he would be more than willing to show up on day one of training camp and do all that’s necessary after that.  So we really don’t have to worry about some other nightmare scenario where Childress and company, visions of Super Bowls dancing in their heads, succumb to their own Favre delusions, and fail to do what’s right for the team by telling the unprepared, manipulative and selfish Favre to shove it.

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  • Mike

    No news here.  Just Danzinski The Franophile trying to throw cold water on an exciting event: THE VIKINGS ARE GETTING FAVRE!  - much to Danzinski’s chagrin! 

  • jeege

    Ive disagreed with Danzinski every step of the way on this one. I’m extremely excited at this development and anybody should be! The fact is, Favre is better than what we have! He just is!

    THATS why I’m excited. Not because he’s favre, but because he’s better! He’s an answer at QB, arguably the only position where we still have question marks.

    Get stoked Viking fans! Get stoked!

  • Mark

    This is getting tiresome. When are you gonna stop with this crap?

  • AlldayEH

    Finally someone who speaks the truth. Good for you.  Give SAGE a chance…..

  • Mike

    … sit on the bench for a while and learn from the master.

  • Mike

    Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones just asked reporters if they would beat him up too bad if he brought back Adam Jones.

    My conclusion: even owners are influenced by fan reactions.

  • Mike

    All of us Favre supporters will get credit for bringing a super bowl to Minnesota!
    Franophiles will just be viewed as grumpy old man, right Danzinski.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    yes mike, we buy the tickets. if your’re only selling miller beer products at your stadium, and half the crowd wants anhueser/busch, what you gonna do? you may listen to the crowd and consider having both, espesially if they stop buying. thats it, money. when it flows everybody’s happy. when it stops, then they start thinking of ways to get it back……farve puts asses in the seats…..sells more tickets…….more stadium REVENUE……the key to make the team flourish. and if it produces on the field, you got happy fans….it’s a cycle that every owner wants      mike is right, the owners, they listen to the fan with a buck in his hand

  • Mike

    For the record, we are season are season ticket holders, unlike AlldayEH and hopefully Danzinski.

  • Mike’s Peter King is reporting Brett Favre is expected to be able to be throwing in the next two weeks and to be throwing without pain in four weeks. It is expected that, if he shows he is healthy in July, that the Vikings will attempt to sign him to a one-year deal. “It’ll be an upset if Favre doesn’t attempt a comeback with Minnesota now,” said King. 

  • Jim

    The Franophiles will eventually see the light…..

  • Mike

    Mortenson and Werder say Childress has imposed a deadline of this week for Brett Favre to decide whether he will be the team’s quarterback for the upcoming season.  Favre is conflicted between his desire to provide the Vikings with the quarterback he believes is the only thing they lack to be a legitimate Super Bowl contender and his resolve to feel confident enough in his shoulder that it will not undermine his performance.  Hey Chilly, why not give Favre a chance find out how well the arthroscopic surgery went first?

  • Jim

    no kidding Mike. Favre went through all the pain of going through surgery to come back for your team, and now you impose this ridiculous deadline while he’s rehabbing to play for your team!!!???  Idiot!

  • jeege

    Nah, I think Childress is making a right call here. This way, we have an answer and his players don’t have to sit in limbo all summer wondering what to think. I’m not surprised by this decision, in fact I’m glad he finally made it! He’s showing his hand like, “Ok Brett…you got the surgery. We want you to play for us, but now…not later.”


  • Mike

    ESPN’s Mark Schleric thinks Favre will be a Viking by Friday.  He said Favre will just decide it is good enough for now.

  • Mike

    Mark Schlereth

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