Vikings Tell Favre They're No Longer Interested?

If someone is feeding Ed Werder bad information on Brett Favre, you at least have to give whoever it is credit for creativity:

The Minnesota Vikings have at least temporarily suspended their pursuit of Brett Favre after the retired quarterback failed to report to organized team activities that began Tuesday as head coach Brad Childress had mandated, according to team and league sources.

The Vikings conveyed their decision in a phone call from vice president of football operations Rob Brzezinski to Bus Cook, the agent who represents Favre. An eventual agreement returning Favre to the NFL for a 19th season, this in a Vikings purple uniform, remains possible. The quarterback was encouraged to continue rehabilitation following arthroscopic surgery performed two weeks ago to repair a partially torn biceps tendon. According to sources, no timeframe has been discussed for the Vikings and Favre to reconsider their positions.

If this story is true, then it demonstrates, even more so than the earlier deadline story, that the Vikings aren’t about to take any crap from Favre.  If he is to join the team and pursue his idiot revenge, it will happen on their terms, not his.  This hardline approach is necessary if Chilly and the front office are to keep the respect of the players, but it could be hazardous in terms of fan relations.  Most fans, it’s safe to say, have already convinced themselves that Favre is coming…and if he doesn’t, then blame will be placed squarely on Childress, who is already in many fans’ doghouses.  And if the Vikings then go and have a bad season without Favre?  Childress will be crucified for failing to bring in Favre.  The Vikings might have been better off vehemently denying any interest in Favre, on the off-chance that the deal couldn’t be reached.  Now they’ve put themselves in a position to really get blasted.

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  • Mike

    Or Chilly is trying to save face after he saw how ridiculous he was being by putting a deadline on someone who just had surgery.  I just don’t see how they can be talking a deal when he hasn’t even recovered from surgery.

  • Jim

    If this is all true, I don’t see how this could save face for Chilly.  This makes Chilly look horrible in my opinion.

  • Jim

    And since when is a player that isn’t even on the roster required to show up at OTA’s?  This just makes no sense.

  • AlldayEH

    nah,nah,nah hay,hey good buy.

  • Jim

    good buy? lol.

  • Mike

    Chilly looked terrible as soon as he put a deadline on Favre while he was recovering from surgery.  But this is now the best way out.  After Favre would not meet his deadline, Chilly saves some face by temporarily suspending pursuit.  If he would have waited until the end of the week and then said he would not accept Favre later, he would have looked worse by either pressuring an injured player or taking him later after he said he wouldn’t.

  • Mike

    I must add that I find Danzinski’s choice of the title to this article both unrepresentive and irritating.

  • Jim

    I’m not totally convinced Chilly put the deadline.  ESPN’s source could have been wrong .  Imagine that…..

    I don’t know what to believe any more, but the deadline doesn’t make sense so I’m skeptical.

  • Paul

    Interestingly enough, Bus Cook is now saying “no comment’ instead of denying.  Hmmmm…

  • Dale

    I’m new here and haven’t publish anything here yet but thought you guys would like to know that  Peter King  just posted this on his  Twitter Account:
    SI_PeterKingVikes aren’t done with Favre. They just want the story to cool off. This gives Favre time to heal–they hope–without the daily microscope.about 3 hours ago from web

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  • Mike

    Yes Dale, I think what Peter King said is right.