Been Waiting for the Vick Talk to Start…

Brett Favre hasn’t even spurned the Vikings yet, and already prominent national writers are cranking up the “Forget Favre, Go After Michael Vick” machine.  No fair guessing that the “prominent national writer” with his hand on the ignition is Mike Florio.  That guy’s built a career on wild speculation and making crap up.  I’m actually in awe of him.  Here’s what he says about the Vikings, Favre and Vick:

With Brett Favre reportedly hemming and hawing about whether to join the Vikings and with key offensive players on the team reportedly begging Brett to grace them with his presence (it definitely won’t be awkward in the huddle if Favre decides not to play), here’s a suggestion.

The Vikings should tell Favre to get on his tractor, point it south, and ride until he hits the white sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.

And then keep going.

The Vikings don’t need him. Apart from the fact that they’ve got two fairly decent (but not great) quarterbacks on the roster, there’s a Plan B.

Or maybe I should call it Plan V.

Mike Vick is expected to be reinstated to participate in training camp and the preseason. Though he’s also expected to be suspended for the first four games of the 2009 campaign, he provides much more than a one-year, Hail Mary, quick fix for a head coach who knows he needs to get back to the postseason and win a game or two, or else.

A couple of problems with Florio’s idea:  1) Considering all the backlash that would come from fans disappointed over the team’s failure to sign Favre, the last thing they would need is even more negative publicity in the form of protests and animal-loving season ticket holders demanding their money back.  2)  The Falcons tried Vick in the West Coast, and the experiment was deemed a miserable failure.  3) No idea put forth by Mike Florio can possibly have any merit.

But here’s the biggest problem with Florio’s plan:  The Vikings won’t need Vick, because they’ll have Favre.  Sorry, but a little alleged wavering on Favre’s part is not enough to convince me the deal has fallen through.  It’s just maneuvering.  Favre will get what he wants – a pass to miss all or at least most of training camp – and all will be right with the world.

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  • Mike

    Danzinski may be right about Favre trying to avoid training camp.  But what I can’t figure out was why he didn’t use the opportunity to lash out with his typical sarcastic remarks.  Perhaps he is mellowing out as the reality of Favre is setting in.

    I posted against Mike Florio’s idea because I disagreed with his assertion that Vick is like McNabb.  Vick is inaccurate like Tarvaris, which has been a disaster for the Vikes.  But I also agree with Danzinski that there would be a big problem among dog lovers.

  • Mike

    Former NFL offensive lineman Russ Tucker likes Vick but says running QBs (Vick, T-Jack) are more difficult to block for than pocket passers (Manning, Brady, Favre).  I especially like a pocket passer when combined with the massive offensive line the Vikings have around for AD. 

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  • jeege

    I am so F****** sick of espn and all these other reporters making statements of an assured nature about Favre!

    Not one single report has been correct this entire summer. They have made everything up. Everything. And then they and people like Danzinski have villified him for waffling! It baffles me beyond all reason how this kind of self righteous reporting can be alright!

    I am just sick of it.

  • Mike

    KFAN broadcaster and former Vikings linebacker Pete Bercich tells the StP Pioneer Press the Vikings are a Super Bowl team with Favre.  He can be the missing piece.  You don’t see too many guys who can walk up to the line of scrimmage and see the blitz that’s coming and know exactly what to call.  Favre has that ability to get that ball out there when you have eight guys in the box trying to stop Adrian Peterson.  He also throws the best deep ball.
    Favre has never played with someone like Adrian Peterson. With Favre loosening up defenses, Adrian Peterson could put up historic rushing totals.  Who’s the No. 1 priority? He still thinks it’s stopping Adrian. Like in 1998, If you try to stop Robert Smith, you throw to Cris Carter and Randy Moss. If you stop Cris and Randy, you hand the ball off to Robert. And you have such a solid defense now, which you didn’t have in ’98.
    Whether they a Super Bowl team without Favre depends on the quarterback position. The running game is very good, but it’s not unstoppable. In football, you can’t have a glaring weakness. Philadelphia forced our hand in the playoffs, and we had to throw and we couldn’t do it. (Quarterbacking) is a part of the offense that needs to get better.  If it’s not Favre, he thinks it’ll be Sage.

  • John

    If Michael Vick became a Viking I would be sad but I would stop watching the games in protest.

  • Mike

    Ryan Longwell thinks Favre enjoys the game still, has maybe 5 years left, and has unfinished business. has rated Vikings’ WR the third biggest position battle at NFL training camps.  Berrian has won split end.  But “emerging” Sidney Rice needs to beat vet Bobby Wade at flanker, and if Rice wins as expected, Percy Harvin will need to beat Wade for the slot.  Also Jaymar Johnson is expected to win the 5th and final WR roster spot.

  • Mike

    Terrell Owens wants leniency for Michael Vick “I don’t think it’s really fair for him to be suspended four more games.  It’s almost like kicking a dead horse in the ground.” 

    Or like a kicking a dead dog?