Ryan Longwell Gives His Favre Take

Ryan Longwell said in an interview that he thinks it’s “50/50″ his former teammate Brett Favre will come out of retirement to lead the Vikings.  Longwell, who has been in contact with Favre all throughout the off-season, says Favre’s main concern now is whether his body – not just his arm – will be able to withstand the pounding of a 16-game NFL season, not to mention playoffs and inevitable Super Bowl.

“The way he plays the game is full throttle and that’s the way he wants to be able to play because that’s the way he’s been successful,” Longwell said. “His concern is not the arm or anything anymore it’s that his body at 40-years-old isn’t going to last the whole season playing at that level.

“Through his workouts and running and throwing and everything over the past month or so the arm he says has felt good. It’s just the body doesn’t recover as quick and I think him, knowing the way he wants to play the game he just doesn’t want anything to hinder that. If the body is going to give out obviously that would hinder the way he played the game.”

Again, if Favre isn’t 100% on this thing, not just in his commitment to the team but his faith in his own ability to play, then he should shut it down.  And I’m sure that’s exactly how he feels too.  Believe me, the last thing Favre wants is to go out there and make a fool of himself.  His legacy has already taken enough hits – why stain it further by suffering through some abortive comeback?

We’ll understand, Brett, if you decide to push the eject button on this.  I mean, yeah – it’ll be hard for some, but the rational among us will respect your decision.  I can’t really speak for the drones who’ve already chugged whole vats of your Kool Aid.  I guess some of them will commit suicide, and the rest will spend the next few years bitter and disappointed.  But those people are just fringe loonies.  Don’t let them influence you.

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  • Mike

    Brett, please don’t let the Franophiles like Dunzinski patronize you into retiring.  The Vikings need you as you are, not the young full-throttle gunslinger.  A QB is needed to read defenses and throw accurate passes out to the receivers, when defenses load the box against AD.  But mostly just hand the ball off to AD.  Even a 50% Favre is better than what we have or doggie boy.

  • Mike

    Jason La Canfora of NFL.com says he checked in with Bus Cook who responded with “No news.”  Now the BAD news.  He thinks ”any timetable doesn’t really apply here. Vikings coaches know Favre knows the system inside out, and no one knows his body better than the QB himself. Even if it’s the second week of camp, and Favre decides he’s ready, he would be welcome in Minnesota. It wouldn’t be ideal, and certainly current Vikings QBs wouldn’t be pleased — and, yes, it would be a hassle to have this hanging over the team.  But ultimately it’s about winning, and plenty of people on the staff are convinced that Favre, combined with that defense and running game, makes the Vikings a better team. Not that they can’t win with the other guys, but Favre provides an even better opportunity to get a ring.”

  • jeege

    With Brett we can win this year, then next year we draft (Colt McCoy,  Jevan Snead, or Sam Bradford) and keep winning super bowls!

    What’s not to like?

  • Mike

    I think Favre needs training camp to get his timing down with the WRs on his new team.

  • Mike

    ESPN’s Rachel Nichols said on NFL Live that Favre knows he needs to make up his mind before training camp and the Vikings are now pressuring him to make up his mind but are not establishing a deadline.  I am starting to smell a NO from Favre followed by getting an itch two weeks into training camp and the Vikings let him in.  I would think that would not be good for his timing with the WRs, even though some say he doesn’t need to be there because he knows the offense.

  • Mike

    I am starting to think the Dunz is right about Favre getting out of training camp.  I hate that a-hole being right.

  • brent

    Brett is not going to come back stop living in a dream world. He is done and so is your season

  • Mike

    Brent, go post on your own Packers web sites.

  • brent

    Thanks for responding that is all that I needed to hear you have no answer again. Think about it you are HOPING that a 40 year old QB that was Cut by the team that he took to a superbowl and the screwed the jets and said that he retired only to get an unconditional release. With two bad ankles and a bad knee. That is who you are hoping comes to your team. The guy could barely finish the season last year and I respect him as a player but how desperate do you have to sound to think that he is even considering a comeback after telling them no more than once.
    Give it up You have who you have at least be men enough to admit it and embrace it. You are back to hand of to adrian and option to adrian, and adrian in the flat. that is what you have. Because your receivers are only as good as the person getting them the ball. and now that rodgers has no favre to compare to every week and he has a year under his belt and the ability to run the no huddle this is not the same team in the packers that you played last year just like what was sais on another vikings post the only team in the division that did not make a conscious effort to upgrade was min. The bears did, the lions did (Wont Matter) the Packers have a new d and a new defensive coordinator which should fix the only prob on that team their d if that happens bring on the division and maybe a ring im not getting ahead of myself here because allot can happen. 
    My only advice is dont link that one man can save the day and dont get to down you still have the same team EXACTLY the same team which is code for (STOP ONE MAN AND YOU BEAT THEM)

  • Mike

    Blah, Blah, Blah.  Brett will be back to stomp your Packer butt.

  • brent

    Not Coming Back and now you have Sage Rosenfield Better enjoy him all you can cause your up and coming has worse knee issues than the qb you are dreaming about. 2 years running with a knee injury in training camp.
    Anything else to say. or just more noises (Bla Bla Bla)