Vikings Forced to Issue Vick Denials

Reports issuing forth from the mouth of Fox Sports’ Chris Myers have touched off a round of new quarterback-related chaos in Minnesota.  And it’s not Brett Favre in the middle this time – it’s Michael Vick.

The fun got started this afternoon when Myers said on the radio that the Vikings had made inquiries to the league about Vick’s status, and specifically, what the chances were that he might be allowed to play before Week 6 when his little probation period is scheduled to expire.  Reporters had no choice but to bring the report up during the team’s first official training camp press conference.  Owner Zygi Wilf was quick to shoot down any Vick rumors, saying, “”Do you need a denial?  I’m denying it.”

A little later, Vick was brought up to Brad Childress, who tried to laugh it off, jokingly asking for a “source” for the story.  So, Zygi Wilf and Brad Childress have both denied the Vikings are in pursuit of Michael Vick.

I personally don’t know where these stories come from, but this one is especially absurd.  Michael Vick, as Jared Allen pointed out the other night on KFAN‘s Bumper to Bumper show with Dan Barreiro, is not a good fit for Minnesota.  The Vikings are poised for a championship run (or think they are, anyway) and don’t need some guy coming in cold off the street, who hasn’t played in two years, and is going to bring with him a negative PR blitz to make any Favre backlash feel minor by comparison.

And as for Vick providing a Wildcat option:  isn’t that what Percy Harvin is for?  Simply weigh risk and reward with Vick and it becomes quite clear that he is not worth it.

Come on folks: It’s time to put the silly quarterback fantasizing behind us and place our faith where it belongs:  in Sage.

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  • Mike

    Sorry Dunz, but Sage has been losing out to T-Joke in OTAs.  The Vikings are doomed without the great one.

  • thatguy

    I trust Sage!  Either QB will be a viable option…but if we plan on running the wildcat…you gotta do it with Jackson…

    I still like T-Jack, but I am intrigued by Sage’s talents…

  • Jim

    T-Jack sucks.  Sage doesn’t suck nearly as much, so I go Sage.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Jim, you’re right, Sage would probably be the better QB in the long run, but once again in essence, we’re left with two backups to choose from, since Favre’s decision not to unretire. Believe it or not, I’d settle for Vick at this point, regardless of his past, the man has done his time and deserves another chance with some team, but as many other teams have balked when Vick’s name is mentioned due to the negative character issue, i just do’nt know that the Vikings are ready to give him a shot. That being said, the man still has incredible talent and speed. His passing ability could use some improvement, but at this time, he’s better than the two backup QB’s we have now. If the Vikes give him a shot, and he turns up his game, people would soon forget about the Dogfighting and warm up to him, no doubt about it, but which team is willing to give the guy a break now? 

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    We really lost our best shot at the Super Bowl since Favre backed down, i don’t blame Mike, Vikeman and Macho man for not losing faith yet. Favre could’ve helped this team get over the hump and push us to the next level. As a Viking fan it was just another bitter pill to swallow, we’ve gotten use to it by now. We’ll just have to wait and see as to what happens next? Probably the usual, nothing.

  • Mike says many think the Vikings have not heard the last from Brett Favre.  They also think for now the Vikings QB is for Tarvaris Jackson to lose.  Please Brett, save us from T_Joke!

  • Mike

    Brett Favre is merely waiting for a part time job with the Vikings:

  • Mike

    And Dunz, about your little coin with the emblem “In Sage we trust.”  Somehow I find it difficult Vikings fans will trust the man Chilly has called “young Gus Frerotte.”  Last year, after T-Joke stunk up the first two games Vikings fans said “In Gus we trust.”  But then, over my strongest protests, you all abandoned Gus for T-Joke in the playoffs. The Vikings have such weak QBs none can be trusted.

  • Kevin Finley

    The Vikings interest in Favre says enough about the QB’s on the roster and I don’t think Favre is much of an up grade.  I agree with this post on The Favre talks we start up again at about week four after neither QB has done anything.

  • Chuck

    I’ll say it again… NO ONE goes through surgery and all that Brett Favre has gone through to give it a go and then decides not to play. At some point, Favre is going to play this season for the Vikings.

  • Mike

    The Favre talks will start up before week 4.  The QB I saw last year is a huge pro bowl quality upgrade, but we’ve been through this on this web site countless times.

  • Mike

    Come on Brett, are you going to sit there and take this crap?  The Packers are really enjoying Favre’s retirement and feel they “had to act in best long-term interest of the Packers” by severing ties with Favre.   CEO Mark Murphy told shareholders Thursday “The reality of the NFL is unless you have a good play at the quarterback position you’re going to struggle. I think we’re set for the next decade with Aaron Rodgers.”  Is that a backhanded slap at the Vikings left with T-Joke?

  • Devin

    No, it’s a guy who had to make a tough call about two talented QB’s and make a serious effort to not only win now but look to the long term as well.  Every team in the division has done…well except the Vikings.  They seem to think that if they don’t win this year the sky will start falling.

  • Chuck

    You know what Other Chuck,
    That makes sense, Go thru all that and say I’m not sure if I last the Whole season and then say something about you never know???

  • Chuck

    Have to pull for Sage, Tarvaris is too painful to watch, Over throwing open guys, Under throwing them… Jump throws !!! Forcing Poor Adrian to run with 8 in the box!!!  His best throw in last years playoff game was to Samuels, I don’t hate Jackson he is a nice kid, But like I said, Painful to watch…

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    wow we got 2 chucks> ? how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood.??????????? i’m sorry guys i just could’nt resist that one.

  • All Day 28

    Chukster’s someone is gonna have to add a last name initial or put Chuck 2, so we dont get yall confused. Dallasdave, whats the new scoop with the all knowing family on good ole Brent Favre

  • Me Chuck too!!!

    No problem Dave lol!!!  There you go All Day, All fixed!!!

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    vikeman says with the MCL that jax has is a sure sign that they’ll need help. his source says it looks bad, or worse than the media’s saying. they could be down to sage and boots. the source says this is the little extra incentive the brett needed. the source also expected to see farve by the ned of camp anyway, the source also said that it is pretty common knowledge around viking camp that farve would’nt probably be there to start, and  would need more time. in chills words, “the surgery has a healing time baesed on a younger, more flexible shoulder. farve is 39-40 it may take longer.” so chill knew. as did farve. farve will be there now for sure, sources say.

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