Brett Favre Will Sign With the Vikings

The Star-Tribune confirms that Brett Favre will sign with the Vikings and may be on the practice field as early as this afternoon.  After all was said and done, only Jay Glazer knew anything.  Jay Glazer is now the god of football insiders.

Update: Favre is flying in as we speak.  Bus Cook says only the physical stands between him and the signing.  Gosh, would suck if he failed the physical, eh?

I can almost hear the girlish squealing of all the Favreophiles, who now feel vindicated.  Well, you’re not vindicated people.  He could still suck.

Update #2:  What happened to all that crap about Favre not being sure he could make it a whole season?  Did something change his mind?  Or was it all just a ploy to get the media off his back until after camp.  And f it was a ploy, didn’t Childress and Wilf have to be in on it?  So doesn’t that make them rank liars?

I’ll never believe another word that comes out of Brad Childress or Zygi Wilf’s mouth again. They are both frauds.  Now the diva Favre can swoop in and suck down all the attention while the team goes 8-8 and misses the playoffs.

Update #3: Sage Rosenfels has to be the back-up, based on length of contract and money and experience in that role.  Easier to dump Tarvaris since he’s in the last year of his deal.  Still, knowing Childress, I just have a funny feeling Tarvaris remains on the roster.  John David Booty, it was nice knowing you.

Update: #4: If Favre leads this team to a 5-0 start and looks like a Pro Bowler, will my disdain for him turn to love?  Probably.  But I won’t like myself for it.

Update #5:  Favre has landed.  Chilly reportedly embraced him after he got off the plane.  How hard was Chilly at that moment?  Just half-hard or all the way full-staff?

Update #6: Cris Carter says that Favre will start the next preseason game, Friday against the Chiefs.  I’m so glad Cris is here to tell us these things.  Chewie, take the professor in the back and plug him into the hyperdrive.

Update #7: Had to laugh as Chilly walked Brett into Winter Park over the newly-cut grass.  Brett getting lonely for his lawn already.

Update #8: Chilly and Favre inside Winter Park now.  Chilly showing Favre the special rooms they’ve added on for him, so he doesn’t have to mingle with his lowly teammates.

Update #9: How bad does Favre’s arm have to be for him to fail the physical?  Hanging by a thread or all the way off?

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  • All Day 28

    Since Brett is now a Viking i only think its fair that we bring MIKE back

  • Favre H8R

    OK Queens fans – GAME ON!!!!!!
    Hope you enjoy SLOPPY SECONDS…..What a bunch of SUCKERS!!!!

  • Real Fake Sports

    Does anyone REALLY think Favre will put the Vikings over the top? If he doesn’t throw picks, they will be GOOD.

  • Kevin

    Re: Update #5

    Full hard-on.  For sure.

  • muddybanks94

    i just wanna say as a new viking fan, i can not wait for this season to start. im glad favre made his way to minnesota. ive been waiting for this for over a year now. and yes, i think if favre stays healthy that he could be just the guy to get the vikings over the top. afterall, this is still sorta a weak division.

  • xpackerfan

    Come on this is going to be the best NFL season ever, unless your a Lion.  Hello, NOT breaking news. Please bring Mike back, he kept this going and us positive. 

    Watching ESPNews, Brett’s all over it.  Damn, I am so excited he’s coming… think I just did.  Sorry way too much info.  Can NOT wait, for this kick ass season.  Great, heck OUTSTANDING  job Viking management, and all involved.  Plane has landed, Brett is back.

    “Sloppy Seconds” comment,  what rock will we find you under in 2010? You should not use the Farve name as part of yours, if that’s how you feel. 

  • brent

    Ok i was here a while ago. I did talk some smack about favre being done and i said that if I was wrong that i would be man enough to take my licks. So here I am. All i do have to say though is that I STILL think that we have the better qb when it comes to the numbers of last season and there are allot of reporters that are saying that we have the best receiver core in the nfl. All this does is add more itrest to the  game this year. I still say you lose.

  • Papaspud

    All the way in 2010…….. I am very excited for the first time in more than a few years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul

    LOLOLOLOL!  Danzinkski, you are a nut!!

  • Paul

    I’m not sure if it was the “half-staff” line, or the “plug the professor in” line that I liked the best.

  • Chuck Too!!!

    Farve H8R,
    Lol!!! You sound as happy as your team looked on espn just now… Game on !!!

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    nanannnnanana, nnannaanannna, nananaa……..i told you so, i told you so. well vikeman told me and i told you. vikeman rules, and he just wanted me to say that too.  bring back mike, he has to have just a few words to say now? hey mike we love ya baby. look for vikeman and me at the game. not sure where we’ll be sittin at this point. have’nt checked with the vikester yet on the deal. i’ll have my throwback #12 roger staubach jersy on and ya’ll know vikeman will have his too small franny jersy on. remember he looks like phil collins. my wife says i resemble kevin costner in field of dreams????? thats what she says???? look for us “stars” at the cowboy/viking game. if any of you guys spot us, come on up we’ll buy ya a beer.????? go cowboys…….vikeman did’nt say that….hahahaha

  • Chuckie

    This was the easiest prediction ever. Told you all that this was a done deal. Now it’s time to kick some ass and get to the superbowl. For those that don’t think Favre puts minnesota over the top. LOL LOL…. If Minnesota was asking favre to carry the team and throw 30 plus times a game then you would be correct. But, all minnesota is going to ask him to do is make defenses respect the pass enough to open things up for Peterson, Chester, and Percy. If you don’t think a backfield with Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre (yes even at his age), and Percy Harvin won’t scare the crap out of most defenses you are simply stupid.

  • Dakota

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!! :)

  • xpackerfan

    Its been an emotional roller coaster ride.  Can NOT imagen how its been for Brett, the crap he had to go through after the Packers BS, to be where he wanted to be.  After all that, he showed the Vikings today, how much he wanted to be part of your team.  Think his eyes and smile said it all, have not seen that in a very long time. I said the day he signs with the Vikings, I’ll finally take my packer licenses tag off my card.  That sucked and was damn hard to do,  dumb  even cried, but a 100% Viking fan, would not have that on her car.  Mixed emotions, but no turning back. Here’s to us, the VIKINGS and proud of it.  Can not believe John Booty gave up his #4 for Brett, doubt if any packer would show such class.  Which the Viking team seems to have a lot of.  Thank you John Booty, even if you received major bucks, Brett still owes you BIG.  Nite to all totally drained.

  • Dale

    wow guys i just got home to post, I’m so happy! i was working out of town today when a co-worker texted me and told me the good news(even though she didn’t think so, she a packer fan and was pretty upset lol) dave , chuck, dakota, all day 28 and every one else we never lose hope here for brett did we? This is going to be a great season just wish mike was here, he was right about everything along.   Now lets go win a super bowl!!

  • Dakota

    Hell yeah dale thats what I’m talkin bout all my friends are praising me for keeping hope in Favre and its all because of Mike and Dave…. I still miss ya mike…

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    To Mike, Dallas dave, Dale and others, all i can say is Congratulations!!! You guys never gave up on Brett, and Mike and Dallas Dave and Vikeman thanks for all the posts which time and time again had Favre definitely a Viking. I admit, i’m very happy myself, just for the fact that old#4 gives us a ligitimate shot at the Super Bowl. Now, there are two things i would really like to see happen. 1). O.K.  it is official, please, as Vikings’ fans, let’s all back our new QB 100 percent, we’ve got to rally behind our new leader, regardless of past animosities. 2). Danz, you and Mike have got to reach common ground, no more name calling on either side, and Danz should drop the ban on Mike, and allow him back on this web page, c’mon guys, enough is enough already. Mike, you made the call on Favre since day one, today you’ve gotta be sittin’ on top of the world. Let’s all take it one game at a time, and hope Favre’s legend lives on, only in our Purple. Do it for guys like Page, Eller, Kausalkee, Tinglehoff , Foreman and even Tarky, and all those great players who gave it all for Minnesota Vikings football.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Dave,  Do you know where we can buy Favre jerseys in purple, sometimes they have them at WalMart, but it may take awhile before any are available? We have a lot of Steeler jerseys here in PA. I did say i would definitely buy one, as soon as Brett signed. Anyone else that would know, please let me know on this web page, thanks. Go Vikings!!!!!!

  • xpackerfan

    bernie jelinek – WalMart might have some, but there in gold & green… lol.  Ebay has some, there’s a funny one, of a kid in purple with Favre on the back, peeing on a piece of cheese.  OK, its tacky, but I love it , will get it and wear it… I’m sick.

    According to the news, thousands are being printed last night and first few shipment s will be over nighted to stores.  Interviews with a couple stores in GB, said we won’t be carrying them, dah, were like a Packer store.  Business savvy minded, you think.  Must like hot dogs, while other owners are eating lobster!  Others are reporting people wanting to re-pay to be sure to get one.Is this not great, I mean really really great.  Yesterday within a few hours of the news, 2,000 season tickest were sold and 6,000 single tickets were sold.  Even a Viking fan has got to love the dumb Packers now …say cheese!

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Xpackerfan, thanks for the info on the Favre jerseys, and yes, i believe that bringing a big name like Favre changes everything, including boosting ticket sales. I know the other day i agreed with another guy -Superfan, that it may hurt the Vikings, that is if Favre changed his mind to play again, but if we get everyone to rally behind him, including the players, it all may work out in the end. By the way, i wanted to tell Dallas Dave(aka Kevin Costner), just be yourself, brother! Even though your a Cowboys fan, we love the fact that you and Vikeman are as wild and crazy as always ,and we need guys like you on this website, better then a boring Kevin Costner. It’s funny you say people say you look like Costner, People say i look like Jimmy ” the  Super-Fly” Snuka, remember that great pro wrestler? Anyways one more question Dave, why was’nt there ever a sequel to your movie, Dances With Wolves? You could’ve made a fortune.

  • xpackerfan

    bernie are u on drugs, prescripition of course. Hey J-LOW BBF, you looked,but  Paris was so hot…nite.

  • Dakota

    Just saying this… When Brett did shitty last season who wouldnt expect that… the Madden curse… No more curses and brett is back bitches!

  • Chuckie

    You can get your Favre jersey’s on ebay if you want one now. Just make sure its the type you want and the correct Size.

  • Chuckie

    It’s as simple as this.  I don’t know about you all but I’m sick and tired of being a 10-6 lose in the 1st round of the playoffs team. With Favre at QB we have a shot to win it all. That’s all you can ask for……a chance at it. It’s the first chance for Minnesota since 1998 and only the third shot since 1978. IT”S TIME TO WIN IT!!!!!!!!!! This is the year we’ve been waiting for. YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!!!!! LOL

  • xpackerfan

    Question, how in the hell did the Vikings lose Randy Moss?????

  • Dakota

    Traded him because he was complaining…

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Xpackerfan, be careful about accusing people of taking drugs, i really don’t know what you meant by this , whether you were joking or serious. I’m still a competitive powerlifter and smoke people half my age. I was a state champion powerlifter and state greco-roman wrestler. I had a free agent tryout for the New England Patriots in 1986, and all the paperwork to prove it. So before punks like you go shooting your big mouths off, whether joking or not, look and see what your scrawny ass has ever accomplished. My trophy case is probably bigger then the trailer you currently live in. It’s always the people that have failed in life that talk the most, miserable with ugly old ladies to boot. My facebook shows me at my current age of 48, i’m in better shape then most 19 year olds, and that’s because i work hard for everything i have, a beautiful wife, a great job, 3 beautiful daughters, new automobiles, and plenty of cash in the bank, so  think about what you before you say it. 

  • Chuckie

    The previous owner traded Randy Moss on the way out before Zigi took over. Zigi wanted to keep Randy but Red did it anyway like the dick he was and is.

  • Chuckie

    Bernie. If you really are 48 why don’t you act like it. And…..P.S……. steroids will kill you. Just in case you hadn’t heard.

  • Dakota

    Thats fantastic Bernie but youre like all those other body builders… you have a temper…

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Hey Chuckie cheese, What makes u think i take steroids? Oh, i know, because i lift weights. Hey i act my age every minute of every day, but if some punk takes a cheap shot at me, then he can expect return three fold. Also, if you knew anything about anabolics, you’d know they cause male pattern baldness, right. i have a full head of hair at 48. You can see my profile on my  Sitting at home , fat as a blob, eating chips will cut your life span in half, i know that for sure.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Hey Chuckie, remember, it’s the second guy that always gets drilled, just like in football, after the first guy instigates it. Who said it’s any of your business anyways, it was between me and xpackerfan, he can apologize for his snide remarks, and i’ll follow up. What about you and your response, that’s not immature? Accussing people of using steroids, just out of jealousy. I served 4 years in the military because i thought it was my duty to protect people like you. I followed up going to college at Edinboro for 3 years, i received a tryout, invitation only tryout from New England because, i excelled at another sport, wrestling. I went to Foxboro with my dad and brother for a May 6th tryout. I did’nt make the cut, mainly due to lack of experience, sometimes though, they make exceptions in the free agent camps. Remember, the movie, Invincible? I felt like Vince Papale, i had only played football in high school 2 years. I gave it my best shot. All my life, i’ve been confronted with negative people like yourself, who’ve experienced nothing, but have all the answers. Do you respect NFL PLAYERS. A lot of guys juice, yet you’re willing to give your heroes a free pass. Favre consumed a ton of pain pills just to survive, under his own admittance, Does that mean he’s a bad guy? I have three daughters 16, 3 and 2. Why would i jepardize my health, pouring that garbage in my body? On the contrary, i’m a fitness nut. I swim every day, several laps, lift weights, run sprints, play basketball and hit the speed and heavy bag 3 times a week, one hour a day, that’s on top of work. So Chuckie, until you truly know someone, don’t hurl insults, unless you want em’ hurled right back you. P.S. if you need a good nutrition and supplement program, let me know, i’ve done tons of research on the subject. By the way, niacin 500mg a day, potassium 99mg a day will save u from high blood pressure and cholesterol problems, don’t ever take drugs  for it. Oh and Chuckie, take it easy on the alcohol and cigarettes, caffeine and nicotine they can kill 500,000 a year, look up the stats yourself, smart boy. Tell mom and dad i said hi, tough guy… Two great supplements that give you an amazing physique, no matter who you are 1. creatine monohydrate and 2. Nitric oxide= buy em’ at WALMart, body fortress brand, cheap but effective, 15 years on and off and counting with the creatine, believe me it works. Give it try guys. Vikings fan for 40 years and counting. ….

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Dakota, thanks for the post, but i’m not a bodybuilder, even though i work on my physique. Powerlifters train differently, it’s a whole other type of training. Not all bodybuilder’s have tempers. Isn’t that profiling a bit? Arnold and Lou are great family guys, and so am i. If u watch t.v. those abusers being hauled off in clinks are mostly little guys like u. If someone calls u a name, don’t tell me you would’nt respond, especially if it’s not true.

  • Dakota

    Its not like it matter dogg… chill you dont have to write a story about yourself…

  • Chuckie

    Maybe I’m making it my business. Anyone who writes all that self absorbed BS deserves a little. And P.S. I’m a pharmacist so if you want to think you’re the foremost authority on nutritional supplements be my guest. Someone always knows more.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Chuckie, pharmacists know more about medications, the type of drugs that killed my older brother, the type of drugs that killed my mom, the drugs they prescribed for them, killed them. Until you witness two family members die in front of you,then you know it strikes a chord with people, when they accuse you for no reason, so self-absorb that. It’s funny the biggest talkers do the least, you critisize people for accomplishments, call them druggies when they compete in drug-free contests, but if were so dumb, so stupid, why do all of you out of shape people come running and pay us 50.00 an hour to personal train your lazy rear ends. Did you ever serve your country big mouth? i thought so. Do u give to charities? i thought so. Do you volunteer at the local soup kitchen for tha homeless? Before you mouth off,  get your facts straight. Also, mind your own business. What have you done for anyone lately, except put them done. Now go back and smoke a joint, its good for u.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Go jog a lap, get off your lazy butt, it might do you some good, seein’ as the only thing big on you is your mouth and your gut.

  • xpackerfan

    Okay wissy boys, bla, bla  are you ready 4 football???

  • xpackerfan

    bernie jelinek - Life is not complex, people make it complex, my saying. 

    item #33 
    if you want it to be between us,  you said  “HE can apoligize”.   

    Also,  “My trophey case is probably bigger than the trailer you currently live in. Its always the people that have failed miserably, with ugly old ladies too boot”.    

    Iwant to say so much, but this is not about you,and I elect not to feed the problem, or acknowledge an ego.

    Jacalyn blond 100% Sweed(ie ) a/k/a xpackerfan 

  • xpackerfan

    Chuckie – #25 AGREE.  How stupid were the Packers.  I want my team to win, soooo simple and I have it…Vikings. Said softer beginning, then guys, balls to the wall for the …WIN.
    ALSO, thank you for your answer to my question about Randy Moss.

    DAKOTA – About you input to Randy Moss, no doubt, thanks.