Peter King Rips the Vikings

Peter King thinks the Vikings have screwed the pooch:

You would think I think this Brett Favre-to-Minnesota story is great, but I don’t. I think it’s wrong. I think it’s a circus. And I think Minnesota coach Brad Childress is making a mistake.

If I were Childress, I’d have waited until Sage Rosenfels struggled — if he struggled — and then made the call to Favre. By doing it now, Childress loses Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson; how can they ever trust anything he says now? I’m sure both are furious, and Rosenfels, particularly, is crushed. And the way Favre talked to me three weeks ago, there’s a chance he won’t last the season and Childress will have to turn to one of his angry quarterbacks.

What Favre told me late last month he wasn’t coming back because he felt totally beat after some hard summer workouts, how could he think he’d have enough stamina to make it through a season? He simply didn’t think he’d be able to handle the physical rigors of the season. “I just didn’t think my body would hold up the way it had in the past,” he said.

The perfect scenario would have been for the Vikings to see if Rosenfels or Jackson played well enough through a piece-of-cake early schedule (at Cleveland, at Detroit, San Francisco), and if the position was an Achilles heel, then reach out to Favre to see if he was interested. By doing it now, Childress tells his team he doesn’t trust Rosenfels or Jackson. That could come back to haunt him if Favre’s body breaks down.

Childress has looked like a desperate man throughout this melodrama. He made it known internally that Favre had to do at least some work in the offseason program or the veteran mini-camp to be considered. Favre never showed. Then he had to come by the start of camp. Favre didn’t come, opting for his third false retirement in 17 months. Now the Vikings let him come back after the team has gone through training camp. Favre’s the wishy-washiest player in memory — and the Vikings are his enablers. It’s ridiculous.

King misses one important fact:  This was already agreed upon before training camp ever started.  The whole bit where Favre said he didn’t think he could go, and Chilly and Wilf said the “door was closed,” was a big fat charade designed to get the media off Brett’s back while he did his private work in Mississippi to get himself ready.  And it succeeded.  Everyone backed off, and then when Brett was ready to report, he showed up.

Brett has been running this show from the beginning with Chilly and the Vikes as willing stooges.  And you know the great thing?  If it fails, Chilly and the Vikes will have no one to blame but themselves.

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  • robb

    Oh how fun the nfcnorth is going to be at all levels.

    We got the Bears with Cutler.and the former coach of the lions
    We got the Packers with Aaron Rogers who better prove himself especially against his team’s idol, and now we got the Viqueens who are all poised to win a Super Bowl, but wait….Favre won’t make it through the season. Bear down’s ours.

  • TheJazzyOne

    Everyone talks about Favre not making it through a season…. as if that has EVER happened before.

  • Ginger

    I think Favre should have stayed retired.  Let Jackson prove himself this year. He should have never been allowed back afetr having the team on pins and needles until right before training camp then say no when he knew everyone had the hopes set on him.

  • Jill Willrich

    yup screwed the pooch hope Cilly falls on his face and they finally fire his ass

  • Alexander Jensen

    At first i did not agree with the decision to bring such and old quarterback to a team with two fresh quarterbacks looking to prove themselves. As i thought more and more about it I really believe that it was the right decision. Sure Favre is old. Sure he can’t play like he did when he was twenty eight. Lets face it. He is fourty years old, however, what he lacks in youth he makes up for in experience.

    As for Jackson, although the situation is a little different, it reminds me a little bit of the steve young  joe montana arrangement. If jackson was smart he would take this opportunity to learn from Favre for the season. You have all the knowledge you could ever want about the postion, why not use it? Jackson needs to work hard stay strong, and learn. His time will come. Lets hope he doesn’t pull any diva garbage and opt out. Use what you got.

    Overall i think that if the vikings play this season like we all know they can, then having an expericienced quarterback handing off to petersen and tahi will only help.

  • lorenzo4

    cheery little posts…guess you’ll all be really disappointed if the Vikes have a great year…think I’m quitting this scene and going to a little more uplifting blog….

  • Dave

    wow, I thought this was a vikings blog. the way it looks is a anti -vikings page!! keep up the great negative work danzinzki

  • Chuck Too!!!

    lorenoz4 and Dave,
    I’s pretty sad

  • brian

    I don’t want to hear a fucking word when we have a bye week in the playoffs…and then you guys “flip-flop” and start talking about how we can go all they way.  If you think TJ was the answer load up in the car with him on his way to Chicago.  I just want to WIN!  This is a business!

  • Lisa


    I hope Favre steps it up this season and does well for his team.