Mark Chmura Tells Us What We Already Knew About Favre

The Vikings and Brett Favre would have us believe that Brett was sitting down there in Mississippi minding his own business, not even thinking of playing again, when Brad Childress called him out of nowhere on Monday and ignited the flames of football passion again.  Of course this is baloney, as everybody, including Favre’s old teammate Mark Chmura, knows perfectly well.

“The only thing I can think is he knew this all along,” said Chmura in an interview with ESPN Milwaukee, “and the only reason he delayed this is because he didn’t wanna go to camp.  And, I don’t know why he doesn’t want to go to camp because the quarterbacks have the easiest camp outside the kickers in the whole deal.  This had to premeditated…”

Chmura went on to say that he wishes Favre had stayed retired, because of the effect this is having on Packer fans.  As if Brett cares about Packer fans.

Another interesting remark from Chmura on the potential locker room stickiness that could ensue because of Favre’s late arrival:  “I would love to be in that locker room when he first arrives ’cause there’s clearly gonna be players in there that are not happy, and it’s not just gonna be the two quarterbacks.  You really form a bond with players in the offseason: in the weight room, spending time with them in the training room.  So, that’s gotta be an awkward situation for Brett.  I can’t imagine he is so arrogant he’s gonna walk in to any situation, any locker room, and think everyone loves him.”

Don’t underestimate Brett’s arrogance, Chmura.

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  • Papaspud

    Why don’t you rename this blog..maybe something like…..I hate Brett Farve….obviously that is more important to you than the vikings as a whole. I am another viewer that is getting just about done with this site. Pull your head out!!!

  • IHeartUrbanPlanning

    Sport is about emotion and the expression of that emotion…
    So I think this site is just fine the way it is.

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    Just thought I would share the best Green Bay fan reaction ever, it is near the end of the video:

  • IHeartUrbanPlanning

    Above please notice what happens when you do your spell checking in Microsoft Word then copy and paste it to the text box

  • Josh

    Maybe a guy who was released by the packers after nailing a 17 year old babysitter at a party is the best to comment on the situation.

  • Tim

    @ Josh – I found that pretty funny to about Chmura……..point is though, Favre needs to stop being a big liar and just show us that not only that he can still be a difference and just be honest about wanting to stick it to Ted Thompson and the Pack… least then their “hate” for him would be more about him being a rival instead of being a diva

  • S2

    For a guy who can’t own up to pronouncing his name the way it is spelled (too effeminate?  Fahv-re) his arrogance and narcissism is boundless. 

    $25m could have gone to getting a QB (or two) that would take a club that has all the right stuff on which to create a mini-dynasty to rival SF, Dallas, NE, or Pittsburg into the new decade.  Instead the Vikings are playing the NFL tune of hip-hop-hype-hype-hype -for-the-dollars and are likely to come away with a $12m loss 3-4 games into what could be, without Favre, an exciting team effort.  Instead, we get a drama queen who has the head coach, who himself apparently does not have the confidence in himself or his program to develop a good quarterback, kneeling at his feet so Brett can arrogantly play his hand, like the Void in the White House, at being the One to take us to the promised land.   

    I think it is foolish and detrimental to a team effort.   Halfway into the season I will be wondering what real head coaches the club might be looking at for next year.

  • Bobby

    Yes S2, because the Vikings would be infinitely better with Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels taking the snaps.

  • Leila

    Okay, is today the day I can laugh about these posts? Are the Vikings going to the Super Bowl this year? No, but they got a hell of alot closer than had they not had Farve!
    I’m sickened by it ALL but you can understand that… I’m a cheesehead so I border on love and hate when it comes to Brett! :P