Madden on Favre

John Madden and Brett Favre are forever linked, thanks to smart-alecks who believe Madden has a sexual attraction to Favre, and may even have secretly married him at some point.

Because of this eternal connection, whenever Madden does an interview, he is going to get questions about Favre.  Like when he sat down for his first post retirement chat with Fox Sports Radio.  The big guy was asked if he thought the luster had worn off Brett, who, in case you didn’t know, recently came out of retirement and signed a contract with the Vikings.  Madden’s response:

No, not at all. I think that for some reason people think they can take ownership of someone’s life just because they’re a player or a public person, and they can make decisions for them. “He shouldn’t do this, he shouldn’t do that. He shouldn’t go back, or say that he’s going to.” You know, it’s his life. This isn’t a game. This is what he does and it’s a tough decision. The big part of it, to be honest with you, is that he’s worried about not how he’s going to be in August and in training camp or in September, but can he get through the whole season. Can he get through the sixteen games and play at the end of the season at a very high level. The Minnesota Vikings were in the playoffs last year, so they’re not bringing Brett Favre into the Vikings to win six, seven, eight games. They’re brining him in to get into the playoffs, win some playoffs and maybe get to the Super Bowl. If that’s what he wants to do, I say “hey, more power to you.”

Well, what did you expect him to say?  “I’ve always thought Brett Favre was over-rated.  Frankly, I wish he’d stayed away from football.  The league is better off without him.”

No.  This is John Madden.  Any Favre remark he makes is going to be a pro-Favre remark.  Actually, I’m shocked Madden wasn’t more effusive.  I’m amazed he didn’t drop a “Brett Favre is the greatest athlete in the history of the universe” on us.  I’m stupefied he didn’t go with the old “If I had a vagina, Brett Favre’s penis is the only penis I would allow anywhere near it” bit.

He must be slipping.

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  • S2

    Why is this about what Brett wants?  Is he an owner in the league?  When did the Favres, Randy Mosses, T.O., and OchoDinkos take over?  Is #4 gonna call all the plays too?
    IMHO, Madden did not want to say anything more effusive as Childress might think he was encroaching on his man-crush and we might have an ugly fight on our hands.

  • Dakota

    Stop trying to make a joke Dorkzinzki. Cause frankly youre not funny!

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    hahahaha , well farve’s here, my business is good, vikeman is estatic, he still says it’ll take a while to get over the hate thing, but he said his hair stood up when farve was anounced at the stadium. so even he’scomin around. so bitch , moan or just plain change your tampon , but get the hell over it already, because that is what you told us when we found out that apparently farve was’nt coming. and i don’t really give a shit at this point if you ban me or not. vikeman don’t either, he says he knows more about the vikings from what he shits out every day then you’ll ever know. so write what you want, but one damn thing is for sure…….YOU WERE WRONG ABOT FARVE COMING HERE, AND YOU’LL BE WRONG ABOUT HIS PLAY EFFECT WITH THIS TEAM.  davedallasfan.

  • xpackerfan

    Whinny people…ARE YOU READY 4 FOOTBALL!!!!

  • xpackerfan

    Grow up, the economy sucks…not it Minny whY?

  • vickingage is a subpar blog

    Dandumbasski, you run one of the more pathetic blogs that I’ve ever seen.  Seems like everyone that comments hates your guts.  That’s a very impressive accomplishment.   I’m sure you don’t have very many friends.  Plus your arguments and points are just dumb.  Why anyone comes to this site, and why anyone would think about registering for your gay ass “register to win” prizes and even considering clicking on your stupid sponsers that don’t realize that they’re wasting their money.