10 Points: Vikings Hang on vs. Packers

Monday’s 10 Points:

1.  I don’t know if the emotion of the homecoming helped Brett Favre, but it certainly didn’t hurt him.  One thing’s for sure:  Brett likes playing against the Packers.  In his two games against them this year, he is 41-for-59 with 515 yards, 7 TDs and no picks.  2 of his 3 highest QB rating games are against the Packers (the other was against Baltimore).  And it’s not like you can just chalk it up to familiarity with the Packers team either:  they’re playing a different defense now than the one they had when he was there.  The main problem for the Pack against Favre has been the lack of pass rush.  You just can’t give that guy so much time.  If you let him stand in the pocket, he will pick apart your defense; doesn’t matter if he knows your players, knows your system or hates your GM.

2.  Go ahead teams – keep game-planning to stop Adrian Peterson first.  Keep bringing up extra men.  Keep keying on him.  He is still among the league leaders in yards, is still getting his touchdowns, and now he’s a legit threat catching the ball out of the backfield.  Oh, and he’s not fumbling anymore.  And, in case you didn’t notice, we’re 7-1.  So suck it.

3.  Percy Harvin had his best all-around game of the season, catching 5 balls for 84 yards and a touchdown (an assist on the touchdown to the Packers DBs for knocking each other out of the play), and helping set the Vikes up in great field position with two long kick returns.  Is he the rookie of the year?  I don’t know.  I do know that he is a serious, big-time weapon.  He has good hands, great speed, fantastic YAK ability and isn’t afraid to deliver the blow.  And being sick during the week doesn’t seem to affect him during games.

4.  The line of demarcation between good Vikings defense and poor Vikings defense was glaringly obvious.  When their front-4 is getting mad pressure, they are a great defense.  When their front-4 isn’t getting that much pressure, they are a weak, even porous defense.  Thankfully, Jared Allen and Ray Edwards were both dominating for long stretches of the game, and that was enough to keep the Packers from piling on the points.  Obviously, the Packers have a good QB and some nice receivers, and are going to get their yards and touchdowns.  The Vikings made enough plays when they needed to.

5.  Brad Childress can drive you nuts sometimes.  Late in the first half, he elects to go for it on fourth down instead of taking the field goal, and AD (who – memo to everyone – is NOT A GREAT SHORT YARDAGE BACK) gets stuffed.  So, Vikings get the ball back with a little over two minutes left, and instead of showing that same bulldog instinct, Chilly goes into his usual run the clock down, take the 3 and go into halftime mode (for which Troy Aikman and Howie Long both blasted him).  I’m not entirely certain what is going through Chilly’s mind, but, he has this bizarre, infuriating tendency to play it safer and safer the closer he gets to the half.  I think there might be some kind of childhood issue at play here.  I know he likes playing dress-up more than a normal man.  Dude’s head is full of snakes.

6.  At first I was amused by Packer fan bitterness, but now I’m actually worried for them.  I live in Wisconsin, so I know how such emotions can quickly turn into destructiveness, especially when alcohol enters the mix.  The whole state needs therapy.

7.  Brian Robison hasn’t done much this year.  I’m afraid that, if we remember him for anything, it will be the fumble that let the Packers back into the game.  He is officially the third-biggest knucklehead on the defense, behind Benny Sapp and Ray Edwards.  And speaking of Benny Sapp:  yeah, he had a nice game again, made a huge play batting down a pass late; but would someone please get hold of that young man and tell him to stop almost getting in fights, especially when we’re winning?

8.  I have come to the conclusion that Asher Allen and Karl Paymah both suck equally.  Thankfully, I think Antoine Winfield will be back after the bye, certainly after the Lions game.  And that’s good, because the less Allen/Paymah get on the field, the better the defense will be.

9.  Do the Vikings need to consider rotating defensive linemen more to keep guys fresh?  I ask because it seems like Jared Allen and Kevin Williams are fading as the game goes on.  Oh, and while we’re on the subject of K-Will:  Is there a better lineman in the league when it comes to batting/tipping/deflecting balls?  Those plays are as big as sacks and run-stuffs in the backfield, if you ask me.

10. John Sullivan says it was his fault that ball got snapped before Favre was ready.  Did he really need to tell us?

Bonus: Johnny Jolly, I thank you for being an idiot.

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  • http://purplejesus.wordpress.com/ PJD

    Boom – Packers Roasted.

  • joe

    Sullivan just was looking for a chance to smack brett in the balls on national TV – such a prankster.

  • http://www.donthaveone.com Chuckie

    Please lay off the d… Sure it needs to be a lot better to win a superbowl, but the real problem is no Antoine Winfield…..Karl Paymah sucks moose cock

  • http://www.donthaveone.com Chuckie

    and P.S. …. short yardage problems are on the o line. They are pass protecting fantastic but they are sucking badly blocking for the inside running game.

  • http://www.donthaveone.com Chuckie

    Time to put Pat Williams in at fullback for those short yardage plays. That would open some huge holes for sure. LOL

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Chuckie, that’s a very good idea, Walter Payton use to follow Refrigerator Perry’s blocks on short-yardage plays, and i never saw it fail back then for the Bears, and Perry actually scored on several runs himself. I wish Childress would use Pat Williams like Ditka used Perry. I’m getting tired of the Vikings running Peterson into a brick wall on third and fourth down and short. Also, i would like to see more play-action pass play calls in short-yardage situations, especially with Favre back there. One play we could try, and i’ve never seen it fail was Doug Flutie’s old QB naked bootleg to the left, as the rest of the team runs right, this is my favorite play when you’re at the 1-yard line and you’re trying to score the TD, rather than settling for 3-points.

  • Jpiks

    Yo bernie, Favre ain’t no Flutie (thank god). The fewer naked bootlegs the better.

    I agree with Viking Age — AD is an amazing running back who punishes tacklers in the open field (if they can catch him). But he’s not a great back on 4th and 1. He’s been stuffed throughout his career on carries up the middle on 4th down. And though I have some major reservations about Sullivan’s run-blocking (read: he sucks), AD used to get stuffed on 4th down even when Matty Birk was leading the charge. Remember last year’s game against the Pack at the Dome? 4th Quarter, 4th down with the Vikes needing a yard to keep the drive alive? AD gets the handoff, goes straight into the line–nothing–tries to bounce out and loses the football. Game over. No wait, Vikes get ball back and AD redeems himself with a ridiculous 30-yard TD through the right guard!

    My point being, that AD is one of the best players in the game, and I would pick him over any other RB; yet, for whatever reason, he’s far from automatic when we just need 1 yard. Certainly Tahi is a waste of a roster spot. If you’ve got to put a FB in the game, why not insert Brian Robison — he’s obviously got some mad RB skills.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    jpiks, I said that the bootleg works at the 1-yard line, when you’re ready to score, and even the slowest QB could score with a good enough fake, i’m saying Flutie used it once in awhile, and it works. I think it could work for us, instead of the same run off left tackle that we use way too much. Also, if you read what i said about other short-yardage plays, it only makes sense for play action, it worked against Green Bay, as the TE was wide open. For as small as he was, Flutie made the best of what he had, Did you ever play football, or are you one of these nerdy know-it-alls, who call pro athletes bums,but never made it further than the junior high band? I’ll bet Flutie could still run circles around you. Before you go putting down people, take a good look at your own accomplishments.

  • Jpiks

    Peace, bernie. I didn’t mean to put Flutie down. Despite not having prototypical size, etc., Flutie had a lot of success, was very classy, and deserves respect. I’m definitely a nerdy know-it-all who’s only claim to fame is following the Vikes like a freakin religion for nearly 4 decades. I still think it’s a mistake to have Favre on his 40-year-old knees trying to run it into the endzone, but I agree with you that play-action passes to the TE are awesome, and Favre runs that play to perfection. Let’s celebrate our common devotion to the team and bury the hatchet, okay?

  • xpackerfan

    Is this gay talk? Tried to follow your lingo, got zip, is why I conclude this. I’m in design, talked to friends, but their not into football.

    Its a YES or NO question, read above,not a rocket science question. JUST be 4 the Vikings…xxxx

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Jpiks, it’s alright, i was a big Flutie fan when he played for Boston College, i just think people were too critical of him, he was’nt a good pro QB, but he was a good competitor, just undersized for a QB. You’re probably right about Favre and the injury factor, i still think we ought to try it once in awhile. Like you, i’ve followed the Vikings since Joe Kapp was our QB, so we’ve suffered as loyal fans throughout the years. I apologize for the nerd comments. You see, sometimes this web site attracts mis-informed idiot punks like xpackerfan, who shoot their mouth off without expecting someone to call them up on it. Just look at the name xpackerfan, it’s enough to tell you that this guy is no loyal Vikings fan. Anyone who jumps ship when their team is down, deserves no respect. A team fan is a team fan for life, like you and i, and many others follow Viking football, it’s a lifetime commitment.

  • G.P.

    Hold up …wait a minute…didn’t your mama ever teach you to look at the bigger picture? Apparently not. First of all it was only Allen’s second game of the season. So I think it’s a bit of a premature judgement to clump him in with Karl Paymah. Paymah has four years of NFL experience and has only managed to start five games in his entire career. Paymah also sat behind Champ Bailey and still learned nothing. Allen is a rookie. who managed a sack, a forced fumble and three tackles against the Steelers. There is proof that Paymah is lack luster. However, with Allen you are making a judgement with very little foundation. I’ve surmmized given what you’ve written, that you lack the ability to distinguish between medicore skills and minimal experience. It’s okay I understand that for some actually having to think before typing proves to be a difficult task. You get a reprive.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/nflabs Jake

    This has just been a great season, along with the packers game. Just amazing to watch

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Ditto Jake, Can you believe the Packers lost to Tampa, and da Bears lose again? Wow, i thought we’d win the division, but this is too easy so far. Of course the Saints pulled out another game, but i still think our defense is better, GO VIKINGS!!! Oh yeah, i agree with G.P.,Allen is a good ball player, and give Paymah a break, he’ll be o.k. Stop being so critical of mistakes, we’re a team here.

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