10 Points: Vikings Stumble in Arizona

Lots to discuss this week, obviously…

1.  Everyone has their pet theory as to why the Vikings‘ running game has fallen off the table.  Some think it’s the downgrade from Matt Birk to John Sullivan.  Some believe Adrian Peterson is not picking out the holes.  Others point the finger at Steve Hutchinson‘s nagging back issues.  All those things are probably involved, but there’s one more factor that might be the biggest of all:  Lack of rhythm caused by Brad Childress and Darrell Bevell‘s new tendency to lean on Brett Favre.  I believe the Vikings would be a better running team if they committed themselves to it, but, when you have Favre and some good receivers, it’s so easy to just start throwing the ball around.  I’m not sure what you do at this point of the season except make up your mind to run more and hope you start opening some holes and hope Adrian doesn’t get all fumbley again.  I do know that our offensive line is not overpowering enough to expect those holes to be there all game.  We have to work at it and wear down defenses…but, of course, if Favre is throwing the ball well, what’s the point?  It only became a serious issue because we lost.

2.  Brett Favre had a bad game.  Guess what kids…it was going to happen sooner or later.  It’s no surprise that the interceptions came after we had fallen behind.  Favre blamed himself for the picks, saying he should never have made those throws (the one where he attempted a no-look pass to Sidney Rice and Michael Adams didn’t bite was just flat stupid).  It wasn’t all Favre’s fault that the offense fell apart in the second half though.  The pass protection got spotty, largely thanks to Bryant McKinnie, who got owned by Bertrand Berry.  Obviously, there was no running game at all.  And overall, I just felt like the offense came out seeming panicky in the third quarter, even though they were only down 11, and had started moving the ball decently in the second quarter after deciding to get Chester Taylor involved in the passing game.  There was really no reason to get pass-happy there, unless you made up your mind that: A) you couldn’t run; and, B) your defense couldn’t stop them.

3.  The defense had a terrible first half.  No pressure on Kurt Warner.  Blown coverages.  Absolutely no shot at slowing down Anquan Boldin.  In the second half, though, the defense was much stronger.  Obviously, part of this was that the Cardinals were ahead and sort of took their foot off the gas, but the Vikings’ players deserve credit for hanging in.  It’s unfortunate the offense was unable to get anything going, because the D did give them a shot to get back in the game.

4.  Two refrains were sounded most frequently among my tweeps last night:  “The old Favre is back,” and “Percy Harvin needs more touches.”  Indeed, Percy was the Vikings’ most effective weapon, with 6 catches for 79 yards and a garbage-time TD, and 2 rushes for a team-leading 22 yards.  My refrain was, and always will be, “Chester Taylor needs more touches.”  That goes double when there’s a big pass rush and you need some screens to slow that down.  Chester could also be a big weapon on those occasions when teams decide to disrespect the Vikes’ run game and start dropping 8 men in coverage like Arizona did.

5.  The injuries are piling up.  There was E.J. Henderson‘s gruesome leg break.  There was Visanthe Shiancoe’s aggravated rib cage issue.  Tyrell Johnson suffering a concussion.  Cedric Griffin getting banged up.  Bryant McKinnie and Phil Loadholt both leaving the game, forcing the Vikes to face the horror of Jon Cooper and Ryan Cook being in at the same time.  Favre banging his hand on someone’s helmet.  Who am I leaving out?

6.  The Vikings are still 10-2 and comfortably ahead in the NFC North, so obviously, there’s no cause for panic.   However, I think the Bengals game this weekend constitutes something of a gut-check.  We’ll be facing another pretty good quarterback and another really good defense.  I can’t imagine how Chilly will approach it, but, I wouldn’t be surprised if the passing game gets dialed back a tad.  Chilly’s instinct is to play it safe.  Lately, he’s gotten out of his comfort zone by throwing more, but that didn’t work against Arizona, so now Chilly will likely revert to what he knows best, namely grinding.  Unless of course he’s lost all his faith in the running game, in which case, I imagine Favre will throw it 40+ times again next week.  I’m personally not convinced Adrian Peterson has suddenly become chopped liver.  There’s got to be a way to free him up; the brain trust just needs to figure out what it is.

7.  Some game balls need to be handed out on the defense.  One for Pat Williams, who played his best game of the year.  One for Benny Sapp who was also outstanding.  One for poor E.J. Henderson who was having himself a hell of a game before the femur thing.  None for Kevin Williams and Ray Edwards who were both erased despite the Cardinals focusing all their attention on Jared Allen.  None for Jamarca Sanford who, even before the unfortunate E.J. play, was acting like a total dipshit.  Someone tell Jamarca to grow up.

8.  Props to Kurt Warner, Ken Whisenhunt, the Cardinals offensive line, the Cardinals defensive line, Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Steve Breaston, the Cardinals secondary, the Cardinals linebackers…yeah, pretty much the whole damn Arizona outfit.  The Cardinals outcoached Chilly and Co.  Warner outplayed Favre.  Fitzgerald and Boldin had their way with our DBs in the first half especially.  The secondary outwitted Favre every step of the way.  The O-line swallowed up our D-line.  Their D-line ate our O-line for lunch.  It was just a thorough ass-whupping.

9.  Remember yesterday afternoon around 3 o’clock when it looked like the Redskins were going to beat the Saints and we were thinking we might have our hands on homefield advantage by the end of the night?  That was a great couple of minutes.  And then reality happened.

10.  For quite awhile this morning, the #1 search on Google was “E.J. Henderson.”  Further proof that, for a lot of people, the allure of football is the violence.

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  • http://[email protected] fishlips

    Back to Earth for Vikes Nation. I just wanted to say that I think alot of the traffic on EJ was to see if he’s alright or if there was more info on the injury rather than a macabre desire to see the injury happen. At least that’s why i googled it

  • joe

    Pack is absolutely SPANKING the ravens – a team that the vikings were lucky to beat – needed a missed field goal to do it.

    THIS is what the future for your vikings looks like.

  • http://none Chuckie


    If you are going to compare things…The pack got spanked not once but TWICE by the vikings. See ya in the playoffs so we can give that ultra special THIRD beat down.

  • joe

    I’m no packer fan, chuckie, just saying that it is approaching “prime time” and teams need to be ready for the playoffs.

    The vikes look extremely vulnerable to a good passing team – Saints and Cardinals will both be in the playoffs.

    Do you want to see another season end likeTHIS?

    Say what you want – I bet the pack is lickin’ their chops hopin’ to get another shot of the D we saw Sunday against Cardinals.

  • joe

    After the playoffs, it looks like a lot of viking fans will be spending a lot of time HERE

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Joe, We were beating the Ravens by 3 scores early in the 4th quarter of that game, that’s when Winfield got hurt, and we went into a premature prevent defense. They were lucky to comeback if you ask me. Also, watching the first half of the Packers game, both the Ravens and Pack looked terrible, the game stunk. I had predicted we’d beat Arizona by 2 scores, earlier this week, just because our offense was on a roll, and the Cardinals defense had just given up over 500 yards to Tennesee. Did you really expect the Vikings to go 15-1? I’ll be thrilled if we finish 12-4. There’s nothing wrong with this team that can’t be fixed before playoff time. I really would like to say that losing to last years’ Super Bowl teams is no reason to hang your head by any means. Actually, we could’ve won both games. I, for one, was furious with the bad calls by the zebras in the Steeler game, but was even more upset with the “no” calls in the Arizona game. All the “NO” calls came on big plays or third downs. I counted at least 3 blatant pass interferences against Viking receivers by Arizona defenders, and since when can defensive lineman body slam QB’S after the whistle blows for in the grasp? Why was that not a 15yd. penalty and ejection for the Arizona DT? What ever happened to protecting the QB rule? When we tipped that ball, and intercepted it, they called offsides, but if you carefully watch the replay, the ball was snapped before the encroachment, another big play. If we meet the Cardinals again in the playoffs at the dome, it’s going to be a different story, you watch. As for the Saints, they also have problems in their secondary. I agree with Danz, we’ve got to run Peterson more. As soon as Arizona dropped their LB’S 15 yards back, Adrian should’ve been able to pile up the yardage, but was a non-factor. As for Favre, it was’nt his best game, but he’ll bounce back against the Bengals. Hey Defense, let’s get that awesome pass-rush back, Palmer buckles under pressure. As for Kurt Warner, we should’ve blitzed more, giving him 5 seconds to throw, and he’ll pick you apart. Also, let’s try to rush him up the middle more, and get the hands up, he throws a low-trajectary pass. Bat the ball up, that’s how the Steelers beat him. That stupid 2-yard pass to Boldin for the td was the same exact play they ran in the Super Bowl, only Harrison of the Steelers stepped in front of it , and ran 97 yards the other way for the score. I could’nt believe our lb just stood in the endzone, instead of doing what Harrison did, it was so telegraphed by Warner, he looked left the whole way. Our lb’s need to step it up.

  • joe

    If the vikings could score a point for every word in your rationalizations, they would be unstoppable.

    What will happen remains to be seen, but glad you have it all worked out in your mind.

    If “ifs and buts” were candy and nuts, what a fine Christmas we would have!

  • supervike

    The Vikings secondary has been a problem all year, especially with Antoine out. But after thinking about his game for a while, it seems Arizona circled this particular game on their schedule. I’ve seen them play numerous times, and they were a much more physical team this time around. They played lights out.

    I’m going to the Bengals game this Sunday. I hope Winfield will FINALLY show up and shut down Ocho.

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