Did Adrian Peterson Just Call Out His Teammates?

Despite the dire warnings of observers who feared the negative influence of Brett Favre‘s presence, the Vikings locker room has been conspicuously schism-free all season long.  That’s what winning 10 of your first 11 will do for you.

Now, however, the Vikings are coming off by far their worst performance of the year.  In losing to Arizona, the Vikes seemed to fall flat in all aspects of the game.  And, with such a failure naturally comes a bit of griping and finger-pointing.

Perhaps surprisingly, the first real shot has come from the normally soft-spoken Adrian Peterson.

All right, I’ll admit:  calling AD’s comment a “shot” is a bit of a stretch.  It’s more a frank observation…that could be interpreted as a shot.

The remark comes via Sean Jensen‘s twitter page.  After AD’s press availability on Thursday, Jensen tweeted the following:

Adrian Peterson said it felt like “everyone wasn’t there” against the Cardinals. “It can have a trickle down effect.”

That can be taken any number of ways, I suppose (I’m sure we’ll get more context at a later time), but I take it to mean that, in Adrian’s mind, there was a lack of focus and emotional involvement among certain members of the team and coaching staff, and as the game wore on, this listlessness permeated through the rest of the squad, leading to disaster.

I also infer from Adrian’s statement that he doesn’t count himself among those who weren’t “there.”  In other words, he gave his maximum effort, and still ended up with just 19 yards on 13 carries.

I’ll give AD this:  If there’s anyone on the Vikings who has reason to be frustrated, it’s him.  He’s getting smoked by Chris Johnson in the rushing title chase, and most agree it’s at least as much the offensive line and coaches’ faults as his. That being said, I still have to question whether a guy who’s coming off not only one of the worst games of his career but an idiotic legal transgression too is in any position to be pointing fingers at anyone.

Then again, maybe this sort of thing is what the team needs.  Maybe this is Adrian stepping up and taking a leadership role.  Maybe the Vikings did get fat-and-happy after their 10-1 start, and AD is only being honest.

It is, at any rate, interesting to get such a seemingly blunt take from the normally prudent Peterson.

And I’d really like to know which guys he thinks didn’t bring it.

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  • Greg

    I think the key word Peterson used was “everyone” in his statement!! I think he is right…Sunday night was a pathetic performance by all the Vikings. Why do you think all those injuries took place. EJ was the only one hustling out there and look what happened …his own teammate took him down!! I have bled purple for over 40 years and will continue to do so, but do me a favor and stop trying to make something out of nothing…Adrian is a true VIKING!!!!!!!!

  • joe

    Maybe this is Adrian stepping up and taking a leadership role.

    And maybe it is just AD passin’ gas!

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    I agree with Greg and Joe, and it’s good that someone like A.P. spoke up now to give all the guys a wakeup call, as we head towards the playoffs.

  • t kastel

    you have’t played anyone other than az.now everyone is jupping off the band wagon.

  • jw nelson

    you have’t played anyone other than az.now everyone is jupping off the band wagon.

    Now, now there kid, the Vikings strength of schedule proves their the better team out of all the teams they play this year. The strength of schedule isnt given out to weak teams, its given out as an indication of whose the better overall teams success rate going into the following season,…………fact!
    So dont even begin to say the Vikings havnt played anybody yet.
    Wanna try again?

  • jw nelson

    Now getting too Adrains interview, I highly doubt he even knew he called out his team mates, infact, I think its quite the opposite. I believe they figured out what was happening right before their eyes and there was nothing they could do about it. Its not the fact the Cardinals are a better team, its the fact that the Vikings played horrible, in ever aspect…and they knew it. That flight back home, thinking about the loss of EJ Henderson with the memory of his broken leg being flung around like a wet noodle and the loss to the Cardinals both played a key role in coming out the following week to destroy a legitimate Super Bowl contender in the same fashion they were beaten the week before, except to a higher degree of standard. No matter how much smash mouth ball the Bengals tried, the Vikings came up with the answer, and thats what champions do. The thing that confuses me is why does it takes them so long to get into the endzone early on in the games they played lately. I realize their playing vanilla and dont want to let the cats outta the bag by opening up the playbook too much before post season like so many other teams are doing, thats a very, very smart move, but they still need to start scoring points early in the game before they have to fight against a deficit and a clock. This brings up a point to whether or not Percy is that much of a head case and whether or not this problem of his is going to last into the future. My guess is, if he cannot defeat his demon, it will haunt him his entire life. And so will go the woe of the Vikings and us fans who depend upon him to play the game. I realize we are all overly demanding, but case in point; we have been very patient for way too many years. And beyond these expectations, we have endured a multitude of disturbance caused directly by our next door neighbors, the Packers, plus the ever ingenuis tricks by our overly credited Commish. Mr Roger Goodell who plays his god like approach to the league and its players as though their all his puppets.
    Now when its all said and done, and after this season is over, the question will come out if whether or not the Vikings could continue on down the path of being an elite team. Some claim their just plain lucky, I’ll giv’m that, at times, but no more than I’ll give any other team out the the same credit. The fact of the matter is, this team has been built to a higher degree that sets a standard year in and year out that forces other teams to follow in their lead. The only problem is, they have had a very difficult time to make it into the Super Bowl because they have been sitting in the NFC North playing alongside the over exaggerated Green Bay Packers. However, karma came to bite them in the backside twice this season and apparently they may have to take another loss making it a grand total of three loss’s in a year, being as defiant as they are not willing ti admit their just an average team on a high after beating a few distressed teams. They meet the defending Champs this Sunday, so lets see who is made of steel and who is made of soft cheese, shall we?
    Eitherway you look at it, the Vikings will continue on with their mission to the Super Bowl, this is where we will all see right before our eyes a team thats been playing vanilla the entire season explode and win their first ever Super Bowl.