Sidney Rice on the Injury Report; Berrian Could be #1 Receiver Come Sunday

The Viking receiving corps has been an unexpected strength all season, thanks largely to the arrival of Percy Harvin and the emergence of Sidney Rice (with an assist from that guy who wears #4 on his chest).

Now, however, the Vikings are facing the prospect of taking the field Sunday with their top two receivers both on the shelf, a circumstance that would transform a strength into a decided weakness.

We all know more than enough about the problems facing Percy Harvin.  He missed practice all last week due to migraines, then had to sit out the Cincinnati game.  We hoped he’d be better this week, but when the team took the practice field on Thursday…no Percy.

The good news on Harvin is that, on Friday, he was back at practice.  In spite of this, the Vikings’ Friday injury report lists Harvin as questionable.  Obviously, considering the nature of Harvin’s problem, pretty much every week will be a crapshoot as regards his status.

The loss of Harvin vs. Cincinnati was made easier to swallow because we still had Sidney Rice, who has become a 1,000-yard receiver and Pro Bowl candidate a year after nearly attaining bust status.  Unfortunately, Sidney too is experiencing an illness, has missed some practice this week, and is officially questionable for the Carolina game.

If Rice and Harvin are both unable to go, Sunday’s game will become a little reminder of 2008, when Bernard Berrian was our undisputed #1 receiver.  Of course, in ’08, we still had Bobby Wade as the #2.  Should Rice and Harvin sit, Greg Lewis would be our second receiver.

Now would be a good time to send Percy and Sidney any positive healing energies you might have the power to transmit.

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  • joe

    I’ve read a lot of stoooooopid stuff here this year, pseudo-analysis that is really nothing more than self-worship and stroking one’s ego.

    The vikings receiver corp looks better because of BRETT FAVRE.

    Keep up the mental masturbation and excessive displays of ego if you like, but anyone that has watched the difference between this years team and last years team knows exactly why the receivers look better – ITS BECAUSE OF THE ON-FIELD LEADERSHIP OF THE QUARTERBACK!


    When he retires and this team moves to LA, you will no longer have a platform for this idiocy.

  • joe

    I say DOPE THEM UP with the drugs of their choice and let them play. I am sure at least one of them would be enthusiastic!

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Joey ,Redneck white trash rants again. Only glorifying white players like Favre and Warner, a white little redneck trailer park trash punk, who lives off his parents, cause he’s too stupid to spell his middle name stupid, right. The only dope is you joe trash talker, you punks hide behind computers and talk big, when he’s never played a down of football in his life. Hey punk, when you can say you’ve ever had a pro tryout like i had, then you can talk big and rip on Vikings fans, but pussies like you would never be found near a mma cage fight, you’re merely a weak, little coward, who knows nothing about football.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    When little joey gets angry, it’s because a college graduate with a great job like myself can make a fool, who never went back for his ged, look even dumber then he really is.Little rednecks hate to be shown up by big indians, isn’t it true you little redbird squaker?

  • joe

    bernie – you may have earned a half-@ss college degree from some gin mill, but that doesn’t make you an “expert” on anything.

    You are not an expert on football or any other sport. You can’t even express consistent thoughts across 2 consecutive threads.

    In your own little mind,you are great, but the rest of the world knows you have nothing to add to the dialog.

    But thanks for opening that orifice and leaving us another “hunk” of brown, smelly waste, proclaiming it to be an “expert” take on all and everything!

    But the rest of the world knows stooooooooooooooopid when we see it.

  • joe

    Maybe if you took your left hand off your pud, you might be more-able to articulate a meaningful sentence or two.

    Entire blog post, probably not, but getting your hand out of your underwear will save a lot of wear and tear on those jockeys.

  • Bob

    I often scroll through the DN blogs to catch current and meaningful comments about the Vikings..this one above appears to be a very immature obnoxious commentary between two individuals about each other…completely off the topic!

    Guys, take it out in the street! Many of the rest of us are trying to have intelligent, respectful exchanges of viewpoints.

  • http://none Chuckie


    You don’t think Percy Harvin has had at least a little something to do with the improved passing game? A healthy Sidney Rice and the arrival of Percy Harvin have helped. Of course Favre makes us better. Why would you think that Childress went through all of this to get Favre in here? of course Favre is a HUGE upgrade at QB. That’s like saying Heather Locklear is an improvement of Rosanne Barr. It’s so obvious even a dumb ass redneck can see it. LOL

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  • jw nelson

    I think some people should have learned by now, how some Cheese ball fans pose as Viking fans.

  • http://Pennsylvania bernie jelinek

    Bring it on smurf, any time your ready i live in Pittsburgh, and we can hash out our differences in a cage match. You talk a lot of smack, but have zero to back it up. It’s too bad taxpayers like myself, and many others have to support welfare dopes like you, the ignorant fans who still think there is a Central Division. Just look back at your past postings, anyone can pinpoint a drop-out loser, just read joey’s posts. Do your parents know you talk like the filth you are? You’re a sick punk who tries to get attention razzing true Vikings fans with garbage talk and profanity. People see redneck trash when they read it. You have way too much time on your hands, go get a job, loser. Anyways, my trophy case is probably bigger then your parents trailer you live in. So anytime your game, i’m ready packer-fan, posing as another.

  • joe

    Yeah – wussie – I can be in Pitts. You are the chicken-sh!t that talks tuff on an anonymous board.

    You ain’t man enough to handle me – I will slap you down like your daddy did when you refused to be potty trained.

    Must feel pretty funny to be wearing those diapers still today – bring it on!

  • joe

    Harvin – big impact on return game. Offense and passing? Not so much – but check out the stats – he doesn’t have enough catches to be a huge impact player and brett could have thrown the ball to someone else on many plays too.

    He’s outstanding return man and yes he’s good, it he can get more playing time.

    Morons that want to take simple, objectively demonstratable facts and turn them into anything else are just trolls.

    And they proclaim to represent the viking nation? NOT!

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