Hey Other Teams, Wanna Get Rid of Brett Favre? Just Let the Vikings Win the Super Bowl.

Everyone knows that Brett Favre‘s primary motivation in returning to the NFL as a Viking was to stick it to Ted Thompson and the Packers.  With Brett and the Vikes dominating the Pack in two games this season, that mission would seem to be accomplished.

However, knowing Brett, I’m sure “sticking it to Ted Thompson and the Packers” means something bigger than simply beating them head-to-head.  It also means showing them that, when they decided to part ways with him, they were letting go of a Super Bowl caliber quarterback.

And the only way for Brett to prove that?  Win the damn Super Bowl.

If Brett did in fact bring home the Lombardi Trophy, he would not only prove his doubters wrong, he would also solidify his position as one of the 5 greatest quarterbacks of all-time.  And he would deliver to Viking fans the championship they have been longing for ever since the franchise first took the field way back in 1961, a feat that would transform him into a Minnesota folk hero of Paul Bunyan-esque stature.

And having accomplished all that, would Brett decide to ride off into the sunset like the proverbial aging gunslinger with no enemies left to slay?

Judging by Brett’s remarks in an interview with USA Today, the answer to that would seem to be, “Probably.”

“Yeah,” Favre said when asked if he would consider retirement should he and the Vikings seal the deal in Miami.  “I’d be pretty comfortable saying, ‘Hey, there ain’t nothin’ left.’”

Of course, with Favre, there is seldom any such thing as a definitive statement.  Admitting he’d have to consider retirement isn’t the same as saying he wants to retire or feels like retiring.

And even if he did retire, it wouldn’t guarantee he would stay retired.  As long as he can still throw, and there’s someone he wants to pay back for a diss, he will keep getting the itch.

Of course, age catches up with everyone, even Brett Favre.  It’s very possible that, these next few weeks and into the playoffs, we will be witnessing his NFL swan song.

And if the rest of the NFL wants to speed Brett out the door, all they have to do, it sounds like, is stand aside and let the Vikings get their Super Bowl.

Sounds like a plan to me.

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