10 Points: Vikings Fall to Panthers in Controversial Fashion

This may seem a tad harsh, but trust me, it would’ve been harsher 12 hours ago.  I decided to let the anger subside…

1.  The Brad Childress/Brett Favre schism talk is good fun, but in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think it matters much.  Chilly and Favre certainly aren’t the first coach/quarterback combo to have disagreements.  They’re not the first coach/QB tandem to get into it on the sidelines during a game.  And Favre is not the first quarterback who talked himself out of being pulled from a game.  You can say, “But what about the other times this season when Chilly reportedly tried to pull Favre and Favre wouldn’t go?”  I guess Favre is just good at talking himself back into games.  It only became an issue this time because people noticed the body language between Brett and Brad.  Newsflash:  Chilly and Favre are both stubborn mofos.  You thought they’d get through the season entirely harmoniously?  Nope.

2.  Favre became the headline because of the apparent Chilly dust-up, but Favre actually played halfway decent under the circumstances.  Other guys deserve way more hammering, starting with Bryant McKinnie, who should retire from football and go to work as Julius Peppers‘ bitch full-time.  And no, you will not convince me that Chilly just suddenly decided to yank McKinnie because he was having a bad game.  It’s been building for awhile.  McKinnie just flat-out can’t get the job done.  His pass blocking almost got Favre killed last night, and his run blocking all season has been sub-par, as evidenced by the Vikings’ reluctance to just line up and run left behind him and Hutch the way everyone thinks they should.  McKinnie, I am now convinced, is the weak link on this offense and I am calling for his permanent benching.  Shift Phil Loadholt over to left tackle now and put in Artis Hicks at right tackle.  And yes, I know, moving guys around the line is supposed to be bad.  Tell that to the Carolina Panthers who rolled with replacements at both offensive tackle positions and still got their running back 100 yards and still kept our alleged great pass rushers off their quarterback.  If they can do that, Loadholt should be able to switch to left tackle.  He can’t be worse than Mount Muttonhead, and who knows, maybe he’ll develop some amazing instant chemistry with Hutch and finally give us a chance to run the ball like our reputation says we should.

3.  Everyone needs to lay off Adrian Peterson.  He is not having a bad season.  He is having a great season considering that his offensive line is made up of Mount McMannequin, the possibly over-the-hill Steve Hutchinson, a center who is a disgrace to the good names of Kirk Lowdermilk, Jeff Christy and Matt Birk, Anthony Herrera aka A Guy, and Loadholt who is getting better but still isn’t there yet (a shift to the left could invigorate him and Hutch).  Behind a real line, AD would be knocking on the door of 2,000 yards, and would have about 25 touchdowns.  This team would be up poop crick without a paddle were it not for Peterson.  And yes, I know, he has stone-hands on screen passes.  Well, that’s what we have Chester Taylor for.

4.  We sucked on third down all night, and guess why?  Because someone decided that Percy Harvin should be excluded from the offense.  Three targets and one catch?  Who is he, Greg Lewis?  Okay, you’re right, it’s hard to get the ball to the guy you want when your line can’t pass protect.  That’s why end-arounds were invented.

5.  Ray Edwards isn’t worth the powder to blow him to hell, but he’s still worth four Tyrell Johnsons.  Enough Tyrell…forever.  And what the hell happened to our tackling in general?  When did Ben Leber, Chad Greenway and Antoine Winfield decide to start bouncing off guys?  I remember when this team was one of the best tackling teams in the league.  It wasn’t that long ago.  Now?  It’s like watching oiled-up spastics trying to tackle crazed barnyard animals.  The fourth quarter last night was a disgrace to the very concept of defense.

6.  Know what I wish?  I wish we could take Steve Smith, connect him to a machine and transfer his heart and guts into our players’ bodies.  He has enough in him for every guy on our team with the possible exception of Mount McMoron whose heart is a cavernous void that can never be filled.  We need to make a trade for him in the offseason somehow.  What do the Panthers need?  Would they take Sage Rosenfels, Ben Leber and some draft picks?

7.  Matt Moore kicked our ass.  Just think about that for a second kids.  Matt Moore…kicked our ass.  Our team that is supposed to be at least the second best team in the NFC.  That is supposed to have a shot at the Super Bowl.  Got its ass kicked.  By Matt Moore.

8.  Was this game actually more frustrating than the Cardinals game?  I would say yes.  The Cardinals are a legit team, not a turdball like Carolina, plus, with the Cardinals, that sucker was over by halftime, whereas last night the Vikings still had chances to take control until well into the contest.  Unfortunately, every time we had a chance to grab the sucker, it slipped away.  Missed Ryan Longwell field goal.  Sidney Rice fumble.  Visanthe Shiancoe drop on what would’ve been a first down.  We had good field position all throughout the first half and into the third quarter, and did almost nothing with it.  Hell, the Panthers made so many damn mistakes, with penalties and what-not, the game was practically served up to us.  And we just flat-out did not cash in.  No excuse for it.  The chances were there and we didn’t make it happen.  We deserved to lose.

9.  Yo Jasper Brinkley…it’s called staying hydrated.  Look into it.

10.  Darius Reynaud is a nice return man.

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  • lorenzo4

    Danz, becoming a big fan of the 10 points feature. Perceptive, and painful, but thank you for making me laugh…I needed that. Hydration….look into it…kinda maybe could also say…cleats…look into them, they got different lengths for diff occasions…imagine thatalso down with softpedaling that media lust for QB/coach friction.

  • Jerry

    Man, I could not have said this better myself. I am so sick about last night. I was at a party ready to sport my jersey and all I got from the crowd was what the heck is going on? I was totally embarassed.

    I am angry at Chilly. First off, why did they not double Peppers? Carolina did it to Allen and did a great job, because our relentless DE did not do squat. I hope that hurts Jared, maybe you will start playing pissed off again. Sit Mount, he has earned a right on the bench. Peppers made him look like a high school rookie. Brett has a right to be angry.If your getting slammed to the frozen turf like the way he was all night MAKE ADJUSTMENTS stupid moron coaches. All I know is that the Vikes better get this mental/physical inability to play with the real men at night, out of their minds, and come out next Monday with something to prove,otherwise we might as well forget about going any further than one and done. And AP, your ecceleration lately..sucks.

  • joe

    Where’s that little girl bernie? Is she having a tea party with her teddy bears?

    Is she afraid of them too?

  • Jpiks

    Dead on. Dead on. I hope the players are as pissed about what happened Sunday night as the fans.

    The utter lack of pass protection was simply bewildering. What the hell has happened b/n the 1st and 2nd Green Bay games — where a pretty good defense didn’t even touch Favre — and last night? I think the difference (besides the fact that Julius Peppers is much more of a threat than Clay Matthews) is that the Vikes have stopped using Kleinsasser and Dugan to help out the line. Why??? Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t see either player helping out in pass protection. They did a great job in Green Bay and also did a great job helping with the running game. Are they hurt? Invisible?

    Of course, it’s tough to keep 7 players behind the line to block when they’re only rushing 3, but I’d rather have 3 go out on routes against 8 defenders and have a well-protected hall of fame QB, than 5 against 8 and a squashed QB with no time to find anyone.

    It’s clear that Sullivan is a disgrace and McKinnie is a loser. Time to freakin call up someone from the practice squad and see what they can do. But I put a lot of the blame for Sunday night on the coaching staff. They had a great game plan for the Green Bay game, but they’ve failed to adequately prepare the team for the trips to AZ and Carolina.

  • http://purplejesus.wordpress.com/ PJD

    Seriously, Reynaud was about the only shining point in that whole game. Unreal. And you hit on pretty much everything here, as usual. While I’d still love to skewer McKinnie for being an asshat, I do think that a lot more of this falls back on Childress who didn’t move a TE over to help him. Do you think the Panthers weren’t doing that on Allen all night? What makes McKinnie immune to help? Bad coaching performance too.

    And you’re getting angry enough to sound like me. I like it!

  • Skee

    That was friggin hilarious and absolutely spot-on. I needed to read that yesterday, because it probably would have picked me up a little bit. Instead I waled around all day looking for some dog to kick (dont have one of my own). I sure hope some adjustments are made to get us back on track.

  • Jerry

    If the vikes decide they don’t want to go to the superbowl, then put us in, we will get the job done. Purple pride, baby!

  • http://purplejesus.wordpress.com/ PJD

    Skee, you could have substituted a Packer child, or this season even a Saints baby, and it would have sufficed for the absent dog. Preferably, right in the groin, because that would be hilarious.

  • JCUK

    Nice blog, made me laugh! I’m not a Vikings fan, more a fan of the game itself. But I have been taking a keen interest in the Vikings this year to see how the Favre and AP combination would work out. I live in London, UK and have stayed up all night until 5am to see the Vikings against Cardinals and Panthers. What a waste of my time.

    I had hoped to see AP light it up but in 2 games he’s had 25 carries in total. What’s that all about? 12 carries against the Panthers WTF? I thought Harvin was out with migraines until the announcers mention that he was playing. Would not have known otherwise. Did any play calls include #12? Why didn’t the Vikes double team Peppers? He raised hell all night. When I watched the Cardinals game I noticed Allen was doubled all night and didn’t get a sniff of Kurt Warner.

    Instead of Chili thinking about benching Favre to protect him. Why not actually get the O-line to protect him? Why no play calls where Favre roles out of the pocket to his right? Where he has a perfect completion % rate.

    Why are the play calls so predictable? I don’t think I can remember seeing a hole for AP to run into. No screen passes to Harvin, AP or Taylor. Actually the one screen pass to AP he ran for 63 yards. How come Peterson gets pulled on every single 3rd down? No reverses, no gimmick plays, no fakes.

    I am no expert but to me the Vikings have very boring and predictable play calls throughout a game and not much adjustments during a game to combat problems.

  • Maui_Vike _Fan

    I watched that Carolina game as did the rest of you. For the life of me, I cannot imagine why the Vikes didn’t line Jimmie Kleinsasser up wherever Peppers was to help block him. Jimmie is like another lineman in there. I kept screaming at Childress all the way from Hawaii to put Jimmie in there.

  • sam7782000

    Now thats the best damn tirade in sports!!

  • Mike

    Danzinski, did you see the same game I did? Sure, you can blame the Vikings pass blocking, and especially McKinnie, for the low scoring first half, but they were winning 7-6! Also don’t sell Peppers short, and that McKinnie injured his ankle two weeks ago (he has wanted to rest for two weeks now). Childress admits he made a mistake by not moving a blocking tight end or fullback to help McKinnie, after they realized Peppers was having a monster night and McKinnie was hurting.

    Some say McKinnie had been having a pro bowl year. And what is it about your statement about a POSSIBLY over-the-hill Steve Hutchinson? Either he is or he isn’t. I think he isn’t.

    The real problem was the Vikings converted on only 1 of 10 on third downs. AP couldn’t get one yard for a first down behind Loadholt in the first half. There is clearly something wrong with Peterson. The blocking is still there, particularly on inside runs, and Peterson isn’t seeing many 8- or 9-man fronts anymore. Bevell says he is trying to get too much. Gil Brandt says he has taken too many hits.

    After an intial drive in the second half failed on a deep pass to Shiancoe, the next five drives were killed by a dropped pass to AP, a fumble by Rice, Chester Taylors failure to catch a pass, Shiancoe’s dropped pass and Harvin’s failure to catch 2 short passes from Favre. They have an excuse for not focusing on Harvin, who has only been to practice a few days in the last two weeks, due to migraines and a bulged disc in his neck.

    But Peterson needs to develop into a better pass catcher, if he wants defenses to stop focusing on the run. Waiting until the last play of the game to catch and run was too late for AP. Saying we can just bring in Taylor for pass plays is ridiculous. To keep defenses off guard, both RBs must be able to both run and catch, and the Vikings must use both for both at least to some extent.

    Ron Jaworski says AP is having a sub-par season because defenses have learned to stay in their lanes. And yes the O-line needs to block better for AP, but AP also needs to break more tackles, like Meryl Hoge says. Most importantly, the Vikings must complete short passes like they did early in the year!

  • Austinvike

    I’d like to see more Greg Lewis in times like these…

  • supervike

    Couldn’t agree more. And McKinnie will now forever be known as Mount McMoron.

    I can’t believe some people wanted to send this guy to the pro bowl.

  • SH28

    Is Peterson’s poor performance related to his outside priorities? Why does he need to speed 109 mph to get to the team’s hotel? Where is TMZ when you need them?

  • Mike

    McKinnie says criticisms from danzinski, supervike, jpiks and others are overblown: