Your Mental Image for the Week: Brad Childress, Wrapped in a Towel, Going Ballistic

Brad Childress wants us to believe all is well in Purpleland, but that’s kind of hard to do when reporters like Tom Powers of the Pioneer Press publish accounts like this one of what he saw in the Vikings locker room in the wake of last night’s meltdown.

Setting the scene:  the Vikes have just gotten pounded by the Panthers, everyone knows something went on between Chilly and Brett Favre on the sidelines, Favre has just admitted in the press conference that Chilly tried to yank him.  And…cue Brad Childress in his towel:

I caught up with Childress as he returned from the shower and was walking into the visiting coach’s office. It was just me, Childress and his towel. Standing in the doorway, I basically asked for a comment with regards to Favre announcing that he refused to come out of the game. Before Childress could answer, Bob Hagan, the team’s director of public relations, pushed past me and slammed the door.

A couple of minutes later, a previously docile Childress stormed out of the office like a wild man, still clutching the towel around his waist. He made a sharp turn into the assistant coaches’ office and went ballistic. I don’t know who was in there or what he said. But by the decibel level, it was clear he was furious.

It was about then that I got the bum’s rush out of the locker room. Several minutes later, Hagan told me he could “pretty much guarantee” Childress wasn’t going to speak with me. I’d prefer that the coach tell me that and therefore waited outside for perhaps 30 minutes. Nobody came out.

What happened? One guess is that Childress was unaware of Favre’s comments and, when informed, went ballistic. But I don’t know at whom he was screaming. And Hagan insisted that what he said to the coach that set him crazy had nothing to do with Favre. I tend to take a man at his word. It’s one of my weaknesses.

There’s only one thing I want to know:  scented soaps for Chilly or good old-fashioned plain white man-soap?

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  • Dr Fix

    Well after having a little time to digest another Sunday night loss. I’ve come away feeling a little less worried about the Vikings chances in the playoffs…First of all it wasn’t as bad as the loss in Arizona two weeks ago…(No broken bones) Maybe a few shattered ego’s but all and all I think the Vikings are better off finding out that they are not who they thought they were. Apparently they didn’t learn that lesson two weeks ago in the desert. So I’d like to thank the Panthers for giving the Vikings another wake up call with two games to go in the regular season…Unlike the Arizona game the Vikings didn’t technically lose this game until the forth Quarter. Say what you will but that second string Quarterback Moore made some pretty tight throws and some dam lucky ones too. Steve Smith gave a clinic on how a pro bowl receiver plays the game…even when you have a pro bowl corner like Winfield covering you. Julius Peppers was a beast, did you see how fast he pushed Mckinnie back wards It looked like Mckinnie was on roller skates. I’ve seen Mckinnie get beat by speed rushers on the outside plenty of times but I’ve never seen a defensive end bitch slap Mckinnie around like he was a ninety pound crack hoe…so you see the Vikings didn’t get beat by a 6 and 8 team. Carolina played more like last years version, which was the second seed in the NFC playoffs…The vikings took them to lightly and paid the price…Bring your A game or don’t bother getting off the bus ladies, this is the NFL…The only thing excuses get you in this league are a torn skirt and a sore behind… With that being said I believe it’s better to get one more reminder before the end of the regular season…I’m pretty sure the Vikings know exactly what they need to tighten up before the playoffs. It all starts with our offensive line. When they have a bad game it’s like the wheels coming off the bus. Everything goes down hill from there. Without the running game it’s three and out and then Farve starts to resemble that guy who use to Quarter back for the Jets last year, then our Big Boys on the defensive side of the ball get left out on the field to long and they don’t have the fresh legs to get to the quarterback, that’s when our corners and safeties get beat…fix the O line. This is the the most overrated O line in the league and it’s starting to really be exposed by good defensive fronts. Loadholt and Sullivan are first year starters and you can tell Mckinnie has gained weight since the beginning of the season he needs to put away the Twinkies and chew on some celery sticks…15 extra pounds on a man his size
    makes a big difference…Thank God he won’t see Peppers again this season…this is a chance for Childress,the offensive guru to come up with some new blocking schemes that work…Although I here he has a second job this year as Farves personal chauffeur, so you can understand why he doesn’t have the extra time he had last year…I was shocked Julius Peppers wasn’t double teamed earlier in the game, I mean “come on” how do you not game plan for a man that is as big and mean as King Kong. He collapsed the whole left side of the line on third downs. Well on the glass is half full theory. I suppose we can be thankful the vikings clinched there second consecutive NFC North Title and we didn’t even have to wait for the last game of the season…Go Vikes!!!

  • Ron

    Enough of the Vikings weak play calling, besides not being able to protect the QB, McKinnie has been called a turnstyle before but nothing gets done.

    Back when Favre first started changing plays Childress got mad, in Phillie he was Offensive Co-ordinator and he was not allowed to call plays.

    Same thing should happen here, he should not be able to call any plays, he is terrible!