Favre Overcomes Huge Deficit, Can't Overcome Worthless Viking Special Teams

Call it the comeback that wasn’t.

After the Vikings fell behind 16-0 at the half, the offense came to life in the second half, thanks mostly to Brett Favre, who led the team on five scoring drives, tying the Bears at 23-23, then again at 30-30.

The big problem was the Vikings’ kick coverage.  Two huge Bears returns set up a pair of answering touchdowns, keeping them from dropping out of the game.

It was 30-23 Bears when the Vikings got the ball for one final possession.  Favre drove the ball down the field and into touchdown range, and was able to hit Sidney Rice in the endzone for an incredibly dramatic game-tying score.

That sent the game into overtime.  The Bears won the toss, and on their first play, Jay Cutler hit Devin Aromashodu to put themselves nearly in field goal range.  Three short gains later and Robbie Gould was set up for a 45-yard attempt.  Gould’s kick was, stunningly, wide right, giving the ball back to Favre and the Vikings’ offense.

Unfortunately, the Vikings’ offensive line, which had played better throughout the second half, came out like they thought the game was already over, and allowed the Bears to hit Favre on three straight plays, forcing a punt.

The good news:  the Vikes’ defense manned up, stopping the Bears for a 3-and-out.  Alas, on the ensuing Vikings possession, Adrian Peterson fumbled, giving the Bears the ball on the Vikings’ 38.  A Jay Cutler TD pass to Aromashodu sealed the victory for the Bears, handed the Saints homefield throughout the playoffs, and guaranteed that the questions will keep raining down on Brad Childress‘s head.

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  • Mike

    After relying too much on the run early, Childress was rescued by Favre to force overtime but then they made the mistake of passing to Peterson. I gave the Vikings play-calling a failing grade on 4 of their first 5 drives, passing grades on 4 of their next 5 drives (all resulting in 4 TDs), but then failing grades on the two drives in overtime. (A passing grade is based on passing on either first or second down, third down for sure unless very short and never to “rock hands” Peterson). Special teams were awful, especially Longwell’s missed extra point. I will need some time to check if the Bears defense was reading the Vikings offense by dropping into coverage on passes, while still loading the box on runs.

  • Ben

    I agree that the special teams are largely to blame here, but I’m shocked you didn’t draw attention to the uncalled facemask penalty on Peterson’s crucial fumble.

  • Shay

    Most importantly Vikings will lose the first round bye to the Eagles.

  • jon

    watch the peterson fumble on your dvrs. definatly should of been a penelty of yards keeping them at 1st down. watching it over and over my friends and i were shocked. come on vikings lets get it together.(die hard vikings fan since i was 2)

  • http://thevikingage.com Mandello

    Has anyone considered that Favre got into an argument with Childress last week so the national media would be watching him the next week as he entered a stadium that he has won at time and again. It would be an opportunity to look like a hereo once again. If so, then the whole thing blew up in his face. We are in a lot of trouble with a QB that can’t play past December. I knew this would happen all year. Now it’s happening. we are a QB short of the Superbowl.

  • Mark

    Favre had a great game. No collapse in December. Adrian only averaging 3.whatever last five games. What’s with that? That fumble was partially caused by having his neck jerked around. Pretty exciting game despite losing. We’ll get it together for the playoffs.

  • jon

    its not over yet, and now the vikes got there rest….its GO time now!!

  • KD

    It’s possible they hand over more than just home field throughout, they could very well forfeit the #2 seed to the Cowboys with a Cowboys win and Arizona loss…

  • jon

    true, but i hope not

  • Neil C

    The awful play structures of the first half HAVE to be to blame here – Favre tore them apart in the second half, when given decent passing opportunities, and would have won by a big margin with a decent game plan from the beginning. Childress is to blame – he should step aside and let Favre make the big decisions, on the grounds of inferior experience and understanding of the game

  • joe

    You homers that have railed on Favre, even though he has carried this team, are just too much – LOL!

    Chilly is a moron – tying Favre’s hands in the first half and sticking to an ineffective ground game lead by “three-and-out-if-he-holds-onto-the-ball” peterson.

    They got their butts kicked, but you got the offense you proclaimed was needed, didn’t you!

    The they put the ball back in Brett’s hands and it is almost another miracle comeback – UNTIL PETERSON GETS HIS HANDS ON THE BALL AGAIN!

    Mandelo is too much – AD fumbles away the game (after a totally ineffective first half and a near miracle performance by Favre) and he wants to blame BRETT!

  • joe

    LA is gonna look sweet in purple and, who knows, they may appreciate having the all-time passing leader should he choose to play some more!

    The pack fans are really gonna dump the “queen” crap on you now.

  • Mike

    The media is giving Peterson the blame. He said he feels sick about fumbling. He deserves it. Facemask or not, he didn’t secure the ball. What does he think his other hand is for? He also needs to learn to catch. More drops again. He is acting like dead weight on pass plays.

    But he could still be the best run decoy, like Randy Moss became, after defenses marked him and until he got fed up with it and started taking off plays. Chilly just needs to learn to diguise the plays better so defenses don’t know when they are going to run or pass. Maybe after Favre started passing for 500 yards per game, defenses would give Peterson some slack.

  • Mike

    Actually, Favre did overcome the huge deficit to tie it up in regulation before in overtime Peterson, in his own words, gave it away.

  • joe

    Mike – you have zero evidence that the plays are being tipped to defense and/or need to be disguised.

    AD is not the asset some proclaim he is. Brett has taken a lot of bad raps because AD is so inconsistent, can’t catch the football, and is fumble prone.

    No quarterback needs to pass over 500 yards per game. Favre was approaching 300 yards – ALMOST ALL IN THE SECOND HALF.

    That is all you can ask for – if runs don’t work, that is on o-line and AD.

  • Mike

    I had the evidence of about 8 plays I linked to you. But yes I will be unable to prove it because I couldn’t order the full Cardinals and Panthers games. Moreover, I didn’t see any sign of tells in my tape of the Bears game.

    I am not saying Brett must pass for 500 yards to win. Just that he may have to pass for 500 yards before defenses cut Peterson some slack.

  • Mike

    And besides my video link of 8 plays from the Panthers game, I also had confirmation from Tony Boseli, who was on the field of the Cardinals game, and said McKinnie was telling pass or run. McKinnie even admitted he could have been doing that. Besides it is fairly obvious that if the Panthers and Cardinals are dropping 8 back into coverage on passes while still loading the box with 8 on runs, the Vikings are not doing a good job of disguising.

  • Deborah

    Brett Farve was awesome last night it is to bad the rest of the team is not playing like a team the last four weeks. They cannot depend on Brett to pull out the games and to win them all of the time. What is Perterson’s problem maybe he needs to learn on how to hold on to the football, every week he fumbles that football what is his problem especially when there was a important game on the line. If the vikes keep playing like this they will not have a chance in the playoffs, also I have been noticing that Brett is not getting the protection he was getting before is there conflict going on on this team. The coach needs to let Brett go so he can do his thing did you see what he did the second half maybe they would of won this important game.

  • Mike

    I think the Panthers may have learned to do to the Vikings what teams were doing to them. After an October game, Panthers Wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad claimed opponents were getting tipped off to the Panthers passing plays. He added obviously when a defense knows a pass is coming, it’s easier to defend. “From what I’ve been seeing defenses are dropping a lot more guys into coverage and, I don’t know if it’s based on our formations, or the quarterback’s drop or what kind of keys they’re getting, but the safeties have typically been reading and then trying to drop back into coverage and reading pass. Something is giving them a pass key and they are just double-teaming the pass. It doesn’t always start off like Cover 2, but it winds up in Cover 2 or some sort of man with Cover 2, that kind of thing.”

  • Mike

    After the Vikings-Panthers game sports writer Mike Bullock wrote: “offensive coordinator Darrell Bevel returned to calling plays that were predictable to anyone who had played defense beyond the Pop Warner ranks.” I just wish he would elaborate.

  • Mike

    If Brett wants to win the super bowl, he needs to do more than just demand the right to audible but he must almost insist on being part of formulating the game. Really sorry state of affairs Chilly!

  • joe

    Spot-on, mike – this isn’t about getting AD “on track” or establishing a “power running game”.

    Its about letting the guy that really understands this offense use his extensive background, experience, specialty training, and natural talents.

    Unfortunately, chilly sees himself as the all-knowledgeable “button pusher.” He obviously is not.

    Hopefully, management/ownership laid it all on the line and getting embarrassed against the bears will be a good thing.