Cowboys Bomb Eagles, Will Visit Vikings Next Sunday

Last Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys blasted the Philadelphia Eagles, handing the Vikings the #2 seed and a first-round bye.

Tonight, the Cowboys destroyed the Eagles again, earning themselves a trip to the Metrodome, with a berth in the NFC Championship Game on the line.

The Cowboys have been arguably the most impressive team in the NFC over the past month.  Their great run started in Week 15 with a surprising victory over the then-undefeated Saints in New Orleans, and has reached a crescendo with consecutive blow-out wins over division rival Philly.

Their next opponent is a Vikings team that was itself, for a time, arguably the most impressive squad in the NFC.  But the Vikes lost some of their luster when they dropped three of their final five, their two wins coming against a Bengals team that has since been exposed as mediocre, and a Giants team that had clearly packed it in emotionally.

What I’m trying to say is, if momentum means anything, the Cowboys have a huge advantage even though the game is in Minnesota, where the Vikings went 8-0 during the regular season.  And then there’s that whole DeMarcus Ware vs. Bryant McKinnie match-up, the thought of which should be enough to send a shudder down the spine of even the most upbeat Purple fan.

Of course, the match-up all the big media outlets will be discussing is at quarterback.  Brett Favre seeks to pad his legendary resume by making a third Super Bowl, while Tony Romo, who until today had never won a playoff game, looks to claim his first career championship, and join the likes of Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach in the Cowboys QB pantheon.

There will be storylines galore leading into this one, for sure.  I’m already preparing for coverage overload.  And lots of experts predicting a Cowboys victory.

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  • joe

    You are right about “many game lines” The three lies that I hope don’t get repeatedly posted here are:

    1. Vikings are a power-running team (they are not, have not been all season, and AD runs for negative to zero yards more often than he breaks a big play).

    2. Teams “put eight in the box” to stop AD, stacking their defenses against the run (bullsh!t! They just have to stay in their lanes, they catch AD behind the line of scrimage more often then he breaks plays, and the more the vikings give him the ball the more likely it is he will fumble)

    3. The vikings are tipping defenses run or pass – this is just an excuse to “catapult” the 2 lies mentioned above. IT IS NOT HAPPENING. This offense is one of the best in the entire NFL when they don’t pretend to be a “power running team”, do not play “chillyball”, and they let their team’s playmaker spread the ball around to the different weapons this team has.

    AD is nothing more and nothing less than a support player and Favre needs to be calling when it makes sense to give him the ball and when to utilize Rice, Harvin, Shiancoe, Berrian, and Taylor.

    Unfortunately, cannot hand off or throw to AD in clutch situations because he cannot hold onto or catch the ball reliably!

  • Chris

    The cowboys chemistry is right, the Vikings chemistry is in doubt. The Eagles were the most dominant offense in the NFC until they came up against the Cowboys the last two weeks. Romo, Witten, Austin, Barber, and Jones is a stud offense that matches up well against everyone. However, it is the defense that nobody is going to match up well against, and it is the defense that will carry them to the NFC championship. Even though Brett Favre beat them twice, the Packers can take solice that they will make it further than the Vikings in the playoffs, and will lose in Dallas in the NFC champiionship. Bring on the colts or the Chargers.

  • Mike’s Steve Wyche has it right: “Favre and the Vikings have a stout offensive line and a strong running game, things the Eagles don’t possess. That could help offset the heat the Cowboys bring.”

    The Vikings should use their power running game when the Cowboys don’t load the box. They can’t afford to tell plays whether they will run or pass and get too one-dimensional with passing, like they did against the Cards and Panthers.

    Ignore the pretenders on this web site who are not even Vikings fans, like Joe or Chris.

  • joe

    Mike is a fool that likes chillyball and continues to pretend the vikings have a “power-running game”


    The real fans are the ones that respect the playmakers that earned second seed in the NFC.

    Their offense clicks when Favre runs the show and AD is used in a support role – nothing 1-dimensional about the way Favre spreads the ball around.

    Self proclaimed viking fans that disrespect the team’s biggest playmaker and thumb their noses at the man who truly understands this offense?


  • Mike

    I just got back from the gym where I talked to a former linebacker who played at the University of Minnesota with Carl Eller.

    He told me without any provocation from me that defenses are stopping Jared Allen by forcing him inside into double teams. He said the Vikings should have done the same with Julius Peppers. I said Chilly admitted he made a mistake by not giving help to McKinnie and asked him how an NFL head coach could make such an oversight. He responded with an “I don’t know.”

    Then I asked why Chilly would just send Peterson into defenses loading the box. He said yes, defenses are focusing on stopping Peterson. Then I asked how the Cards and Panthers defenses knew when the Vikings were not going to run but rather pass. He interrupted with they were dropping defenders into coverage. I said yes. He responded that the other teams had smart guys who could read the Vikings formations after studying game film. So I asked why the Vikings don’t have any smart guys who disguise run versus pass. He responded with an “I don’t know.”

    All I can say is Chilly better be ready for the Cowboys even if he has to hire consultants to come up with a good game plan.

  • Mike

    The Vikings defense, given their secondary problems, should be happy they are playing a running team in the Cowboys instead of a passing team like the Cards. I’m just glad the Packers are history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    I mean I would rather play Romo than what I just saw from Warner.

  • KD

    I’d rather play Warner’s defense after what I saw from BOTH defenses.

    Cowboys are going to have a tough time beating the Vikings, but to say that the Cowboys are a “running team” is ludicrous considering they rank very high in categories such as yards yards per catch, yards after catch, passing yards per game, etc etc etc.

    But they do rank highly in some of the rushing categories too… I think that just means they’ve mastered using ALL of their weapons, something I haven’t seen out of the Vikings this year, I just hope they don’t figure it out this week.

  • joe

    Calling cowboys a running team is almost as misinformed as proclaiming vikings are a “power running team”.

    And the ignorant viking fans that say even thought Favre had one of his career best season and AD was a top rusher somehow “didn’t use all their weapons”.

    I have never seen such crybaby homers – this for a second seed that lit up most defenses almost each and every week!

    How do folks like this get away with calling themselves “fans”?

    To quote some lower-tier linebacker with absolutely no experience in the NFL and only claim to fame that he knew an eventual great, “I don’t know”.

    Gotta give that wanna-be credit though – at least when he didn’t know, he admitted it instead of making up crap!

  • Mike

    Just because I call the Cowboys a running team, doesn’t mean they are not a passing team also. And I corrected my statement in the next post by saying I would rather face Romo than Warner. But you would rather ignore that so you can take potshots. Unless you two peons can cite your NFL experience, I’ll just stick with the linebacker.

  • Mike

    Just like I thought, you have no NFL experience to add, even though you require it of others. You are a waste of time to talk to, in addition to being a foul mouth (there are no showers at my gym).

  • Mike

    AP Sports Writer Dave Campbell writes in The Pioneer Press article “Vikings insistent upon re-establishing run game”:

    “Even with Favre racking up touchdown passes and minimizing mistakes, defenses continued to stack the line to slow star Adrian Peterson out of the backfield. So behind Favre’s aged but dangerous arm, the Vikings have become a pass-first team.

    For the playoffs, the question is this: Will they stay that way? “I don’t know if we’re a run team first or a pass team,” tight end Visanthe Shiancoe said. “It just all depends on what the defenses give us. We’re going to take it.”

    Balance, of course, is the most important part of it all. “That’s what offense is,” Center John Sullivan said. “You can’t be one-dimensional. They both have to be a threat, and they feed off each other.”

  • joe

    MIke – I did not say I have no NFL experience. If I do, none of you damn business.

    At least I don’t come here, dropping names, and disrespect Brett Favre on a regular basis with the same crap that ISN’T TRUE and you have no support for (except a few names you like to drop).

  • chris

    why is nobody talking about jared allen vs the big, fat, slow, and notoriously stupid flozell adams? yes, offensive lines have been forcing him inside into double teams to slow him down, but allen is absolutley quick enough to get around the edge on him. bring a back over to help out? that leaves holes in the middle for our linebackers to get pressure on homo, i mean romo. romo blew his load last game anyway. viking defense walks away with at least 3 or 4 sacks and win 24-10.

  • Mike

    The Vikings may have to blitz but that is risky given their secondary problems. The Vikings need to get an early lead.

    The Vikings need to keep them off balance as to whether they will run versus pass so the Cowboys D keep focusing on Peterson and Favre can have his way.

    McKinnie says: “You do your passes here and there instead of just passing the whole game. That’s how pass rushers get into a rhythm. When they feel like the team is behind and they have to keep passing the ball to catch up. They just pin their ears back and they’re not even really reading run too much. Everything is straight pass protection. They’re firing off at you all the time. You’re just sitting there going backwards and you’re taking the shots all the time. With running, you can deliver the blow. That’s why you want to balance it out. You get your chance to hit them so you’re not just backpedaling.”

  • joe

    What does mckinnie know!

    You moron – you have been accusing him of tipping off plays in the past and it is clear he is not doing very well at run blocking. His pass blocking is crappy too.

    And now you want to quote him like he knows it all!