Top 10 Things That Could Ruin it for the Vikings

The Vikings have found some pretty novel ways of losing over the years, including letting Steve Walsh beat them down in a home playoff game.  Here are the top 10 things that could ruin the Vikings’ championship run this time around:

10.  Bernard Berrian letting a Favre fastball go off his hands and right to Terence Newman for a pick-6.  Berrian was a lot better at catching those soft Gus Frerotte lobs, no?

9.  The defensive line playing like the road defensive line even though the game is at home on the fast turf.  The team ends up filing a missing persons report on Jared Allen.

8.  Percy Harvin coming down with a last-minute migraine or, even worse, getting high and forgetting to show up.

7.  Bryant McKinnie whiffing on DaMarcus Ware who proceeds to launch himself helmet-first into the middle of Brett Favre‘s chest, breaking Favre’s sternum and knocking him out for a whole series.  Hey, he’s tough.

6.  Visanthe Shiancoe reverting to the way he was early in 2008 when we were all screaming for the team to cut him.

5.  The defense getting confused and leaving Antoine Winfield one-on-one with Miles Austin on a Go route.  Austin, running only half-speed, gets 15 yards clear of Winfield for the easy touchdown.

4.  Adrian Peterson fumbling, then trying harder not to fumble, then fumbling again, then trying even harder not to fumble, then having the ball squirt out of his hands with such force it shoots like a missile right through the window of Prince‘s luxury box and into his lap.

3.  Felix Jones breaking into the open field, leaving only Tyrell Johnson between him and the end zone.  I think we know who wins that one.

2.  That bullcrap where every time we kick off the return man blows through our coverage like our guys were all hit with a freeze-ray.

1.  Brad Childress.

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  • Mike

    Typical fatalistic choking Vikings fan who has burned too much in the past.

    Now it is my turn remembering this will be played in the dome:

    1 Favre will call this game.
    2 No bullcrap.
    3 Felix Jones is gang tackled.
    4 Peterson now holds on with 2 hands.
    5 Winfield’s foot has now healed.
    6 Shaincoe continues league leading play.
    7 McKinnie will get help.
    8 Harvin’s migraines are under control.
    9 Jared Allen gets sacks as Flozell can’t hear over the crowd noise.
    10 Berrian is finally totally healthy.

    Vikings 30 Cowboys 24

  • Mike

    Favre has 21 TDs and only 2 INTs in the dome this year.

  • lorenzo4

    Like your scenario way better. Danz’s give me a stomach ache.

  • Mike’s Pat Kirwan notes the Vikings were 8-0 at home, where they averaged 32.8 points a game, while surrendering just 15.5. The Cowboys were just 5-3 on the road and averaged only 20.3 points a game, while surrendering 17.4.

    Both rank in the top 10 on offense and defense. Each team wants to run the ball but faces top-five run defenses. There should be some big passing numbers if the rush doesn’t get to the QBs.

    The Vikings will counter the pass rush with screens to Peterson. The Cowboys are in trouble with the pass rush if they must abandon the run because the Vikings rush don’t depend on the blitz.

  • joe

    WRONG AGAIN, mike.

    They will NOT counter the rush with screens to AD because he can’t catch the ball. He has not been used extensively for that purpose since he has demonstrated that he cannot be counted on to catch the ball.

    EVEN WORSE – if he bobbles a pass and bats it up (which he has a tendency to do) it will result in an interception (that will be blamed on Favre).

  • Mike

    ESPN’s Ron Jaworski has reviewed the game films and gives the advantage to the Vikings D-line over the Cowboys O-line. The Vikings don’t and won’t need to blitz the QB, like the Eagles had to blitz Romo. This will allow the Vikings to play cover-2 against the Cowboys receivers and still pressure Romo, especially with Jared and Kevin.

  • Ron Schuelke

    I see Chester Taylor having a big game with all eyes on Peterson.

  • Bretts_BFF

    GO VIKES. Hey Vikings fans … check out our banter about the Vikings leading up to the match-up with Cowboys this weekend on our blog at Thanks! And SKOL VIKINGS! Let’s be LOUD at the DOME on Sunday!!!

  • Mike

    I was surprised to find AD is not a leader in dropped passes, unlike Chester Taylor and Shiancoe (all 3 have caught over 40 passes). Sure seems like AD has been dropping many passes lately. Vikings will need him to catch screens and also not fumble.

  • Mike

    ESPN’s Ron Jaworski says divisional winners are Vikings, Saints, Colts and Chargers. I agree.

  • Jerry

    C’mon if you’re not a viking fan, or, if you are a half hearted Viking fan…SHUT YOUR PIE your team. Geeze

  • Mike

    Favre says pressure is getting to the playofss, not the playoffs.

  • Boys

    ESPN’s Ron Jaworski went 0 and 4 last week.

  • KD


  • Mike

    But I didn’t agree with him last week.

  • Mike

    As for #3, I read Tyrell Johnson will start but has been largely replaced by Sanford.

  • Mike

    Ron Jaworski’s fellow prognostigator Eric Allen (who was 3-1 last week) favors the Vikings, Cardinals, Colts and Chargers.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i be back boyce and gurls. thats the way ya’ll say it here in minny. my uncle vikeman has tickets and we will be at the dome. mike, it’s good to see they let you back. it’s also nice to see you have’nt changed a bit. vikeman says: “hey, hows it goin?” “go vikes baby”…….i hate vikeman……if the cowboys can contain peterson, farve will not beat them, because our pressure will be relentless. on the other side of the ball, you guys say that your pass rush will be all over romo? i don’t think so. romo may be the best moving qb in the league right now to make a big play on the run? that will keep your line moving twice as much and long wearing them out by mid way thru the second half. cowboys will score big in the 4th qrtr and come away with the win. 31-16. go cowboys.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    vikeman says look us up if your’re at the game. vikeman will have his usual franny #10 jersy on. it is shrunk and looks like 2 sizes too small. like a big kid that looks like phil collins in a kids viking jersy…..hahaha i laugh like hell whenever i see him in that shirt. he wears it to every game. i will have my jason witten #82 on. we will be with 2 other vike fans that are drunks and get obnoxious in the second half. i’m the D-H, so i’ll be the sober one, and the one thats cheerin alot when the cowboys put this thing away. see ya there, boyce.

  • Mike

    Hi Dave Dallas, sorry, but I have to disagree that if the cowboys can contain peterson, farve will not beat them.

    On the other hand, I also disagree with the neophytes on this web site who seem to think Favre can beat them by himself.

    The Vikings are invincible if they can disguise run versus pass, make the D focus on Peterson and use Favre to carve up your thinned secondary.

  • Mike

    Also, Dallas is not expected to score big in the 4th Qtr. Dallas is not a come from behind team. If the Vikings are close in the 4th qtr, expect crowd noice to do the Cowboys in.

  • Jerry

    So what does all you favre hating, vikes suck people think now? Again…shut your pie hole