Dear Brett Favre: Thanks for the Season, Now Please Get Out

Brett Favre was brought to the Vikings to exorcise the ghosts of failures past.  Far from succeeding in this endeavor, Brett has instead invited a whole array of new and frightening specters into the Purple’s haunted house.

We already had enough goblins and ghouls cackling in our attic:  Pearson’s push-off, the Herschel Walker trade, Gary Anderson‘s miss, 41-Doughnut.  Thanks to Brett, we may now add The Interception to the roll-call of spooks.

If the world were an ’80s comedy starring Bill Murray, we could call the Ghostbusters to come rid our house of its supernatural invaders.  Unfortunately, ghostbusting exists only on the big screen.  In reality, our sole choice is to cut our ties with those responsible for our psychic misery, and try to muffle the spirit voices left in their wake.

Because firing Brad Childress is out of the question, there is only one tie we can realistically hope to sever, the one binding us to the old Heartbreakslinger himself.

I don’t wish to seem ungrateful toward Brett Favre, who left everything including a few body parts on the field on behalf of the Vikings’ cause, but enough is enough.

Yes Brett, you gave us an epic season, and led us closer to the Promised Land than we’ve been since Cris Carter and Randall Cunningham roamed the dusty halls of Viking Mansion.  But, for this Viking fan, close to the Promised Land isn’t enough.  I don’t want to stand on the border and watch others partake of the fruit of paradise.  I want my passport stamped for the Garden of Eden.  I want my mouthful of the forbidden.

You were supposed to bring us there Brett, but you didn’t.  Instead of rising to the occasion as we had come to believe you would, you transformed back into a post-season choke artist, just as Packer fans promised.

That is some double-decker pain you heaped on us, Brett.  The pain of another failure, and on top of it, the pain of making Packer fans look like they know what they’re talking about.

And this after we spent the entire season defending you.  This after we cited ad nauseam your brilliant touchdown-to-interception ratio as proof that you were no longer the reckless gunslinger of yore.  This after we set aside our objections to certain elements of your character, and learned to almost enjoy your pitiful press conference blubbering, your blatant attention-whoring and your selfish insistence on controlling the offense.

It was all good, until you decided to throw across your body at Sidney Rice, who could only watch helpless as Tracy Porter snatched away the errant ball and with it any hope we had of ending our Super Bowl drought.  With that one ill-advised pass, you burned up all the goodwill you’d accumulated, and returned to being the pain in the ass some of us had fooled ourselves into thinking you weren’t.

But pain makes you smarter, Brett.  We know now that, no matter what happens, no matter how great your passer rating is, no matter how many times you trash the Packers in the regular season or make the Cowboys look like fools in the divisional round, it will all be for naught in the end, because you…just…can’t…help…yourself.

You have to make it about you.

You have a hero complex, Brett, and it will always lead you astray.  It will always make you take too much on your shoulders.  It will always make you force the ball into places balls were not meant to be forced.

Some may appreciate the high drama that comes as a consequence of your bouts of Supermanism, but this is one Viking fan who has had enough drama for one life, thanks very much.

As I said before, I don’t want to seem unappreciative.  I realize, Brett, that we would not have gotten as far as we did without you.  You gave us a steady quarterbacking brilliance the likes of which we’ve not seen in nearly a decade.  You made football fun again.  But then, in the end, you ripped it all away like a teasing bully, and left us to once again wallow in humiliation.

And do I need to reiterate:  You made Packer fans look like they know what they’re talking about!

That is more than a soul can bear.  So, at the risk of being labeled an ingrate and possibly worse, I am asking you Brett to pack up your ego, your drama, your hero complex, your puking earnestness and your superhuman recuperative abilities and just go the hell back to Mississippi.

Go mow the grass.  Go shoot animals.  Go make some new Wrangler commercials.  And when the season gets close and you start feeling that itch again, instead of calling Brad Childress, try some tough actin’ Tinactin.

I’ve got enough ghosts rattling their chains in my head, thanks very much.

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  • David

    It’s kind of tough to call it a choke when he is a big part of the reason they got to where they were (in the season and in the game).

    Without Brett, you’re looking at several long years before the Vikes even sniff the title game again.

  • Pablo

    Most of the Packer fans I know are over-the-top insane for their team. They actually do have some football smarts. Let’s not act like they don’t…it’s childish. Favre didn’t make them look like they know what they’re talking about…a lot of them actually do…they’re just too darn vocal about it.

  • Paul

    What did the Vicking fans expect? We were fooled for a long time and fed Bretts ego but his true colors came through and you sdhould have seen it too Anyone that wants revenge that badis not a true sports hero Good luck waiting for Brett to make up his mind The waiting game begins

  • Mike

    I have seen two polls that have shown at least 75% of Vikings fans want Brett Favre back. Unlike you, few blame Favre for the interception. Even you didn’t appear to in your last post. Chilly and poor officiating (that nearly got him killed) forced him into trying it.

    That is how I will remember the season: Chilly’s bone head “12 man in the huddle” penalty and the referees, who were obviously trying to send the poor people of New Orleans to the Super Bowl. Who dat dirty Saints!

    Seriously Danzinski you are the one I wish they would replace. You made the mistake of opposing Favre before last season and are determined to repeat your mistake this season. So thanks for nothing, now please get out.

  • PJ

    I never thought I would disagree so vehemently with another Vikings fan, but I have to say, “I disagree.”

    The game was decided long before that interception. What about the Adrian Peterson turnovers? The Percy Harvin ones? I believe one of Percy’s went back for a score. They treated Brett like a tackling dummy throughout the game and instead of curling up and crying, he sucked it up and continued to make plays. Continued to score.

    I understand you’re upset but there is no need to take it out on Brett. He is the ONLY reason we made it as far as we did. At the beginning of the season, I was upset that he joined the team late, but now I realize he was one of the best moves they made.

  • Mike

    PJ, I don’t know what makes you think Danzinski is a Vikings fan. He talks more like a Packer, even lives in Packers land.

    I forgot to add ALL of the Vikings players interviewed, even Greenway, want Favre back and will try to convince him to return during the offseason.

    Please come back Brett!

  • PJ


    I must have been delusional. Why would a Packer fan post on a Vikings post? I have no doubt in my mind that everyone wants him back. It was NOT Brett’s fault that we lost. You win as a TEAM and you lose as a TEAM!

    Its funny that after 16 years with the Packers, Brett had his best year statistically in his one year with the Vikings. Man, it would suck to be a Packers fan and have to live with that knowledge.

  • Adam

    Did you forget there was already 4 turnovers before the last pick? I fail to see how you can blame this all on Favre. You don’t win playoff games with 4+ turnovers.

    Should we call AD a playoff choke artist and ask him to leave our team?

  • PJ

    Thank you Adam! You can’t blame all of it on Favre. He might have realized he could run if he hadn’t been the tackling dummy for the Saints all day long.

  • Mike

    Childress is already leaving the door wide open for Favre is he wants to play for the Vikings again including setting no deadline – he can come after training camp. Not the best game coach, but good at personnel.

  • J Hansen

    While you can lay blame in a lot of places the reality is that Favre was 1 play from the Super Bowl. All he needed to do is tuck the ball down, put his head down and get 7-10 yards…game over (with an 80% chance of Longwell hitting it). In Green Bay 2 years ago, he had the ball 3 times in the last 9 minutes at home in Lambeau Field. All he needed to do is get in position for a field goal to win ….. it never happened.

    His ability at 40 is unparalleled (who can rifle the ball like that even at age 30), however at the end of the day you will find out it is all about him.

    Good luck Viking fans…maybe Green Bay knew what they were doing.

  • Mike

    Nonsense. Winning in the NFL is never easy.

    I doubt Favre could have got an easy 10 yards. Even 7 yards is unknown. There was a defender looking at him maybe 10 yards down the field who could have closed on him quicky. Especially considering the refs allowed the Saints to injure his ankle. Maybe if he wasn’t injured he could have gotten enough yardage but who knows even then.

    Green Bay gave up on Favre for Aaron Rodgers, who lost his one and only playoff game this year because he couldn’t just put some air under a pass to a wide open Greg Jennings, right before he fumbled the game away.

    I’ll take Favre, you can have Rodgers!

  • BA

    I completely disagree. While the Vikings have the pieces of a very good team, with Brett Farve they have a GREAT team. First time we have been to the NFC Champ game in almost a decade! Who will we get to replace him? Tarvaris? Sage? Tim Tebow?

    Brett made the Vikings relevant and important in the NFL. Remember Chilly’s first season? Horrible and boring. I had fun watching the Vikes play this year, almost as much as 98.

    Most important point – look at past playoffs. Many times, the team that lost the NFC or AFC Champ game, made it back and won that game the next.

    Our only two significant player losses might be Pat Williams and Chester Taylor. And they should open up the bank vault for Chester to get him to stay. With Harvin, Rice, Berrian, Shancoe, Ray Edwards, Jared Allen and AP, we have a team, boys and girls.

  • Chuckie

    Ok,, now I’m officially DONE with this blog.

    Without Brett we would be back to the 10-6 (best case) and losing in the 1st round of the playoffs.

    With Brett we are a dangerous team capable of winning the Superbowl. That’s the bottom line. Brett makes us better. So unless the Patriots want to send Brady our way or the Colts want to part ways with Peyton I seriously doubt we are going to do any better than have Brett back for one more shot at it.

    The Saint game should have NEVER came down to the last pass by Favre. The rest of the team was looking like the keystone cops and playing mumbly peg with the football it was a god damn miracle we still had a shot to win. If Tavaris or Sage had been playing we would have lost by 21.

    I’ve never ever seen guts like what Favre showed on the field last Sunday. His tolerance for pain and his unwillingness to ever give up is exactly what the Vikings need.

    this was a season in which we blasted the Fudgepackers twice and sent the Cowgirls back to Jerryworld for the off season. Only winning the superbowl would have made it any better.

    This will be my last post here as this is clearly not really a Vikings site.

  • Chuckie


    Danafuckheadsky…….pull the cheese sticks out of your ass and take a look at what is really going on in football instead of getting caught up in all the “I hate Brett Favre” BS.. that belongs on a tabloid not a real Vikings blog. You and Sir Francis, yes it’s true I have no dick, Tarklingtonfucknutt can go fuck yourselves. And please change to being Bears fans or something.

  • Mark

    I have read your negitive attitude about the Vikes all season and now I read the all the other post and I have to say is either you are an idiot or a packer fan which is one in the same. If you knew anything about football, which I’m sure you don’t, you would know that game was lost before the half or the fact the all thier Td’s in the second half were scored with the Saints driving less then 40 yards. But I’m sure you don’t have the balls to address your bad comments. I think you should look in the mirror before you say something about others. But in your mind you never make a mistake. Just try to be a man.

  • stevenpackerfan1958

    you all now see why the Pack was so dominate all those years, yes it was good old #4, He has given so much to the Game and still all you media types just can’t wait to blast him, He one heck of a beating out there and yet still had them in a postion to win the game at the end. I really hope he plays again next year, becuase I love to watch hiom Play!!!!!

  • Darwin Cotton Jr

    Danzinski, you are a fucking fool. It is you that should “get out”.
    There’s plenty of blame to go around for this loss. Certainly not all Favre’s fault.

  • RB

    Let’s see, we went 12-4 and went the farthest we’ve gone in the post-season in ages, all thanks to Brett Favre and you tell him to get lost. You are an idiot.

  • Dylan

    you’re retarded.

  • Rick

    I was looking for a Viking site not cheese head heaven , I dont have respect for people who call themselves fans and diss someone who gave their all ,acted with class and was the reason the Vikings went as far as they did . I would tell you to grow up but I don’t believe you have an IQ high enough to understand.

  • lorenzo4

    what a weasel post. you’ve reverted back to your Favre hating self of last summer. Vikes would not have even sniffed a playoff game without Favre…and you call yourself some kinda pundit. How pathetic.
    As I have posted elsewhere : anyone who thinks that ANY ONE PLAYER ON ANY ONE PLAY is responsible for losing a game is one stupid sports fan…or sports blogger in your case. Good luck with your brain rot.

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  • Mike

    Poor Brett. He must have been devastated after the rich old owners told him the refs would let the Saints defensive linemen crush him with 17 late hits, including one below the knees, and that he had to throw another floater interception to end the NFC championship game. But I suspect he was promised a Super Bowl next year, so for heavens sake, bring him back for an even greater story than the revival of New Orleans!

  • Martin and Dalton

    at first we hated favre coming to the vikings. we didnt want a packer on our team. after week 3 against the 49ers and the last second td we loved you. soon you guided the vikings to 8-0 and we just were just amazed. after the first couple losses we still liked you but then towards the end of the season we started havingn our doubts. we knew we were going to the superbowl after you crushed the vikings. But during the last 19 seconds of the game and you tried to throw the ball to sidney rice across your body and threw an interception we hated you. all you had to do was run the ball. we were in superbowl 44! and you cost us it. oh well….theres always next year but as the post says….please get out..;

  • Mike

    Fair weather fans! You’ll love again after he wins the Super Bowl next year.

  • Don James

    Hey Viqueen fans,

    This blogger is absolutely 110% correct about Ol’ # 4. I am a Packer fan and I loved this man for many years! That Super Bowl victory of ours was in the top 5 best moments in my life! Absolutely emotionally incredible! (unfortunately that is something you people may never realize) The old man is washed up! I even think this guy is crazy enough to throw these picks on purpose. I sincerely believe he gets tired and just wants to go home and ride his tractor sometimes.

    Anyway it was fun to watch you pathetic group of fans get so sucked in for nothing. Everyone except you people already knew the end of this story before the season even began. Maybe with age ya’all will learn not to be so naive!! Hilarious

  • Mike

    Favre was worth it just to kill the Packers twice.

  • Packerz1

    I am laughing hysterically that you fans are blaming Peterson for the loss. NONE of Adrian’s fumbles resulted in a turnover. You want to blame him for the botched handoff instead of Favre? Maybe AP should keep his right arm up by his chin next time!

    We have just as many “Favre apologists” that claim to be a fan of the Packers, but the reality is that Favre has done nothing but choke for the past decade (ask the Jets, they know!)

    For the smart mouth that said Green Bay can keep Rodgers — know that ARod has had more touchdowns, fewer interceptions, and a better passer rating than Favre the past two years. Yeah, he choked in his first playoff game, Brett choked in his 24th!

    I put it in writing back in September that Favre would choke and ruin the Viking season just like he did for the Packers and the Jets. I just had no idea that it would be so magically karmic. Thank you Brett for yet another fantastic year for us Packer fans!

  • Jay

    Maybe you should spend some time dumping on Adrian Peterson for the 2 out of 3 fumbles he dropped in the RED ZONE! that would of surely been points on the board. Or the Harvin fumble. All of which came before that late interception. Simple fact is that the game could have been won numerous times before that pass. Should not be put on his shoulders alone you asshole!!!

  • Mark

    No fumbles and we win by 21 or more.

  • Don James

    Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve!! It was Kharma that made sure Favre would not come through for his B.S. he put the Packers through for years with his retirement CRAP! And FYI, AROD DID NOT lose the game for the Packers our defense did!!! Aaron played brilliantly in that game. GREAT PERFORMANCE!!!!

  • Tom

    -Correction: He SHOWED that Packer Fans know what they are talking about.

    Familiarity often breeds contempt, but Packer fans had none-or at least, very little-until Brett migrated 300 miles West.

    -But it doesn’t change that Packers fans have seen enough to know it was coming.

  • Francis odonnelll 361-5370494

    who ever wrote this article is a dush bag, how dare you talk about the greatest qb to ever play the game….he saved yalls asses when adrian peterson coughed up the ball 3 times….for you to be even in that position to go into overtime,its cuz of favre….if u wanna talk shit about favre, u can call me and talk shit…ungrateful little prick, ur prolly some little 5’2 bald guy.

  • Mike

    Thanks Packers for Brett Favre,
    the best season ever by a Vikings QB,
    two wins over you,
    the NFC North title,
    a first round bye,
    a playoff win over the feared Cowboys in the divisionals, a trip to the NFC Championship game, and
    a tie after regulation to the dirty Saints.

    Unfortunately, our coach forced Brett into a interception with a bone head “12 men in the huddle” penalty.

    But still a much better year than Green Bay so I don’t understand what they have to smirk about.

  • Madstork

    Ummm…Favre had 3 turnovers in the game. Three, 3, III… I would suspect if a player had 3 turnovers he would shoulder quite a bit of the blame…unless you name is Brett Favre. This is sooo sweet.

  • Mike

    Favre didn’t really have ANY turnovers in the game.
    The fumble was a mistake in the exchange with AD.
    His first INT was a mistake by the NFL, who now admit the Saints should have been called for a penalty.
    The final INT was a desperation pass set up by Chilly’s bone head “12 men in the huddle” penalty.

  • Karen

    I loved having Brett this year…watching the Vikings kick the Packers’ ass twice this year was the best thing! Also loved watching Aaron’s first play and his last play against Arizona LMAO, what a girly boy.

  • CheeseFIB

    I think it’s too easy to second guess from the couch two days after the fact. However, when you dance with the guy who brought you, he often steps on your toes. And it still hurts.

    As a Packer shareholder who, grudgingly, admired Favre’s season from beyond the sidelines, I had real mixed feelings as the fourth quarter unfolded. The final pick was not the only bit of bad luck and boneheaded management, but certainly the most devastatingly ugly.

    Spectator sports are about a lot of things. Standing in the bright sunlight of reflected glory comes to mind. Favre has given a great number of us that kind of second hand glory over the past two decades, and I’m glad Viking Fans have had a chance to experience both the dark and light sides.

    But especially the despair part. That’s kinda fun, actually.

  • jax

    my first, and now last, visit to this blog. you’ve gone full retard.

  • Mike

    BetUs has released “Odds on the Future of Brett Favre” posting the following odds on Brett Favre:

    Will he retire? Yes 10/11 No 10/13
    Team will play for in 2010? Vikings 1/6
    Passing TDs Over 28.5 5/6
    Passing Yards Over 4000 5/6
    INTs Over 13 5/6
    Vikings 2-0 win/loss record vs Packers 5/7
    Odds To win SuperBowl 12/1
    Without Favre 20/1

    Conclusion: Vikings will likely bring back Favre, especially to increase Super Bowl odds from 20-1 to 12-1, but also to beat the Packers twice again.

  • JD Schroeder

    Rodgers would have tucked the ball under his arm and ran for a 6 to 8 yard gain to set up Longwell, who would have made the field goal.

    Now your “aw shucks”, good ol’boy will ponder retirement yet again.

    I hope all of you Minnesotans like the taste of waffles. Brett will serve them up hot, fresh and “country” style every day for the next 7 months.

  • Mike

    Our QB is Favre. Your QB is Rodgers. You drunk Packer fans should really stop posting after midnight Saturday.

  • Paul Dunfee

    Brett Favre took your team to the NFC Championship game with one of his very best years. You are ignorant to insist that he lost the game to the Saints. You do not deserve him as your quarterback. Sage Rosenfels and whoever that other guy is would have had the Vikings at a 9-7 record and a one and done in the playoffs. You are a ridiculous person.

  • Mike

    No doubt Favre is coming back to the Vikings. He was mentioned in the news last night as the main reason the state is trying to get the Vikings a stadium. They will pay him whatever it takes within salary cap restrictions.

  • Mike

    The Saints dirty first-year defensive coordinator Gregg Williams’ idol is former Buddy Ryan, who once put bounties on opposing offensive players.

    Safety Darren Sharper has a new ephamism for the Saints dirty play. He calls it grimy, not dirty. Whatever!

    Regardless, the refs should be penalizing them and the NFL fining them until stop the illegal cheap shots!

  • Mike

    Other synonyms for the Saints play besides dirty:
    below the belt