Peyton Manning Knows How Brett Favre Feels

No one can say the New Orleans Saints had an easy road to the championship.  Just look at the quarterbacks they had to defeat along the way:

Kurt Warner, Hall-of-Famer.  Brett Favre, Hall-of-Famer.  Peyton Manning, Hall-of-Famer.

The Saints beat Warner and Favre by mercilessly pounding them, sending Warner into retirement and Favre into a bruise-covered limbo.  Peyton Manning was spared the physical punishment, but by game’s end, had received a psychological beat-down perhaps even worse than that suffered by his predecessors.

As with Favre two weekends ago, the final blow to Manning’s psyche was delivered by Tracy Porter.  With the Colts driving for what seemed like an inevitable tying touchdown in the fourth quarter, Porter read Manning, stepped in front of Reggie Wayne, caught the ball and raced downfield for a 74-yard touchdown, giving the Saints a 14-point lead.

The Colts got the ball back after that, but you could tell by Manning’s body language that he was already defeated.

That’s what the Saints do on defense.  They give up  yards, they give up points, but then they turn you over and score, either via return or their quick-strike offense.  In football there is nothing so disheartening as coughing the ball up and watching helplessly as the other team converts the mistake into points.

The Vikings may have a more consistently stifling defense, at least when they’re on turf and can generate their pass rush, but one wishes they were a little more like the Saints in their ball-hawking ability.  Grinding a team down is one thing, but what really breaks their back is the turnover.

Something Brett Favre and Peyton Manning know all-too-well.

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  • Mike

    I think I will say the New Orleans Saints had an easy road to the championship: killed the Cardinals, were allowed to deliver cheap shots to our beloved Favre for the NFC championship and then killed the Colts in the Super Bowl.

    Even with the 5 turnovers, the Vikings still beat the Aints, had it not been for the bone head 12 men in the huddle penalty and help from the refs in overtime, in addition to letting the dirty Saints beat on Favre, who then couldn’t run to get into FG range.

    Maybe now that the great Peyton Manning also delivered a game ending INT, maybe Danzinski can forgive the same mistake from a badly battered Favre.

    The Saints were allowed to beat on Favre and squeak out a victory over the superior Vikings because the US government needs to help rebuild that pathetic city built below sea level.

  • packmanzman

    There is no comparison between Brett’s INT pass when he was actually trying to win the game and Peyton’s pick six while he was trying to tie the game but, which actually lost the game for the Colts. Brett had the Vikings tied with the Saints. Would somebody please explain to me how Brett Favre’s Int was a game losing INT when the whole reason the Vikings were in the game after they fumbles five times, was Brett Favre? If you remember, on the last series, Brett threw four laser beams to get the Vikings to the 33 and all of a sudden, the sideline goes conservative, runs two plays, has a five yard penalty out of a time out and moves the ball from a potential 50 yard FG to a 55 yard FG. Then they call a roll out pass play after Favre’s been cheep shotted the whole game and has a bad wheel. A screen, a slant, any high percentage pass. Plus, if Brett wasn’t suppose to throw to his number one receiver, then why did they have him going across the middle. Peyton’s was a pick six that actually lost the game. Brett actually tied the game up but had Barrian fumble and Peterson fumble inside the five yard line, then Harvin fumbles putting the Saints on the Vikings 12. Come on Man – Brett had nothing to do with them losing the game with the final INT because he had them in a postion to win 52-21 way before the INT. To any football fan who actually watched the game, Barrian, Peterson, the Coaches and Harvin let Brett and the team down. Oh, and three questionable calls by the officials in OT, took the chance away from the Vikings to win the game. So, go screw yourself with this game losing INT crap. If it wasn’t for Brett’s heroic proformance, the Vikings wouldn’t have even been in the situation to win.

  • lorenzo4

    +4 packmanzman. have been making similar posts all over the place.
    curious…has anyone in the media even hinted that Peyton-media-darling Manning lost the game? I think not.

  • johntram

    The Saints won the game on three phases: time of possession. catching the ball, and playing better defense IN THE RED ZONE. Keeping Collie, Clark, and Wayne out of the end zone was huge for the Saints. I cannot believe that the wide receivers for the Saints caught the ball better and was wide open at times. You really blame this lose on the Colts not executing on crucial third down conversions and then letting the Saints catch the ball so easily.

  • Favre4prez

    packmanzman 51 yd to 56 yd fg…What about special teams. Vikings gave two big special team plays away (although they did well on the Bush fumble). They started OT with a 35-40 yd kickoff return (can’t recall the exact yardage), but they were poorly played.

    The Saints played at home and it took 5 TO’s from the Vikings to be put away by the 3 in OT. Favre had a lot to do with it and AP stats only look great because Favre sets him up on the 1 – 3 yard line for the two TDS (he only did well on the first initial TD).

    Coaches should expect the Saints to be playing a run defense on 2nd down…should have taken a corner shot at the endzone IMO.

  • Mike

    Did Obama, wishing to help New Orleans rebuild the city, tell the refs to allow the dirty Saints to cheap shot Brett Favre?

    Lisa Dickerson, sister of former NFL player Eric Dickerson, says Favre and the Vikings took a beating because they were up against every Southern root doctor, voodoo priest and conjurer in the Bayou.

    Still, badly battered brave “Beowulf” Brett, not Kurt Warner nor Peyton Manning, outplayed Brees. The Vikings are just sick they didn’t get the win.

  • Morgan
  • Mike

    A great story next year would be for Brett Favre to lead the Vikings to their first Super Bowl win, after his last throw this year was an INT in the NFC championship game (and only a few critics like Danzinski bad-mouthed him). This would compare to the Packers trading him off to the Jets, after his last throw in the 2007 season was an INT in the NFC championship game. Favre might reward the Vikings with even more than a Super Bowl if he decided to enter the Hall of Fame in purple.

  • Mike

    Weeks ago, Danzinski thanked Favre but spoiled the moment by telling him to get lost.

    Now, Brett Favre is thanking fans on his web site but I think he meant his fans and not just Vikings fans.

    Regardless, I don’t think Danzinski qualifies for either.

  • Mike

    I have expressed disappointment on this web site with Vikings players who didn’t come to aid of Brett Favre while the refs were allowing the dirty Saints to beat the hell out of him.

    Now Ray Edwards is saying he would have evened score for Favre after some have wondered why the Vikings’ defensive players didn’t go after Saints quarterback Drew Brees as a way of trying to even up the score. Edwards said. “I would have sure done the same thing to Brees because that wasn’t right.”

    It turns out some Vikings simply didn’t realize how badly their quarterback was getting beat up as the Saints executed a game plan that relied heavily on punishment of the 40-year-old Favre. The fact Edwards wasn’t watching the offense is not a surprise because the defensive players often break into their position groups when they leave the field to go over how they will handle the next series. Unless someone points something out, it’s very possible they could be focusing elsewhere while the offense is operating.

    OK, so we didn’t Chilly and the coaches come to Favre’s aid? And why didn’t the offensive lineman beat the hell out of McCray and Hargove. This loss is getting more upsetting every day!