More Proof Brett Favre is Coming Back: Vikings and Raiders are Talking Sage Rosenfels Trade

Donovan McNabb said this week that, if the Eagles do decide to trade him, his destination of choice would be Minnesota.

Obviously, this was only wishful thinking by Donovan, and not an indication that any trade to the Vikings is in the works. Because the last time I looked, the Vikings already have a quarterback for 2010, and are simply waiting for him to give his official word.

But this doesn’t mean the Vikings aren’t pursuing quarterback trade possibilities. As a matter of fact, according to Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post, Minnesota is doing just that.

In this case, the Vikings would not be bringing in a quarterback, but shipping one out.

Per Lombardi, the Vikes and Raiders have had discussions about Sage Rosenfels, the man the Vikings brought in early last off-season to compete with Tarvaris Jackson – only to relegate him to third QB status after Brett Favre entered the picture.

Lombardi quickly seizes on the relevant point regarding the Rosenfels talks: “Trading Rosenfels would only happen if the Vikings know for certain that Brett Favre is coming back.”

The quarterback picture would certainly clarify immensely if Rosenfels were to be shipped out. My guess is, T-Jack would be signed to a multi-year contract soon after Sage’s exit, the Vikings would go QB in the first or second round of the draft, and then, early in preseason, Brett would make it official.

And Sage, who thought for sure he was finally going to get a shot at a starting job last year only to watch Favre swoop in, would get a shot for real this time, on a team with very little else going for it at his position.

That’s what you call making everyone happy. Well, except for Donovan McNabb, who would probably end up on the Bills.

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  • Herb

    There goes Favre, screwing up several careers just to be a Prima Donna. The league should force him to make a decision or “get out”. I do hope he does decisde to come back one more year so we are guaranteed a Viking loss in the playoffs.

  • http://here yomama

    Whatever Herb!! You must be smokin’ some herb.. Prima Donna my ass.. The media blew him up that way.

    Favre will lead Minnesota to a Superbowl win next year!

  • Alyssa

    Whose career is Favre ruining exactly? Do you honestly believe that if Favre doesn’t return that Childress would give Rosenfels a starting spot over Jackson? No chance. Jackson has been (and will be until he’s traded) Chilly’s project. If the trade of Rosenfels to the Raiders actually happens, this gives Sage the opportunity to start. Sure it’s with the Raiders, but its a start (and they really can’t get any worse). I think this is a good move on the Vikings part- Now, they just need to dump Jackson, pick up a solid QB in the draft (McCoy, Tebow etc). Can their be any better start for a rookie than to be drafted and learn from one of the best QB’s ever to play the game? McNabb can sit on the bench as backup while the new kid learns from Favre. Everyone gets a Superbowl ring, Minnesota gets a new stadium and it will all be worth it.

  • Mike

    Nice try with the crystal ball, Danzinski. But why would T-Jack sign a long term deal if the the Vikings will go QB in the first or second round of the draft?

    The Vikings are probably just trading Sage because it is unfair to them and him to carry a $3 million third string QB.

  • Happy

    Love Favre, and hope he comes back. He is a perfect fit for the Vikings and the fans. We like something exciting once in awhile. At least he is trying. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it is always fun to watch.

  • Bill Budbreath

    T-Jerk would be signed to a multi-year contract? Why? Based on lousy performances? I keep wondering what this guy has to do to lose his spot on this team. He sucks. 8 for 22 with 2 picks and a fumble dont get it done. Or maybe it does?

  • B

    The draft is gonna consist on our secondary an off line,other than that maybe a pretty good qb but tebow or McCoy their are pretty much tooken the game now consist oF QB
    and we need DB’S and back offensive men cuz injury on thier affect our team bug and I’m sure chilly doesn’t want favre knocked. And this time were taking the super bowl…..I’m pretty cofident but another team to look out for is the bears .they are not playing this year and I’m sure Taylor has something p proof to us so expect to have a great year

  • Mike

    @B Are you sure the Vikings draft will focus on the secondary? I think the Vikings will definitely draft 1 corner early to try to counter the injury to Griffen. But I am afraid Chilly’s comments this week indicate he will ride with our 2 lousy safeties. I wrote an article about it for Bleacher Report entitled “2010 NFL Draft: Is Brad Childress Avoiding Drafting a Safety?”

  • Mr.FamousJake

    hay herb i can tell your a packer fan.Get over it your girlfriend left you.Grow up. You make all packer fans look bad.Did u hate reggie when he retird twice and then went two the panthers.Maybe maybe you should respect some of the players that got greenbay a superbowl.Holmgrins gone do you hate hiim.Do San Fran fans hate Montanna ? No they have class.They realize that they had it good.They got Young after.I think you should seek help.Maybe you could enjoy Rodgers.Once you get therapy you should tell every one that your sorry 4 making us listen to you cry like a little girl. Some day maybe u will have a bag on head . maybe then u get it. thst or ur the drama qeen that we all think u are.go pack go.

  • Joseph

    It’s so amusing to listen to the Favre haters whine and prattle on about him – they love to claim to know everything about him, psychologically, when the reality is that only Favre, his family, and wife truly know him very well.

    Get off the high horse, stop whining about Favre and just enjoy football. Bunch a’ whiny babies.

  • Joseph

    One other point to make – the Vikings could be talking Sage trade simply because they’re going to make a play for McNabb, just to be safe in the event that Favre decides to call it quits. I’m not sure that the ONLY implication to be determined with this news is that it means Favre is totally returning. The McNabb angle is every bit as possible.

  • Mike

    Vikings are denying Sage trade talks.

  • Chip

    Well said Joseph!

  • milwaukee

    I am a lifelong GB fan and a huge fan of Favre. I love watching him play and I know most MN fans enjoy that too. Hope he comes back for one more year. Once he hangs it up for good, all these Favre haters will wish they could see him play one more time!

  • http://foxsports David`

    Hey, I think the vikings could trade sage, for say a justin fargas, this would secure the RB situation, have you seen this guy run?

  • Larry

    When you look at all the teams that need a QB, you can see why the Vikings would trade Sage. He is better than at least five teams starting QB’s. The Vikings could get alot of value out of a third string QB. This would be a smart move and I think it will happen. This should answer all the questions about Bret. ( but we all knew he would be back ).

  • http://MSN Diradin

    Trading Sage to the Silver and Black for a 2nd or 3rd wishfull thinking, who allow them too trade up and grab a “Kyle Wilson” Bosie State or “Devin McCourty” Rutgers. then look for “Brian Price” UCLA, filling present and future needs with high quality players. it would cost them a second or a third next year but well worth it. Brett will be back and the time is NOW!

  • Brandon

    Now this is what im talking about. Cmon Vikes make some moves! Get Sage out of there and draft, Tebow McCoy or Pike. Let em watch favre go out with a Super Bowl Ring learn a little from the Master!

    Regardless the Vikes need a QB of the future, TJax and Sage are not it, Mcnabb is gone so we wait for Favre return 1 more season. This is the year to nab a QB late first round gauranteed Tebow or McCoy will be there.

    Make a move Vikes!

  • http://MSN Diradin

    Tebow will be there in the 2nd round McCoy late 1st, but what makes the Vikes great is a running game and a in your face I can stop u on third and 2 inches defence . Our starting corners one is coming off a bad knee ingury in the Chapionship Game the other as 2 more years of great service, and will retire, with the lable as (One of the best tackling CB’s ever). You win with “D”. Other then Joe Kapp, Fran Tarkington, and Timmy Kramer the Vikings do better at finding a QB too fit what they do Warren Moon, Randell Cunningham, and now Brett, drafting a QB won’t do it for them, staying steady with “D” is more important plus look at Jason Campbell, keep him in the same offence for 2-3 years and you’ll see a difference, he’s what been in a different system almost every year since college. Get the corner,then d-tackle,or ILB. I pray EJ Henderson will be fine but looked mad.

    Viking 4ever