Brad Childress Wants a Closer Look at Tim Tebow

Opinion is divided on Tim Tebow. Those who love him point out his fiery leadership ability, his athleticism, his grit and high moral character.

Those on the anti-Tebow side argue that, though he was a brilliant college player, his skills aren’t the kind that would make for a great NFL quarterback.

It is certainly up-in-the-air whether Tebow should be thought of as a legit QB prospect or a mere gimmick player who will never have a major impact in the pros. Hoping to dispel some of this uncertainty for themselves, Vikings coach Brad Childress and members of his staff will reportedly work Tebow out in Florida over the weekend.

Whether this move by Childress signals that he is interested in drafting Tebow with the 30th overall pick in this month’s draft is hard to say. Most experts agree that taking Tebow with a first round selection would be a questionable move at best.

Then again, last year, many people thought it questionable for anyone to consider taking Tebow’s former Gator teammate Percy Harvin in the first round, given the bad vibes swirling around Percy at the time.

Childress paid no attention to this conventional wisdom and drafted Percy. The result? A season worthy of offensive rookie of the year.

Of course, Harvin’s issues had nothing to do with his skills on the field. Once the Vikings convinced themselves he was an okay guy, there was no question he had the tools to make it as an NFL receiver.

That situation is reversed with Tebow. No one questions his character, but many doubt whether his delivery can be refined to the point where he is able to consistently deliver the ball against NFL defenses.

Tebow has worked on his delivery this off-season, but has yet to convince the naysayers that he has done enough to make him a worthy first round pick.

Now, Tebow will get a chance to show that new delivery to a team that most agree is in need of a young quarterback they can develop into a starter over the next several years.

If Childress is sufficiently impressed, the Vikings could be set up to once again take a chance on a Florida star come draft day.

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  • Mike

    Tebow, Clausen, McCoy, whatever. What a waste of a first round draft choice. The Vikings have Favre and there is no sign he can’t continue playing at a high level.

    The Vikings need to do something about their lousy secondary or they will get picked apart even worse than last year. They need to get a corner just to backup the injury to Griffen and then they need to start improving the secondary by replacing safety Madieu Williams.

    I would draft S Taylor Mays and CB Chris Cook and then an offensive lineman. If you believe the ragging about Taylor Mays, don’t!

  • Mike

    There is no question in my mind, and I think also the Vikings, that Favre will be back after training camp.

  • Ee Oulo

    I too don’t have any doubt that Favre will be back for 2010. I expect he’ll have another fantastic year as well. I also don’t have any doubt that he, nor any QB currently on the roster, are the future face of the Vikings. So that leaves the question of what to do. I don’t expect the Vikings to be in the position to draft high in the draft for quite a while so how do they get that new franchise QB? I think their best bet is to give serious thought to one of the developmental QB in this years draft. Tebow, McCoy, LeFevour and Pike are imo the best such options. Of those I believe Tebow is by far the best choice. With the leadership of the Vikings staff and hopefully guidance of Favre I suspect he’ll be the envied face of the Vikings for many years. The bigger question however is, will he even be available for the Vikings in the first… I doubt it :/

  • Mike

    I don’t agree. The Vikings will likely have an opportunity to select McCoy, Tebow or maybe even Clausen in the first round. But if they do select them they are misjudging how long Favre can play just like Green Bay did.

  • Mike

    Chilly is addressing Favre’s concerns. The only thing that worries me is if Spielman convinces him to waste a number one draft choice on Favre’s replacement.

  • Mike

    Fine Joe, I’ll tell you quickly, but I don’t have time to explain any more. They will easily win the Super Bowl.

    (If they don’t waste the first pick on QB) the Vikings will draft in order for the first 5 picks – S and CB, utility OL, ILB and DT. They also resigned Kennedy at DT.

    At RB, they will change to RB by committee, alternating a beefed up Albert Young as power back with the power-scat back AD, and then use a scat back on third and longs, hopefully Brian Westbrook, but if he doesn’t sign, they are converting Darius Reynaud.

    Hey Danz, the Star Trib is reporting McKinnie looks forward to facing Bears defensive end Julius Peppers twice a season. I thought you would be all over that one.

  • Mike

    You can access my writer page at BR if you are interested in reading the reasons, especially my last 5 recent articles this year, and then you can also read my articles from last year when I was promoting the signing of Brett Favre (only last 4 are posted so look in archive).


    (separated to try to avoid creating a link)

  • Mike

    The running backs should be run like they were when the Vikings led the NFL in rushing in 2007:

    ……………..2007….. 2010…Run Attempts/game
    Power………..Chester…A Young…….10

    (except Brian Westbrook would get more carries than Mewalde Moore and also more catches)

  • Mike

    Joe needs to read my article “How the Minnesota Vikings are squandering their destiny.” Whether you read it or not, you will be proven so wrong!

  • todd stordahl

    Make any point you want, but chilly’s draft record speaks for itself, argue this. he will do the right thing on draft day. Tebow is a player who can do more than QB and a proven winner.

  • Mike

    Brad Childress complains that T-Jack is inaccurate, and yet now he has good things to say about Tim Tebow?

    All of the scouting reports say Tebow is inaccurate. The only reason he has a high completion percentage is he runs out of run option offense and occasionally scrambles out and hits his wide open superior receivers like Percy Harvin. Tebow completed just 12 passes per game in college, compared to 22 for McCoy and 20 for Bradford.

    Tebow relies on running the ball and setting up the pass with the run. That hasn’t worked in the NFL. NFL defenses move too quickly for Tebow to play in the NFL like he did in college. He’d be sacked consistently before he could unload the ball, and he’d be tackled before he made one of those moves through the line of scrimmage. And he couldn’t overpower NFL defenders the way he did in college. Tebow would get a concussion every game!

    Many say Tebow should play another position like fullback. Tim Tebow will join the long list of distinguished quarterbacks who won the Heisman trophy before him since the 1980s: Troy Smith, Matt Leinart, Jason White, Carson Palmer, Eric Crouch, Chris Weinke, Danny Wuerffel, Charlie Ward, Gino Torretta, Ty Detmer, Andre Ware, Vinny Testaverde and Doug Flutie. Buyer beware!

  • Mike

    Sammy Bradford and “small claws” Jimmy Clausen are the only potential QB starters in the NFL draft. Even suicide Tim Tebow is rated above “noodle-arm” Colt McCoy and the rest of the pack.

  • Troy G

    If Clauson is there you have to take him…otherwise a lineman or CB. Tebow is an option for 3rd round at best! He will be a huge bust any higher than that!