Over/Under: Packers vs Vikings

Over before it starts

Now Purples Nurples, you know, that I am the Grand Pooba of the Purple Church of Optimism. I predicted that the Purple and Gold would go 10-6 in the preseason. You know that it took me a little while to participate in the “everyone dog pile Donovan” game. You know that I have yet to call for Leslie head. Admittedly I am down on Musgrave, but even then, I concede that he must be given some time. So a Gargamel I am not. What I’m about to share with you is not a reversal of my attitude toward our beloved Vikings but more of a commentary on this particular matchup come Sunday. With that said, Dearly Beloved… this game is going to get ugly. Keep in mind, I hate the Packers with a perfect hate, but even I cannot ignore how great the Green, yellow, and Hunter Orange look. Back to the ugliness…

A secondary that is struggling v. a prolific passer in Aaron Rodgers.
Vikings starting a rookie QB against reigning Super Bowl Champs.
Loadholt hurt, probably won’t play. Brown v. Matthews. Verdict: Favor Matthews.
A host of other injuries but the guys will play but not at 100%.
Packers 32 ppg v. Vikings 20 ppg. Not good.

We do have Adrian Peterson but it won’t matter. The Packers have jumped on people and scored early and often and then for good measure scored again. The Packers have taken the run game away from teams and forced them to throw the football. We are going to be forced to throw the football with a rookie QB who will be missing Loadholt to protect him. I’m not saying Loadholt is the second coming of Orlando Pace but he’s not Patrick Brown either.

Obligatory Note of Optimism: The Packers defense is not great. In fact they rank near the bottom in total defense. We do start Ponder and I have said all along that McNabb is not giving us anything Ponder could not do with the exception of the speed of the game. What remains to be seen is if Ponder can handle all that gets thrown at him. This isn’t the 4th quarter of a blow out. Live bullets now and we’ll see what he can do. The Vikings must, must, must (one more) must control the clock with Angry Peterson and give the defensive line some rest all the while keeping the Packers O on the wood.

Can they do all of that? I’m struggling to believe this week…Musgrave help my unbelief.

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