Nov 28, 2010; Landover, MD, USA; Minnesota Vikings linebacker Erin Henderson (50) reacts after a play against the Washington Redskins during the second half at FedEx Field. Rafael Suanes-US PRESSWIRE

Erin Henderson, Vikings Free Agent Linebacker, Goes on a Twitter Rant


The Vikings still haven’t offered free agent linebacker Erin Henderson a contract.

Apparently, he’s a little upset.

On Friday, Henderson sent a flurry of disgruntled tweets explaining his side of the story.

It all started with this foreshadowing tweet:

“I wish i cld speak freely on twitter….”

It’s almost as if Henderson knew he shouldn’t be saying anything, but wanted some of his followers to tell him it was okay to speak his mind. Well they did, and so he did as well. And since I’m a follower, I will too.

“In a nutshell…market value and franchise value aren’t always going to match. If someone can play 3 positions 4 u, their value has to go up”

Okay sure, that may be true. Go on.

“I know what I’m worth. Not to mention they aint even give me an offer….”

Do you know what you’re worth? If so, why haven’t you signed a contract for “what your worth” with another team? I hear the Redskins are looking for more free agents (as always).

“I don’t come to ur job and tell u what you  shld n shldnt make. So how can u say what I’m worth?”

The difference, Erin, is that it’s Rick Spielman’s job to tell you what you are and are not worth. That’s what he was hired to do. You were hired to hit people. It wouldn’t make sense for you to tell Spielman what he’s worth. Although, maybe a little role play would help the process along..

“Whats crazy is I’m not even asking for big money. All I want is respectable money for what I’m asked to do…”

Insane. And by the sounds of it, the Vikings are looking to find the fair market value for you as a player and not willing to overspend. I’m flabbergasted at the thought of it all.

“I have a son. Y wld I want to put our future relationship in jeopardy for some money that ain’t even close to being correct…”

Wait, I thought they haven’t offered you a contract?

“I’d rather be broke and watch my son grow up than put my well being on the line for money that doesn’t make sense”

I’m getting confused. Have they offered you a contract or not?

Well, Erin, we spoke freely. I hope you get a “respectable, market value” contract like you are looking for. I’m sure the Vikings will offer you one. Something tells me you may have to swallow some pride in order to sign on that dotted line.


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