December 2, 2012; Green Bay, WI, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder (7) walks off the field after game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. The Packers beat the Vikings 23-14. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-US PRESSWIRE

Reasons To Support Christian Ponder

Let me start this off by saying that like most Viking fans, I am extremely disappointed with the QB play of Christian Ponder. What makes it worse is that in my opinion if we had only average QB play from him yesterday against the Packers, chances are we would have won that game. That being said I am an optimist so rather than hoping for him to get benched and then see the Vikings go through the whole process of finding a new QB either through free agency or a high draft pick, I am hoping for Christian Ponder to turn it around. Something I believe he is capable of doing.

My first and main reason to support Christian Ponder is that he is Rick Spielman’s Quarterback, and he is going to get every chance possible to play so we may as well support him to see if he can turn it around. We have heard all season that despite Ponders troubles everyone in the organization is firmly behind the incumbent QB.  We have also heard all through this season that Spielman favors a 3 year plan when it comes to assessing quarterbacks. Which means Ponder is going to have the rest of the season as the starting QB and he is almost certainly going to start the 2013 NFL season as the Vikings starting QB.  The only other possibility to contradict that would be for the Vikings to fire Leslie Frazier this off-season, and for his replacement to push for his own guy.

My second reason to support Christian Ponder is that apart from Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin, Ponder has a weak cast around him.  Kyle Rudolph has played well the last few games but still has problems getting separation.  Apart from those three players the rest of the Vikings options are as follows:

-Jerome Simpson

-Michael Jenkins

-Stephen Burton

-Devin Aromashodu

-John Carlson

-Jarius Wright (who has shown some promise)

Those options don’t read well do they?

This season was never supposed to amount to much for the Vikings after going 3-13 in 2011, which is why the Vikings never really invested in its receivers. I like many Vikings fans find that particularly infuriating considering they are trying to give Ponder every chance to succeed. In 2013 the Vikings are going to have to make some moves in this area, or they are setting up Ponder to fail.

Many of Christian Ponders criticisms are justifiable, he has shown poor accuracy, he has shown poor judgement, and he certainly has shown he does have a lack of awareness at times but he still has a lot of upside as shown earlier in the season. Christian Ponder for the foreseeable future is going to get every chance to become the Vikings franchise quarterback, whether he can grasp that opportunity or not is down to him and the players the Vikings surround him with. I am of the mind-set that Vikings fans should be behind Ponder as no matter what happens, he is not going to be benched for Joe Webb. But I am aware many will disagree with me, what are your thoughts? Let me know.

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  • Lars Christian Beduhn

    I fully agree with you and posted a link to your post to the Vikings’ Facebook page.

    People are really enraged and emotional about the last couple of games and especially about the loss against GB. Considering we could have won this.

    We have seen pretty good performances by Ponder, which is why I think that he is capable of being/becoming a franchise QB. It’s like Troy said during yesterday’s game, that it is not as much Ponder’s fault, but rather that there is simply NO ONE he can throw to.

    Also… I have to say, that Bethel-Thompson does look kind of promising.

    Concerning Webb… well… we haven’t seen him in a long long time. If Ponder was able to work on his arm strength (if only a little) we have to assume Webb has gotten better as well. Is he the right QB for the Vikings? I don’t know.

    What DOES infuriate me though is, that we are not seeing him at all.

    I think we can agree that he IS a talented, fast, and physical guy. We drafted him as WR and turned him into a QB. Fine with me. But in dire situations such as these we simply cannot NOT use him. Now that we have NO WRs to speak of, why not give Webb a chance to catch some balls?

    Or use him the way the Jet’s use Tim Tebow. Try some trick plays, wildcat formations and the like. But to have Webb benched, when your aforementioned O-Players are out on the field… is just ridiculous.

    Concerning the coaches:

    I still believe in Frazier. People don’t like that he is jumping up and down and showing a lot of emotion. I say, he stays calm and analytical. And that for the better.

    Musgrave on the other hand… well… I am not sure about that one.

    Anyhow, take all that with a grain of salt… as it is all just my opinion and I sure ain’t a football coach…

    • Doug Snyder

      Bud Grant was a stoic as they come and the vikes did fine with him at the helm. Frazier is calm in difficult situations, hard to find fault in that.
      Ponders progress as a qb leaves alot to be desired. There are too many young qbs that excel right out of college, what is ponders deal? The receivers might not be top notch, but ponder struggles with all of his options. Tough to be in ponders camp!

    • vikingsfansince69

      Agreed. It is really hard to assess Ponder without first looking at Musgrave. I really question some of the plays he calls. Another thing – rookie quarterbacks and rookie WR’s are not easy to develop together. Look at Indy and how many times Reggie Wayne is saving Luck’s butt. Does Ponder have a go to guy like that? NO!!

      Musgrave has been around and hasn’t shown me that he has what it takes either. I don’t consider great play-calling to just give AP the ball and let him run around everyone. Ponder needs more than a coach. He needs a real mentor. I thought McNabb was supposed to be that, but I didn’t see him even try.

  • Tazmallard

    Totally disagree with you on this one. Ponder does not have the arm strength that it takes to become a franchise caliber QB. All of his throws just seem to hang there waiting to be picked off. Rogers on the other hand are usually zipped in like they were shot from a canon! If the Vikings have not learned from the T_Joke mistake of not moving on quickly then us fans will just be reliving the same frustration again.

  • Jake

    I used to have this same opinion but I no longer agree. The season is over now, they have zero chance of making the post season, not at 6-6 behind the Bears and the Pack with other NFC teams like Seattle, Dallas, Wash and maybe AZ gunning for that wildcard slot. We’re no longer giving him a shot to see what he can do, we’ve now seen what he can do. It’s time to see what someone else can do, I say MBT since we’ve already seen Webb.

    That pick in the endzone was completely unforgiveable, the only possible person who had a shot at catching that ball was the defender. The second pick in the redzone was almost as bad because he had a man open and chose to force it into coverage. He had AP on what would have been a clear TD streaking down the sideline late in the game and under threw him by two yards even though he was able to plant his feet. He made horrible reads all game. He broke from the pocket on nearly every play and sometimes as soon as the ball was snapped. And this is how he plays more often than not.

    He simply has no confidence, he doesn’t seem himself as the leader of the team, he doesn’t see himself as the one and only QB of this team and because of that he doesn’t play like it. You can’t coach confidence, you either have it or you don’t and he doesn’t. Yes the receiving isn’t great but you can’t put all the blame on them. Simpson can catch, so can Jenkins. The coaching isn’t very creative, that’s for sure, but Ponder simply doesn’t make the reads. He checks the primary route, then looks for Rudolph and then he runs, not always in that order. He simply does not have the confidence to stand in there, read the coverage, and make the throw and he likely never will.

    • Greg Jensen

      Zero chance at the post season is 100% incorrect. Do I think we are going to make it at this point? No. However, the season is most definitely not done when you can still finish at best with a 10-6 record.

      Seattle is really the only team we should be gunning for at this point and the only real contenders remaining for the final WC spot are the Vikings, Seahawks, Washington, and Tampa Bay. Arizona? Are you kidding me?
      The season isn’t over which is why I’m still in support of keeping Ponder in as QB. He’s really the only option they have and gives the Vikes the best chance to win. Huge changes are coming this offseason, and that’s fine by me. This season was never about winning a Super Bowl, but with a 6-6 record with 4 to go…it’s still not over. Let’s see what Ponder can do with these last 4 games.

      • Jake

        Yeah I didn’t mean to throw AZ in there, they have no shot, I meant Tampa. The season is most certainly done man, as much as I don’t want it to be, it is. Dallas, Seattle, Tampa and GB/Chicago are all in better position to get those two wildcard slots than the Vikes. They simply are not playing well enough to take that spot from any of those other teams. If they had beaten GB yesterday I’d say it was still in play but Ponder showed that he simply does not have what it takes. He had a lead, AP was running wild, the D was playing well, all he had to do was play downhill and he couldn’t handle it. That is the entire story of his play, he can’t handle it. He does not have the confidence in himself to handle the role and like I said, you can’t teach confidence.

        • Jake

          Think about this, either GB or Chicago is going to get one of those wildcards. That leaves Min, Tampa, Seattle, and Dallas fighting for the other one. The Vikes have GB, Chicago and Houston in their final four games which means we’ll probably go 1-3 through the stretch. Dallas, Tampa and Seattle have easier schedules than MN coming up. You also have to take into account that we already lost to Seattle and Tampa so those tie breakers are lost. That spot will go to either Tampa or Seattle, I’m guessing Seattle. We have no shot.

          • Greg Jensen

            The only guaranteed win for the Seahawks from here on out has to be against Arizona but even then it’s a divisional game, so it’s never for sure. Dallas is most definitely the most questionable team when it comes to big games. I can’t see them making the playoffs with the troubles they have had/continue to have. As for Tampa, look a their remaining schedule and tell me that it’s any more or less difficult than ours. 2 AWAY divisional matchups vs. NO and ATL. Fortunately for the Vikings, the remaining divisional matchups that we have are at home and we might get lucky w/ the Texans resting some of their starters by the time we play them.

            I’m not saying it’s going to happen that we squeeze into the playoffs…but I’m also not going to say that it’s an impossible feat at this point. Anything can happen in football.

          • Jake

            I’m sorry brother but it’s a dream. The Seahawks play 3 of 4 against sub 500 teams (AZ, BUF, STL). The Bucs play 3 of 4 against sub 500 teams (PHI, NO, STL). Dallas plays 2 sub 500 teams but I admit they are still a long shot for the slot. We play 3 of 4 against Superbowl contenders (GB, CHI, HOU). So yes, Seattle and Tampa have easier schedules, way easier. It’s not gonna happen man, especially not the way Ponder is playing. It’s over, time to get a look at MBT to see what he can do. We’ve seen Webb, he’s an athlete with a big arm but he’s no QB. All that’s left is MBT.

  • Mandie Kranig

    My problem in waiting for Ponder is that we are wasting good seasons from our talented players. Allen, Harvin, and AP, don’t have time to sit and wait for Ponder to get it together. If Ponder can get it together next year, we still would have wasted 5 years of AP’s career being crap and 3 years of Harvin’s. As soon as Ponder does get it together it will be likely we won’t have much time with them as a “whole unit” to get us to the top. We wasted too much time with Tjack, Favre and McNabb and now it honestly feels like we’re wasting time with Ponder. I’m all for seeing what we truly have in Ponder by giving him somebody to throw it to, but at the end of the day we have to also look at the talent we already have that we are wasting. And another thing, Harvin’s rookie contract is going to be up soon… do you think he’s going to want to re-sign to a losing team, with no immediate chance at winning a SB? Probably not.

  • Fan since 1957 GO VIKES

    Are you on the same planet as the rest of us?
    Look in the Ponders eyes, he will be a deer in the headlights for the rest of this season and does NOT have the will to go past that. It is every ones else’s fought, “give me a break.
    Put Joe Webb in and give the other guys on the team “team sport” a chance to do better with a different QB.
    As for Coach Frazier, if he is not handing the ball to AP all day the last four games he is incompetent as a Head Coach.

  • Rob

    Give us a QB and our Vikes will give us our first ring…with AP, our line, and even our questionable secondary & receivers. Our secondary is coming along, our receivers when healthy show lots of promise, AP is gonna get his…..But Ponder??? We shoulda NEVER climbed down that low to draft this guy in the first round! He can get a free pass for his rookie season, but he has done nothing but get worse after having an ok start to what could have been a promising season….what a flippin waste!!! Viking till i die….Ponder hater till i die as well…that dude sucks!

    • Greg Jensen

      Which group of receivers are you watching? Percy Harvin aside, we have a solid group of possession receivers like Devin Aromashadu, Michael Jenkins, and Jarius Wright (who shows the most promise of the group), but our WR corps. is made up of guys that would be no higher than #3 on most other NFL rosters. I wish Aromashadu got more playing time because that guy has some good hands and Wright deserves more looks too. You know what you’re getting with Jenkins, and it’d be a crime to call Jerome Simpson anything but a bust at this point.

  • Ieatpurplepeople

    Ponder lost us that game, end of story. I was still a Ponder believer until yesterday. That fact is with the exception of the 49ers game Ponder hasn’t even shown glimpses of potential. People argue he was good earlier in the season and, though his stats show it, he really wasn’t. all he did was sling it 2 yards and let Percy run it for 50 more. How does a guy who wont throw over 10 yards on any given play get that many interceptions? Other teams string together drives where we just go 3 and out, then we have the nerve to wonder why our Defense cant get off the field on 3rd down in the 4th quarter. Defenses get gassed if they are on the field making up for the offensive lack of production. AP is a living legend but a great run game thrives off of a decent passing attack. Too many young men come into this league and have it together from the start for us to still have nothing to show from Ponder after a year and a half.