Nov 25, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joe Webb (14) warms up before the game against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Trading Joe Webb For Matt Flynn This Offseason May Make Sense

We’ve harped on Christian Ponder enough that the time has come to turn the page on other possibilities. If you’re still supporting him at this point then you’re in the minority. And I know there’s those that argue for a better supporting cast, however there comes a time in football where it’s up to the quarterback to be the best player on the field and win the game for his team. A Brett Favre type moment where he throws an end zone rope to a journeyman to the back of the end zone to a journeyman named Greg Lewis to stun San Francisco. We haven’t seen anything even close to that out of Ponder to know that he’s the guy for the foreseeable future.

Most Vikings fans wouldn’t have a problem with Ponder being back in 2013 on the roster, however the crying tone now is that this team has such a special talent in Adrian Peterson who deserves another shot at a ring with Ponder not being the answer at quarterback. They’d yelp out that it’d be irresponsible to enter next season with Ponder, Joe Webb and McLeod Bethel-Thompson at the game’s most important position.

Unfortunately for the Vikings (or any other team in the market for a quarterback) there isn’t an Andrew Luck or a Robert Griffin III in the draft or some guy named Peyton Manning who needs a new team. The one name that could make sense in Minnesota however is Matt Flynn of the Seattle Seahawks, whom is likely to be sent out of town with Russell Wilson having them at 7-5 in the playoff mix.

Trading Joe Webb to Seattle makes sense given he’s not being used at all in Minnesota. For one, he is familiar with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell having played for him with the Vikings in 2010 and could easily slide into a backup role behind Wilson. Secondly, Webb has a manageable contract being only due $575,000 next year. And lastly, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has a fetish for players who offer versatility and do things in an unconventional way. Ross Tucker of ESPN tweeted today – “Love how unconventional the Seahawks are. 340lb DE? Gigantic corners? 5’10″ Rookie QB? No one else does that.”

Flynn on the other hand at the very minimum would give the Vikings a veteran presence capable of pushing Ponder or claiming the job entirely. The book on him is that he doesn’t have the strongest of arms, but is very accurate and brings a calming demeanor to the huddle. Plus with the exception of this year in Seattle, Flynn has been a winner. He won a title LSU, threw for 480 yards and 6 TDs in relief versus Detroit and even Aaron Rodgers said this past offseason he’s a top fifteen quarterback in the league. The other major reason why Seattle will want to trade Flynn is he’s due $5.25 million next season with the Vikings being under the cap making that salary a lot more manageable.

Will this trade happen? Probably not because it makes too much sense. But do expect Flynn to be traded somewhere this offseason given the need for quarterbacks. Sports Illustrated’s Peter King and NFL Network’s Albert Breer did just tweet that Seattle will take a $6 million cap hit if Flynn is cut rather than traded. And of course, it’s never too early to speculate.

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  • Jake

    Tebow, Alex Smith and Vick will also all be available next year. Carson Palmer, Matt Hasslebeck likely as well. It may not be the most interesting bunch of QB’s but I’d take Hasslebeck, Smith and Tebow over what we have now any day.

    • lamont smith

      i’ll take vick we will be the most explosive team in the NFL!

      • Roberto Pigatti Junior

        Rivers. Send the 1st and 4 pick, and we ‘ll have a qb for 6-8 years.

  • MNHUPM Official Webpage

    Yeah. Trading away the best QB on the roster makes perfect sense.

    • Jake

      Webb is not a QB. He’s a WR with an arm. Why is everyone so high on Webb, he has never shown himself to be a star QB. He’s lucky to be on the roster right now considering how he was outplayed in camp and preseason by MBT and Rosenfels.

      • F-ed Up Guy!

        He has 3 career starts – 2 in season finales of losing season, when no one on the team is tring. He is getting 1/8th of the chance Christian Ponder has been getting.

        • Jake

          There is a reason for that. If the coaches thought he could be a winner then he would have been starting a long time ago.

          • lamont smith

            thts not necessarily true! coaches miss out on talented all the time in the NFL! some ppl just get overlooked. Ponder sucks!! anyway

      • Rob

        He’s not a QB — that’s clear. He’s also not a WR, because he can’t catch. He’s an athlete. There are lots of unemployed athletes out there who can’t catch on with an NFL team. There’s a reason all those NFL scouts and draft personnel passed on him until the Vikings took him late in the 6th round. He’s not very good.

  • Tazmallard

    Sorry, we don’t need another weak arm starting at QB!

  • Mandie Kranig

    The only reason why we kept Webb as the backup is because he sukcs as a QB. Rick knew Ponder would struggle and having Webb as the backup would make it IMPOSSIBLE for Fraizer to be forced into benching Ponder in favor of Webb. Get it through your heads, Webb isn’t a QB he is a WR who THINKS he’s a QB.

    • vikingnation1

      Fucking retard hahahhahaha this guy thinks he knows footbal HAHAHA

    • lamont smith

      thts the most stupid comment i ever seen!! Webb is a quarterback ! nd he didnt decide to be strictly QB they forced him to only play QB!

      • Rob

        Mandie — if you follow the likes of Tom Pelissero and Judd Zulgad’s Twitter feeds, you’ll get some insight to Webb — he can’t catch. They’ve made it perfectly clear. However bad he is at QB, he’s worse at WR. Doesn’t matter how well he runs with the ball if he can’t be counted on to catch it first. He’s at QB because there’s no other good place to use him. He’s a great athlete without a natural position. College QB is so run-oriented with most teams, they’d need to change their offense to fit his skills, and that’s not going to happen.

  • Mandie Kranig

    Just realize that the Organization gave us NO CHANCE of succeeding this year or next. They reached for Ponder, then didn’t do too much to help him by fixing the OL (outside of Kalil) and didn’t pick up any quality receivers. They wrote off the year before it started, and when it looked like we could really pull an upset, they didn’t do anything about it then either. Blame Ponder all you want, compare him to a young Eli or Brady and a viking Favre all you want, but the situations were different.

    • stu

      This organization drafted kalil, harrison smith and josh robinson..oh yeah and got an amazing kicker that everyone thought was a wasted pick. What else do you want? We were 3-13 and now we are 7-6 starting 4 rookies and the youngest roster in the NFL. I love seeing all the “armchair coaches” come out of their lil boxes on monday or tuesday to tell the world what the Vikings should be doing. We have people in our organization who have been involved with football for 20 plus years but guys like Rex will call a 23 yr starting NFL QB a loser from behind his computer. Really rex? Ponder is a loser? Maybe you should look in a mirror.

      • asdf

        Speilmans done a fine job. but ponder sucks

    • loonie toon mcgoo

      Ponder sucks.

    • Rob

      Mandie — go watch some figure skating. Matt Kalil will be a perennial Pro Bowler, John Sullivan is the best center in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus, a group that studies the film of every individual play from every lineman in the league, and who is cited regularly by ESPN and other outlets. Fusco is young and improving, Johnson played much better at guard, and Loadholt is a solid RT who gets flagged for too many penalties, but who also is a great run blocker. There’s a reason Ponder’s sacks are way down this year and Peterson is on the verge of breaking the single season rushing mark. To criticize the offensive line is so bogus, I almost think you’re joking.

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  • Rex Chaney

    Vikes need to fire musgrave his play calling is way to predictable and dosent have enough plays on his little 6×9 play chart. when you have the best running back in the game who gets you down te field tro the red zone and then you take him out of the game and depend on the weak arm and decission making of ponder and end up with no points other tha a fiel goal you loose! He should take ponder with him too he is not a winner in the NFL and never will be, he has a weak arm and couldnt get the ball downfield to recievers even if we had them. Joe web should have been the starter everytime he has come in to play the vikes move the ball and score vikes wasted a pic on ponder and money when they could have filled some other badly needed position to actually help the team.

    • vikingnation1

      As of late his play calling has been rather creative and clever though. I still agree he needs to go though. Frazier has shown he is the future though. I doubted frazier but I regret it. And I agree with you on Webb over Ponder, but Webb will never get the job because everyone thinks hes not a “legit qb.” I think he is, but he can go somewhere else and thrive as a qb. I think aaron murray or alex smith this offseason.

  • vikingnation1

    dumbest fuckin idea ever BULSHIT why would we trade THE BETTER QB???

    • Jake

      The better QB? If he were the better player, he would be the starter. He would have been starting a long time ago. All the stories out of camp and the preseason said Webb was the worst out of all four contenders and everyone was surprised they kept him and cut Rosenfels. I don’t get you guys on the Webb bandwagon, clearly you haven’t been paying attention to his play. Webb is not a QB, he’s a WR with a big arm. They should be playing him at WR since that’s where they are short.

      • kkkk

        if kaep was the better player how come he didnt start at the beginning of this season? your argument is flawed

        • Jake

          Kaep didn’t start until Smith went down with injury. Your argument is flawed.

        • Rob

          Kaepernick wasn’t the better starter in the beginning. He needed time to learn the offense. Your argument sucks.

    • Rob

      Vikingnation1 — Put down the crack pipe. Joe Webb has done nothing. ESPN’s Kevin Seifert did a breakdown of Webb’s stats from games where he was the reliever to those games where he was named starter in advance. He only plays well in relief, much like Taravaris Jackson did. His stats when named the starter were off the charts horrible — the defense game planned for him and shut him down completely. Get over it. Flynn might not be the answer, but Webb definitely isn’t.

  • stu

    We would have to give up something more than Webb. Watching webb in the preseason was awful..the guy cannot string 5 completions in a row. I like the idea of getting someone to push ponder and then if he hasn’t come around by week 9 and is costing us games then make the switch.

  • Over-informed_Seahawk_Fan

    Seahawk fan here. I couldn’t have been more excited when we got the guy (Flynn), I was stoaked we got a 6th rounder from the Bills for T-jax and was fine with Wilson as back-up. Flynn reminds me of Alex smith a little (not a home run hitter but very consistent, a great game manager).

    Turns out wilson got the job and is playing great. Also, from what I saw in hawk training camp this year, Josh Portis (clinton portis’s cousin) is good and qb-project Pete Carroll likes.

    This being said, I’m sure Flynn will hit the market and as the Qb draft class is shit, i’d (OPTIMISTICLY) like to think we could find a team to invest a 2nd rd pick (@ least a 3rd).

    Seriously though, flynn deserves a shot, but the hawks don’t want ur awful & cheap qb project

  • PC1960

    I could live with this, we need to either find a way to use Webb as something other than a QB or get rid of him anyway, Flynn could compete for the job next year in camp.