Oct 21, 2012; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin (12) against the Arizona Cardinals at the Metrodome. The Vikings defeated the Cardinals 21-14. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Vikings Offseason Drama: Everybody's Talking Percy Harvin

Thought I’d take a quick spin around the FanSided network and see what other bloggers are saying about Percy Harvin and all the juicy trade rumors. Turns out there are plenty of people interested in Harvin (or at least interested in the pageviews that come with talking about Harvin). Here’s a sampling of what folks are saying.

Arch Authority, a St. Louis blog, wants to pair Harvin with Titus Young and help the Rams’ passing woes:

Might Percy Harvin be the missing piece to the Rams’ receiver puzzle?  The guy is an outstanding receiver; you know, if you like receivers who are crazy fast, have hands that could catch Houdini and can make entire defenses miss tackles.  Oh yeah, did I mention that he’s deadly while returning kicks too?

The Rams, who turned out a less than stellar passing game last season, could dramatically improve themselves with the addition of a speedy threat like Harvin.  Package Harvin with the newly acquired Titus Young and that is a recipe for being outright dangerous in open space because the two are scarily similar in nearly all aspects.

Young and Harvin together sounds scary for reasons having nothing to do with on-the-field production.

Musket Fire thinks the Patriots should look at Harvin only if they can’t re-sign Wes Welker.

Percy Harvin has always been whispered around by Patriots fans in rumors and speculation as a possible trade candidate for this team. Those whispers have become open discussion in Patriots Nation, and Harvin has become quite the NFL news topic now that the Minnesota Vikings sound more open to dealing him. They obviously aren’t just going to give him away or anything, and they will command a large fee for Harvin’s services. He has plenty of value to this team and is one of the league’s premier playmakers. If the Patriots were able to pry him away (they would likely need to give some 2014 picks in there as well), then he would be an enormous weapon. I’d rather have the Pats gauge Wes Welker‘s interest in re-signing first before giving a king’s ransom for Harvin, but there’s little doubt that Harvin is the better player (when you factor in age).

I’m not convinced it will take a king’s ransom to get Harvin.

Stripe Hype asks if Harvin would fit in Cincinnati with all his issues.

Although NFL.com has Mike Wallace and Reggie Bush potentially going to the Bengals, there is now another potential #2, or slot receiver coming available on the market, Percy Harvin.  Apparently there was a blow up in November between Harvin and Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier in front of teammates.  The Vikings did not take too kindly to this since a similar incident took place that included Harvin and former head coach, Brad Childress.

Either way, what are the odds he ends up in Cincinnati?  Do the Bengals even want a guy like him with all this excess baggage wanting a contract extension?

Baggage has never scared Marvin Lewis before, so why would it now?

Phin Phanatic is not interested in diva Harvin, who would hurt Ryan Tannehill.

Although the Miami Dolphins are one of the league’s most desperate teams for a wide receiver, the front office will not risk damaging QB Ryan Tannehill’s development with a diva receiver such as Harvin. Miami has shown their no tolerance policy with “me first” wide receivers such as Chad Johnson – formerly known as Ochocinco (sorry, I had to), Brandon Marshall and Braylon Edwards – was only brought in for a work out – in the past. It is hard to see Jeff Ireland and company cave in this time around, even if Harvin is one of the league’s most versatile players.

Pairing Harvin with a young QB would indeed be a bad idea. Unless it’s the right young QB. Speaking of which…

Niner Noise wants Harvin for the 49ers.

Harvin ran the wild cat in Minnesota and the 49ers read-option tailors Harvin’s skill set perfectly. In my previous article, “San Francisco 49ers’ Top Five Needs,” I clearly stated the 49ers need to target a wide receiver with return ability to get the most bang for their buck. With Harvin’s return ability, it would provide a more explosive component to Brad Seely’s special teams, while providing a viable deep threat for offensive coordinator Greg Roman. However, what is the asking price for Harvin’s services?

With the 49ers projected to have 14 draft picks (five in the first three-rounds), they can package quantity for quality. If the 49ers can bundle two third-round draft picks or a second and fourth-round draft pick, they should strongly consider making the move. The move would make sense for both parties, as the Vikings need younger bodies while the 49ers need a complimentary deep-threat.

Harvin’s skills would make an intriguing addition in San Francisco. I know I said before that pairing Harvin with a young QB would be a bad idea but Colin Kaepernick isn’t like most young QBs. He already has a Super Bowl under his belt and clearly has the locker room on his side. He’s not a shrinking violet and could deal with Harvin’s BS.

And how about the Jacksonville Jaguars? They should stay away says Black and Teal:

While Harvin is by no means a super selfish player like Titus Young, having personality related issues with two head coaches (as bad as Brad Childress was, he didn’t deserve it) is major red flag for a rebuilding team not dying for his talent.  Gus Bradley will have a hard enough time turning the Jags around after a 2-14 season, he doesn’t need a potential headache on the sidelines to go with.  The Vikes really want to get rid of Harvin, who could be picked up with a second or third round pick, but they’re [sic] problem will likely not become a saint a la Cris Carter.

And we’re only at the beginning of this particular drama. So much speculation yet to come.

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