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November 25, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel (7) watches on the sidelines in the second half of the game against the Denver Broncos at Arrowhead Stadium. The Broncos won 17-9. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Vikings Backup Quarterback Speculation: Matt Cassel

The Vikings will add a veteran QB to compete with – and likely defeat – Joe Webb for the backup job. That we know. So now we’re watching the transaction wires to see who might be available. And listening to the rumor mill to see what names come up.

Drew Stanton is one name that’s already been thrown out there. After the Alex Smith trade, another guy became available who will certainly be added to the speculation mix. That guy is Matt Cassel.

You remember Cassel. Once upon a time fans wanted the Vikings to get him from New England. But he ended up going to Kansas City where he had a little bit of success. Now KC is moving on with Alex Smith. And Cassel is on the market.

Is Cassel a guy the Vikings might legitimately look at? I’m not sure. Yes he has the veteran presence they need. He would certainly give them a better option than Joe Webb in the event Christian Ponder’s arm went out again.

But is Cassel actually a little too good for the job? The Vikings want someone who can be a viable #2 but not actually threaten Ponder. The last thing Rick Spielman wants is a QB controversy. Fans were screaming for Webb last year, and Webb is terrible. Imagine the crying if you had Cassel as your backup.

I feel like Cassel might be a little too much of a threat to Ponder. The Vikes should find someone a little lower on the ladder. A Drew Stanton or a Brady Quinn. We wouldn’t want Ponder getting nervous.

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  • steve

    I agree.

  • Jacob Mapson

    Can we get a good starting QB before we pick up another worthless backup QB?

  • Mando

    So Jacob who would you pick for a good starting QB? The QB draft class is weak. And there aren’t any “good” free agent QB’S coming available either. Why don’t you head back over the the Packs Page you closeted packer fan and troll somewhere else.

    • Jacob Mapson

      I am a die hard Vikings fan which is why I care who our QB is to begin with. I would suggest maybe picking up Matt Flynn who is just sitting on the bench and all his talent being wasted. I would also suggest using Bethel-Thompson as a backup QB.

  • Mando

    Warning, lots of reading ahead, I know your brain might hurt from all the words, but it might help you to actually read and learn something.
    Here Jacob, take your pick. Here are the top 4 free agent QB’s. Jason Campbell,

    Matt Moore and looky here, T. Jack. Let us compare a few simple career stats, shall we?

    Ponder: CMP% 59.2 LNG 72 RAT 77.1

    Campbell: CMP% 60.9 LNG 84 RAT 82.5

    Moore: CMP% 59.1 LNG 66 RAT 80.5

    T.Jack: CMP% 59.4 LNG 71 RAT 77.7

    So there ya go. A bunch of guys that are pretty much the same as Ponder, just with a few more years experience and who will probably cost more money and who have maxed out their potential. These are all career backups. Nothing more. Matt Cassel is along right along with these numbers.

    Here are some more stats:

    P. Manning (1998 first yr starter) CMP % 56.7 LNG 78 RAT 71.2

    T. Brady (2001 first year starter) CMP% 63.9 LNG 91 RAT 86.5

    Ponder may not be “elite” and may never be elite, but people probably said the same thing about Manning. And besides who would you rather have Ponder or an overpaid T.Jack?

  • VforViking

    This is Ponder’s make-or-break year and it only makes sense to give him the chance to prove he is the quarterback on whom the Vikings can rely. If he gets into another performance rut like last year, then he’s damaged goods — just like Cassel in Kansas City. The Vikings will have to do something with him then and try to get something for him via trade. There’s no point in hanging onto a player who isn’t getting it done.
    Getting a back-up quarterback who won’t push Ponder is bad for Ponder and bad for the team. If Ponder gets hurt again, the Vikings will need someone who can come in and really run the offense. Does anybody at Winter Park really need to watch tape of that playoff game again?
    If the Vikings find a viable play-action offense, they will destroy teams. Maybe Wright can become the guy at receiver, but if the Vikings don’t get some wide-outs who can scare secondaries, the man under center isn’t going to make a lot of difference.

    • vikepryde

      I agree! Well said. :)

  • Mando

    Exactly. Get Ponder some real WR and lets see what he can do. He has potential. He needs to be able to develop. It is hard to develop when you have a bunch of practice squad receivers out on the field. Also, it isn’t like there is anybody else we can get anyway. When TJack is in the top 4 in Free Agent QB’s you know you’re stuck, for better or for worse. For the first time since Daunte Culpepper, we actually have a QB plan for the future. Remember the Freotte/ Jackson tandem of 08? The Brett Favre experiment Mcbabb bust? Those were all because we had no plan for QB, and kept running around trying to find the “quick fix”. And guess where it got us, nowhere. So listen up you Fair Weather Vikings fans. We have a plan. No it doesn’t involved some overpriced QB, nor does it involved going out and getting big names that may or may not help us. It involves staying true to ourselves, as a running team, with a stout defense. Bettering our team through the draft, and being a balanced team. Don’t like it? Go cheer for the Pack. They have a pass happy team, no defense and look, we were just 1 game behind them in the division. Or go cheer for the Lions, They too are pass heavy, no run game, poor defense. And look how well they’ve done.

    We finally have a plan. No band-aid QB’s. No mindlessly signing players only to let the go a few weeks later (Moss 2.0). We have the MVP AD, lets use him. So what we don’t have a high flying offense. I’d MUCH rather see AD break off an 80 yr TD scamper than see Ponder throw a 70 yd pass anyway. I LOVE seeing AD make defenders look FOOLISH trying to tackle him and failing. AD is our man, all we need from Ponder is less turnover and a bit more accuracy. He doesn’t need to be A. Rodgers.


    Webb is not terrible u s#$t for brain!

    • ndawg21

      Webb is definitely terrible


    Mando, PONDER is a career backup at BEST! R U PEOPLE BLIND? he is no Luck, Griffin, Ryan, Flacco, Wilson, He’s not even As good as the kid in Miami. He’s what we call a coach killer, Meaning if Leslie Frazier Doesn’t get a real quarterback, It will cost him and his staff their jobs. And if Ponder is Spielman’s boy, Shame on him!!!!!!!