Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Cordarrelle Patterson (Tennessee) is introduced as the number twenty-nine overall pick to the Minnesota Vikings during the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Vikings 2013 First Round Draft Grades


The Vikings surprised a lot of people on Thursday by selecting 3 players in the first round of the 2013 NFL draft.   Below are a list of the players along with a letter grade for each selection.

Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd (Florida) is introduced as the twenty third overall pick of the 2013 NFL Draft by the Minnesota Vikings at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

#23 – Sharrif Floyd, Defensive Tackle from Florida

The Vikings had to be THRILLED to see Floyd still available.  He was widely mocked to be selected #3 overall by the Oakland Raiders.  One of the major things the Vikings wanted to accomplish this draft is to get a Defensive Tackle for Kevin Williams to groom to be his eventual successor, and there was nobody more perfect for the Vikings to select than Sharrif Floyd.  Floyd’s ability to stuff the run as well as be able to get pressure as a pass rusher will make him extremely valuable to the Vikings.  He has a quick first step and can use that to split offensive lines.  Although he will most likely share snaps with Kevin Williams this year, we will also get to see him on passing downs alongside Williams in order to get a better pass rush.  Floyd is an investment in the future of the defensive line and should pay long-term dividends.  Floyd will wear #95 this season for the Vikings.

Grade: A

Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Cornerback Xavier Rhodes (Florida State) is introduces as the twenty fifth overall pick of the 2013 NFL Draft by the Minnesota Vikings at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

#25 – Xavier Rhodes, Cornerback from Florida State

Once again, the Vikings have to be surprised that a player they wanted was still available.  Rhodes was a considered by most to be a lock to be a top-15 pick this draft, so when he fell into the Vikings laps, they had to pull the trigger.  Rhodes isn’t the type of Cornerback the Vikings are used to taking.  He is a physical corner who excels in press coverage and possesses excellent arm length with a sturdy frame.  Two of the most appealing things about him are his measurables.  He is 6’2″ tall and ran a 4.39 second 40 meter dash at the combine.  His combination of height and speed along with his ability to press at the line of scrimmage will make him a dangerous defensive weapon in the Vikings secondary.  Rhodes is no slouch when it come to tackling, either.  He is smart and aggressive when pursuing ball caries and can slip blocks fairly easily.  If the Vikings decide to start Rhodes along with Chris Cook this year, you can bet that the Vikings will be a lot more physical on defense.  Rhodes will wear #29 this season for the Vikings.

Grade: A-

#29 – Cordarrelle Patterson, Wide Receiver from Tennessee

Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson (Tennessee) is introduced as the twenty ninth overall pick of the 2013 NFL Draft by the Minnesota Vikings at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The big surprise of the first round for Vikings fans was when Minnesota traded back into the first round to get the #29 pick from the New England Patriots.  When the Vikings made that move, most assumed it was to get Middle Linebacker Manti Te’o from Notre Dame.  Instead, the Vikings selected Patterson.  Patterson is a deceivingly elusive player who is known for his ability to get yards after the catch but can also use his speed and size to get open deep down the field.  He has excellent strength and has shown the ability to brush off defenders who are trying to tackle him.  If the Vikings can get the ball into his hands, he will work hard to pick up extra yards.   Another thing that Patterson excelled at in college was in the return game.  The Vikings have said that they believes Patterson is a better return man than former Vikings (now Seahawks) Wide Receiver Percy Harvin.  And that is saying a lot!  Patterson will start opposite newly acquired Wide Reciever Greg Jennings in what can only be called a MASSIVELY upgraded group of recievers.  You will be able to see Patterson wear the #84 jersey this season.

Grade: B+

Overall Impression of the Vikings 2013 First Round Selections:

The Vikings got three players who will make an immediate impact on the team.  They got players valued much higher than the picks where they were selected and still addressed most of their biggest needs.  While they traded away all their selections on day two of the draft, you can’t help be excited about all the young talent the Vikings have come away from this draft with.

Overall Grade: A-

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  • MikeH123

    The Patterson trade deserved an F. Draftniks have said the strength of this draft is in the second and third rounds (almost as good as the first). Vikings got 3 starters but they could have got at least 4, maybe even 5 starters (since the 4th rounder they gave up was the one in the early 4th). MLB was the only position the Vikings needed that was not deep. I would rather have MLB Teo or Ogletee (who Jeff Fisher traded up to get), a CB like Wreh-Wilson, a WR like DaRick Rogers or Keenan Allen, and the 11th best guard to replace Johnson or Fusco) than just WR Patterson and CB Rhodes. The Pats agreed that they would rather have the Vikings 3 draft picks than Patterson, even though they needed a deep threat.

    • Rob

      Most of those ‘draftniks’ are just internet bloggers. Give it a rest and stop being sucha know-it-all.

      • MikeH123

        Walter Football gave the Vikings a B- grade for Cordarrelle Patterson. They say “Patterson is raw – which is why he dropped to No. 29 – but he has so much potential” but conclude “The problem is that the Vikings don’t have a quarterback to get him the football.” The Vikings seem to have been drafting Patterson to replace Harvin as a kick returner, but the NFL is trying to phase out this dangerous part of the game. Drafting Floyd and Rhodes was probably OK, but it was a bad move to waste 3 picks trading up to get Patterson. They could have just held their ground to get MLB Arthur Brown in the 2nd, possession WR DaRick Rogers in the 3rd and a guard like Alvin Baily in the early 4th.

        • Rob

          So? They’re just another internet blog. In 2003, John Clayton said the Vikings made a big mistake taking Kevin Williams over Jimmy Kennedy. How did that work out? And I can guarantee you Clayton’s opinion is much more respected than anyone from WFB or any other blog site. Lighten up. Let it go. You sound like you have OCD or something. Wait and see how he does before you have a year-long anxiety attack.

        • Mandooooo

          Fine. He is raw. But guess what, he gets to learn from one of the best WR in the league in Jennings. He has natural talent and that isn’t something you can teach. Hopefully Jennings can get him accumulated to the nuances of the NFL at playing WR at an Elite level. We needed a WR and got one. And as for MLB, we have several options currently on the roster, namely Audie Cole and Erin Henderson. Henderson already plays MLB in our Nickle Package and has the instinct and skill set to continue to play MLB full-time ( just like EJ did before him). Henderson is also already bulking up his upper body in order to win the starting job as MLB, he knows he can do it, and he is ready to prove it. Also, Cole, could be a great backup for him, as he too has wowed the staff and coaches with his instinct and abilities. Not only for his 1 awesome preseason game, but for his special team contributions and practices.
          We have a staff of scouts and coaches who know more about football than your or some other blooger or draftnick. That watch 40+ hours of film a week and go to practices and workouts and interview players. Bloggers and draftnicks just use youtube as their film reel and make uninformed decisions, thinking they know all.
          Plus, we were able to get UDFA to come to our Rookie camp, and we didn’t even have to use picks on them, the same talent level from the late rounds that we “gave up” but we get them for free. So really, we didn’t miss anybody.
          Last year we drafted 9 players, all of them are still on the team, and 3 of them were immediate starters and impact players. I’d like to see what you thought of those picks last year… I’m sure you crapped your pants when you saw we drafted Walsh…

  • 3kolu

    Don’t forget the 40″+ vertical for Rhodes. He’s an easy A and Floyd is an A+ all day falling 20 spots, and Patterson with the ball in his hands is unbeievable and just because you have a bunch of mid-round picks doesn’t mean squat. If you see someone you like you make it happen rather than wonder what happened. This was an A+ draft for the Vikings filling 3 needs with dynamic and versatile players that were all top 15 picks or better.

  • MikeH123

    spielman could have got Floyd, Rhodes, MLB Arthur Brown, and a WR and guard to be determined if he would have just stood his ground and not wasted 3 picks on Patterson. Ponder doesnt even have the arm to get the ball to a deep threat like Patterson.

    • MikeH123

      After Floyd and Rhodes, the Vikings could have waited until round 2 to get MLB Arthur Brown. In Round 3, they would have had their pick of WRs from Stedman Bailey (5-10, 193, 4.52), Quinton Patton (6-0, 204, 4.53), Ryan Swope (6-1, 206, 4.34), Da’Rick Rogers (6-2, 217, 4.52) and Kenny Stills (6-1, 194, 4.38). In round 4, they could have got Guards Alvin Bailey (6’3,312 pounds) and J.C. Tretter (6’4,307 pounds). The Vikings are a MADHOUSE

      • http://twitter.com/pincented Daniel Pincente

        What do you know?

  • Mike Bridges

    Fortunately fans don’t draft…fans ARE daft tho. No matter what Speilman did he would have got it in the neck by some fans. Since when were blogger draftniks authorities on football? The GM knows the needs of his team better than anyone and this one did what was best for this team. Why is it most experts have called this draft the thinnest and weakest in a decade and yet fans keep bangin on about how a vast list of players were available? I saw many Viking games last year and I saw Ponder air it out often but, what I did see was a sorry group of WR’s let him down. Speilman addressed that issue with signing a great vet in FA and drafting the best WR on the board. People still moan even tho they rightly moaned about the sorry state of the receiving corps last year. A GM’s job is even harder now a days, especially if he reads what fans say on these thousands of football fan sites. The Vikings did in effect swap places with the Pats on one pick so, they gave up 3 mid to late round picks for a brilliant WR…sounds like a win to me. The Vikings still have 6 picks and there is still some talent to have BUT, most fans will now deny that. The best thing about Rhodes is he can do what only one CB on the roster could do and that was shed, cover and tackle! The DB’s on the Vikings have had their difficulties for ages and the GM is rectifying that and fans are still not happy! Cook, Rhodes and H. Smith are quality. I’m glad that this draft the GM isn’t filling the coffers with sub par talent. He isn’t reaching on guys that will be a stretch to be on the final roster. I saw many teams having their third pickup in the third round by third round talent. So what if they had 1 pick each in each round? I saw Speilman get his 3 in the first round and all 3 are first round talent. The next 6 picks or how ever many are left after trades…there could be the 6 or fewer or more than 6 but, I know one thing Speilman will do what’s best for the Minnesota Vikings and I know at least one more thing…he’s NOT spending his time trolling these sites checking on what fans have to say or want! Funny thing about Teo….a vast majority of fans were shouting to NOT draft the no talent pratt and now fans are pissed off cuz he didn’t draft him! That’s exactly why he and the other GM’s never go on these sites! Speilman is BUILDING a winner the right way and I applaud him for that. When I was a kid way back in the early 70′s I got to see great Viking teams for many years and that was because the Vikings had great players that were taken in the drafts! Eventually, for some damn reason the course was changed and Viking teams were built on Free Agency and season after season the roster changed because the team was built on Free Agency and it eventually caught up with the team. There were the odd sporadic winning seasons when the right mix of Free Agents came in and there were the few seasons of top picks such as Randy Moss and there have been great FA’s and there is a need for em but, the nucleus of the team has to be great draft picks. When the Vikings move into their new home they will be a bona fide season by season contender…. again, built through great drafts! SKOL! What would be better…1 great WR or 3 average ones? 2 great or 4 average? Right now the team has 2 great WR’s and 3 good ones and a great TE! I secretly would like to see a good slot guy and the receiving corps would be vastly improved! It will be great to have a great WR on each side of the LOS instead of just 1 that can be doubled or tripled! I do agree that after getting Ponder all this help if he still struggles it will be time to DRAFT a quality guy. Keep building for the future not just the single season! SKOL!

  • qckappa

    This is an A+ draft for the Vikings. We have 3 players that graded out in the top 20 by Scout and the Combine. I don’t recall any team every achieving that. Those people are the experts. With whatever is added to those players in the latter rounds could make this the best draft in Viking and possibly arguably NFL history. Expectations will be high but so what, they are first round picks from big time programs in two of the most competitive conferences in the country that routinely have the most players drafted every year recently. The Viking staff has done a great job so far in the offseason. Our dbs were too small, TB receivers exposed us and so did Marshall at Chicago. Now we have more size in 3- 6 foot dbs and maybe we get another. I have no doubt that the staff has a mlb plan in place and it will be at least as good as what we got last year when we went 10-6. Go Vikings!

  • qckappa

    BTW, I forgot to mention that Robert Blanton, who was drafted last year played cb in college and he’s 6 feet tall and so is our soon to be pro bowler Harrison Smith. Our db’s will make many more plays with what will be the best dl in pro football. Ponder will have 3 good targets to throw to now behind one of the best ol in the NFL. Go Vikings!

  • Daniel Laxen

    Grading a draft after 3 days is hilarious…It takes 3 years to know how a draft class grades out…Yes the Vikings had a great draft last year, but what happens if or when any of these guys get injured? 2 years from now many players drafted last year and this year will be out of, or on the way out of, the NFL…The Vikings should be pleased how this draft FELL out of the sky seemingly…Not 1 person thought Sharrif would be there when the Vikings drafted at 23…Same thing with Rhodes…Minnesota moved back up into the 1st round and I’m sure it was because of how well they regarded Patterson. They did the same thing last year with Smith and it paid dividends. The last draft like this was 08 when Flacco was far and away the best pick and fell to the Ravens…Nobody knew it at the time and this just reinforces what I’m talking about…I applaud the Vikings draft. Now let’s give them a chance to prove some of the grades that many have posted…3 prospects that were rated in the top 20 after the 22nd pick seems great…SKOL…