Jan 5, 2013; Green Bay, WI, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joe Webb (14) runs onto the field prior to the first quarter of the NFC Wild Card playoff game at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Let Us Please Waste No More Time Talking About Joe Webb

It has happened again. Joe Webb has somehow become a topic of conversation in Viking Nation. It’s the usual stuff. The Vikings are going to try Joe Webb at receiver…again. They have plenty of quarterbacks now, you see. But Joe is such a great talent. They do not want to waste him. They are going to find some way to get him on the field.

Could we please just stop with this stuff now? Let me say it for the very last time: Joe Webb will never contribute as a receiver. He will never contribute as a kick returner either. Leslie Frazier has already made it clear the Vikings want to use Cordarrelle Patterson on kick returns. Does anyone here see Joe Webb returning punts?

Yes I know, Joe is an athlete. He can run. He can jump high. Hey…maybe try him out at cornerback. Oh wait, you have to be able to do other football-related things in order to play cornerback. Like tackle. And catch.

Why do we dwell on this topic at all? Anyone with any sense knows where this is headed. The Vikings will try Webb at receiver for awhile and will once again realize that he can’t play receiver. But this time there will be no return to quarterback for Webb. The Vikings have their back-up in Matt Cassel. They have their #3 in McLeod Bethel-Thompson. No room for Webb. So this time he will be cut.

Right now I would say Webb has maybe a 5% chance of making the roster. That’s possibly optimistic. Why we spend so much time discussing the prospects of a marginal player is beyond me. For some reason, some fans are just fixated on the idea that Webb can be some multi-faceted x-factor weapon. They got that idea in their brains once upon a time and can’t dislodge it.

But that doesn’t explain why the Vikings keep going back to that well. My suspicion is that the Vikings are not actually sincere about giving Webb another shot at receiver. I think they are just placating the fans again. They know Webb is popular and they don’t want to look like they are just dumping him. They already took enough heat over Percy Harvin and Antoine Winfield. So they will go through the farce of pretending they want to try Webb at receiver. And somewhere in preseason they will cut him and that will be that.

I look forward to the day when I never have to write or think about Joe Webb again. Nothing against the guy personally. But this nonsense has dragged on far too long. Rick Spielman, stop the madness.

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  • Billy Schwandt

    I agree and it is sad that Webb has all the talent he has but not as a QB or Receiver. The only thing he could be used for is the long snapper because then he could stay with the team and they could use hi as a tight end or receiver or running back option. Just hopping they find a place for his talent that can help the Vikings!!!.

    • Mandooooo

      Webb can’t be anything other than a towel boy on the Vikes. TE need to block and catch (Webb can’t do either) Receivers need to run routes and catch, (Webb can’t do either) and as for Running back we have plenty, not to mention the MVP. The ONLY reason why we are keeping him is so nobody (Pats…Hawks…) can pick him up and figure out a way to use him. We want to run his stock all the way into the ground, so nobody gives him a second look.

  • robb

    I think Webb is prominently discussed because he holds the most important position in sports.

    • Rob

      He does? 4th string non-QB and longshot WR is the most importan position in sports?

  • http://www.facebook.com/wludford Warren Ludford

    Vikings should try Webb as a red-zone specialist WR, and practice throwing him a jump ball high in the end zone that only he could reach. Unstoppable given his height and vertical, if executed right.

    The trouble with getting rid of Webb is that a) he costs next to nothing; b) would bring in next to nothing. They’d simply have to put him on waivers. May as well give him another shot at a special situation WR and see if it works.

  • Jason

    One thing I don’t get about all this talk of he’ll never be a WR, he can’t catch or run routes. He was drafted as a WR. Since offseason workouts of his rookie season, he has been a QB on the Vikings roster. For all this talk of him not being able to run routes or do certain things as a receiver, he’s spent the last 3 years trying to be developed as a quarterback. With his freakish athleticism, had he actually been being developed as a receiver, he might be a stud by now. Also, as Warren says, he costs next to nothing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/disko37 Jordan Nadel

    I usually love Dans work, so this is no clown against him at all, but this is an awfully negative article, left a bad taste in mouth and no real reporting either, just predicting the future but really no idea whats happening at winter park. They havent even reported to minicamp sp how do you know how good he is going to do at camp, and why report something you THINK is going to happen like its fact, and why do you dislike Webb so much? Youve barely seen him in action, he started the playoff game last minute, he was not prepared and really looked terrible, and two years ago he played against the eagles and tore it up, and youve never seen him play at WR so how do you already know he is incapable of doing so? Listen Im not one of these crazy Webb fans/ ponder haters that think we should be STARTING webb or anything lol, but he seems like a class act and a likeable guy, also seems like there is some major potential. I also like Vikings players so im pulling for him to do good things in camp and get a chance to contribute to the team.