May 20, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin (11) participates in organized team activities at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Percy Harvin Feels “Wanted” In Seattle

Percy Harvin hasn’t been in Seattle long enough to create a headache for coaches, teammates and the media. Give him awhile and he’ll get there. For now though everything is roses and kittens and unicorns with rainbows coming out of their butts.

Harvin is in the honeymoon phase right now. And he knows that, if he wants that phase to last, he needs to say and do all the right things. So he is saying and doing the right things. Like showing up for OTAs. And kissing fan butt. And taking implied shots at the Vikings along the way.

One statement in particular seems like a dig against the Vikes. Harvin was asked how he felt about being in Seattle. He said, “It’s neat to know that you are wanted.” Implying that the Vikings made him feel unwanted?

Well maybe Percy had good reason to feel that way. For weeks you heard nothing but stories about how rotten a teammate Harvin was and how he was a headache and the team was looking to trade him. That’s liable to make a guy feel unwanted. And I still suspect most of that stuff was put out there by the team deliberately to smear Harvin in the eyes of the fans and make it easier for the fans to swallow the inevitable trade.

Harvin probably suspects that too. So he has reason to feel bitter toward the Vikings. He said all the right things after his departure but deep down you know he hates Rick Spielman and the whole gang at Winter Park. If he felt free to really speak his mind, I suspect his statements would be a lot stronger.

Anyway that doesn’t matter now. The Vikings have moved on. Spielman made a pretty good deal under the circumstances. The Vikes have a young, talented guy in Cordarrelle Patterson who could make fans forget all about Percy. And Percy is happy in Seattle. For now. Give it a few weeks though.

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  • Rob

    Funny how the guy who assaulted his first head coach in Minnesota then demanded a trade before assaulting his next head coach says he ‘feels wanted’ in Seattle. Doesn’t sound like he ever wanted to stay in Minnesota to begin with. So glad he’s gone.

  • Mike Bridges

    Notice the writer of this twaddle said the word…weeks. Not months or years. For years the fans of the Vikings were in love with Harvin and each time he went down with a “headache” every fan felt for him and wished a speedy recovery and for a cure to those nasty headclangers. No one knew he was more than likely blagging it right around the time he went after Coach Frazier. Minnesota took a chance on the kid even with his character issues at Florida where he even had issues with the “great” Urban Meyer! They thought he would grow up and for awhile that looked like what he was doing. Why he turned on the team and the fans is odd. The fans did nothing but love Harvin. When he was on he was on! Us fans couldn’t believe how fortunate the team was to have got this football “master”. After Rice left ( funny how he also felt done by, by the Vikings and their fans) Harvin had a huge gap to fill. His role got bigger. He was bitching that he wasn’t being used! There was a time that he was all the team had and Favre and then Ponder depended on him. I think after Favre left and Ponder came in….Harvin started checking out. Sure, Favre was a better QB than Ponder. He had better been! Favre took the young WR under his wing and taught him a lot. Favre lasts one more season. Harvin still happy and then comes the inevitable retirement! Vikings draft Ponder and hope that he can develop under TJ. TJ sucked so he gets the boot and shuffles off to, of all places, Seattle! He gets the boot from there, do the Vikings knew what they were doing! Harvin doesn’t like Ponder no matter how many times he throws to Harvin. Maybe Harvin couldn’t get passed the fact he was a ‘Nole! At any rate, Harvin constantly told everyone he loved playing with Favre! He was happy happy happy! He started getting “headaches” and missing weeks, not days. BC caught onto what Harvin was doing and called him out so Harvin attacks him! He figured that would get him out, plus all his holdout threats! Minnesota held onto him but, got rid of BC! They bring in LF, and Harvin seems happy but, he continues with the threats and he can’t even get along with Coach Frazier! More headaches and threats ensue! Fans start seeing the little cry baby for what he is…a spoiled brat! All this started over a QB change that was inevitable. Favre wasn’t staying long term. Harvin, instead of acting a fool, should have helped with the development of Ponder and played football. Harvin was moaning he wasn’t being thrown to when he was all there was! If he would have stopped blagging it and played football he would have records now! It all boils down to his dislike for Ponder and I hope Wilson flames out in his second season and leaves Harvin with less than what he got at Minnesota with Ponder. Towards the end people did see Harvin for what he was and they spoke out and he deserved it. He is a great football player but, he can be a lousy teammate! If Wilson drops off the Seahawks better stock up on Tylenol!!

  • Daniel Henry

    Percy Harvin, if you really believe the fans and Vikings didn’t want you, it just shows how much of a jerk you really are. You really don’t believe you had anything to do with all of this. Good riddance. I actually had to burn the white #12 jersey I had so it wouldn’t contaminate my other Vikings jersey.

    • Skolhorn82

      Yeah, total head-scratcher—the guy was our only offensive weapon in the passing game, being talked about for league MVP, and he’s complaining about the QB? As fast as Harvin was I never saw evidence that he could create any separation on the outside to nab deep passes and he’ll get far fewer looks/touches with Wilson’s ability and other weapons. The honeymoon in Seattle will be over pretty quickly, I’d wager.

    • Kevin

      I still have a Rice jersey that I don’t wear I should start a fire with that.

  • Ron Green

    I think at the end, the team and fans had enough of his crap. good ridence, and good luck to Seattle.

  • David Schimelpfenig

    The vikings smeared him?? Are you on the harvin lithium? They were incredibly restrained to keep the trade value up. Harvin is a bi polar head case a head butt away from going down the Titus Young road. Not a single tweet, FB or any other posting encouraging his team while he pouted down in FL. Without his negative cancer and inability to run a route Ponder finished the season wonderfully.

  • Kevin

    He feels wanted cause he got paid. That is all he and most NFL players care about these days. My bet is he will pull a DeSean Jackson. There are too many offensive weapons on the Seahawks. Percy won’t get the ball enough and if they don’t win, he’s going to start talking and throwing things around, weights at Childress. He is just like Randy Moss but without Randy’s talent. Good luck with that Seattle. Smartest move ever by the Vikings in getting rid of him.

  • Kevin

    Before Harvin was traded to Seattle I commented on a article on Bleacher report. I had said the Vikings would release Winfield or restructure his contract, trade Percy to Seattle and also Jared Allen to Seattle. I had thought the Vikes would had traded Percy for a second round pick and Matt Flynn. Jared for a second. Well the Jared trade didn’t happen, and neither did Flynn. Fellow Viking fans were up in arms saying good thing I wasn’t GM. I’m making another prediction for you guys. Come trade deadline due to no contract negotiations Jared will be traded if the Vikings don’t look to be in playoff contention. Let the bidding wars begin. I was surprised the Vikes got a first for Percy in a contract year. So what do you think Jared would be worth to a potential super bowl team.