Aug 9, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder (7) drops back and looks to the pass the ball in the first quarter against the Houston Texans at the Metrodome. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Why Give Christian Ponder Only Two Plays?

Everyone else has weighed in on the Christian Ponder two plays controversy so I might as well. First off let me say that this is a completely absurd “controversy” and the media people who continue pumping air into it – looking at you Judd Zulgad – ought to be ashamed of themselves. But here I go doing the same thing. I guess I’m a fraud.

So as near as I can figure, this whole silly thing boils down to one question: why bother playing Christian Ponder at all if you’re only going to give him two plays? Obviously the plan was to give him one series then yank him with the rest of the offensive starters. But the plan went awry when Ponder’s second pass of the game was picked off.

“Okay,” goes the argument I keep hearing. “So why not adjust your plan after the pick and give Ponder one more series? If you put him out there with the intention of getting him some work, then get him some work. And if you don’t think he needs the work, then why play him at all?”

The folks making the above argument seem a tad befuddled over the decision to play Ponder only one series. But I don’t think there’s anything to be befuddled about. It’s pretty obvious what the plan was. Get Ponder out there for a series in front of the home fans and hope he does something good. Let him hear some cheers. Give him a little confidence boost.

Okay so he didn’t make his big play. He didn’t hear his cheers. No big deal since it’s only a preseason game. Funny how that works too. If he makes some plays it shows he’s progressing, but if he gets picked it doesn’t matter?

We could play that game all day too. Bottom line on this? Ponder’s state-of-mind is obviously still a concern. He’s had an up-and-down camp so far and he has probably heard the criticism coming from the media and fans. Best way to turn that around for him and get a good feeling going? Big play in front of the Metrodome crowd. Cheers and love from the home folks.

Pretty sad that a third year quarterback still needs the ego boost. But the Vikings obviously think he does. How fragile is Ponder’s psyche anyway? And how far are the Vikings willing to go with their coddling? They already traded away Percy Harvin to protect Ponder’s feelings. And they let his wife hang around the team all the time to hold his hand.

Kind of pathetic. But not surprising given what we’ve already seen of pouty Ponder and his ways. I wish this guy would toughen up a little.

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  • Marty

    I find it amazing you would call out one sports hack for creating controversy and then you would do the same.

    Seriously, a Pouter and a Weak Pysche?

    Based on what? Your observation? Again, of what?

  • Mandooooo

    Yeah this guy is always on Ponder’s case. Think what you will about Ponder’s psyche, the REAL reason Ponder was played 1 series was because that was all that was needed to get him some action. Take some real hits, see some real defense. Obviously, the plan wasn’t for only 2 snaps, ideally it would have been nice for a 8-10 snap, march down the field for some points, but that didn’t happen. As Coach said, we have a lot of guys they need to look at. And while in a perfect world those guys would get game-time reps with the Ones, that puts our QB and O-Line ones at risk (see S. Floyd) for injuries. Ponder’s first throw was great. And depending on which side of the Ponder fence you sit on, his second throw could be his fault or Simpson’s fault. Either way, to MOST viking fans, and their coaches we know the importance of seeing what other talent we have around us to improve our team. Which is the POINT of preseason. Looks like I’m going to have another busy season correcting your posts…

    • disqus_aKAIuIjH5z

      kudos to you Mandooooo!! first when my father in law told me the stat line my first reaction was oh sh*t…but then when I watched the reply of the game I saw it in context…btw my father in law did not watch the game just saw the stats:) you said first throw was crisp and on target..second throw..could it have been more precise yes but in the NFL the rule of thumb is if a receiver can get his hands on it should have been caught…(same goes with Patterson’s drop at the end of the 2nd qrtr)…i liked that Ponder went back to Simpson and if you look at the reply threaded it between a d-linemen’s hands…i applaud Frazier for not caving into temptation..he had a game plan and stuck with it…was more important the 1st pre-season game to see more of the “unknown”…since this is not a post about the team overall I will not get into anything else…saying all that in Buffalo this week we’ll definitely see more of Ponder and then we can all get out our gavels to lay down judgment

  • Corey

    This whole article just seemed like the author wanted an excuse to whine about Ponder. Hopefully I remember to skip this author’s articles in the future and move on.