Sep 15, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman (5) sets to throw during the second half of the game against the New Orleans Saints at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Bored Writer Proposes Vikings Pick Up Josh Freeman

Everyone knows how silly things can get in the offseason with nothing really to report and writers trying to whip up stories out of thin air (gotta get those pageviews dontcha know). Well bye weeks sometimes can get just as silly, as evidenced by this column from senior editor Derek Wetmore.

Here is the gist of Wetmore’s piece: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have for some reason grown frustrated with Josh Freeman, a quarterback who was once highly regarded. It is widely believed that the Bucs would like to get rid of Freeman and start afresh at the QB position, but for various reasons the Bucs will almost certainly not be able to trade Freeman. This leaves the Bucs with only one option if they wish to move on from Freeman: cut him outright.

This is where Wetmore goes silly in the head. He throws out the idea that, if the Buccaneers dump Freeman, the Vikings should look into picking him up. Wetmore writes:

So I pose a question to you, Vikings fans.

If he’s let go, would you want to see the Vikings sign the estranged signal caller?

Alternatives include sticking with the Christian Ponder-Matt Cassel arrangement, drafting a quarterback in 2014 (Teddy Bridgewater? Brent Hundley? Tajh Boyd?), or hoping a free agent like Jay Cutler hits the open market this offseason.

I pose another question to you Viking fans: should Derek Wetmore be flogged, waterboarded or run over with a tank?

Leave aside the fact that Wetmore’s piece is an obvious attempt at stirring up crap during a boring bye week. Just look at the notion on the face of it. Hey I’ve got an idea: We have two mediocre QBs we can’t choose between; let’s bring in a third and really make a clusterbleep out of this!

To be fair, Freeman probably does have at least a tad more upside right now than either Ponder or Cassel. At least he has shown enough tantalizing flashes in the past to provide that “what if” factor fans are always looking for. But realistically? Freeman hasn’t been that great. And any time players suddenly become headaches for the coaches and front office – Percy Harvin anyone? – there’s probably a good reason. And that reason is that they are flat-out jerks.

So my answer to Mr. Wetmore is, no thank you. Let’s play it out with Ponder as the starter once he’s healthy and then reassess our options at the end of the season. Chasing other people’s cast-off QBs is a Viking habit that really needs to stop.

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  • Daniel Laxen

    I don’t want Ponder back in for another play, and if you think he offers the best prospect you are mistaken! If I were Frazier I’d already have made the decision. Cassel looked a shit ton better, and if he goes back to Ponder he’s likely to lose the locker room should Ponder fail, as I predict.
    That means If I’m Frazier I pull the trigger on who should be the QB. Hey, that’s why they brought me in as head coach right? To make the decisions on this team. Spielman might get shitty, but It’s my job right? I’m the one that’s going to be called on the carpet when the Vikings play like they did the 1st 3 games of the season. Let’s face it, Ponder was the primary reason for the defeats,. Him and the special teams play! Three and outs when your are in the 4th quarter aren’t exactly what the Dr. ordered. Floating passes and INTs. Late releases of the ball, or no release of the ball. That all make the Minnesota Vikings a 1 dimensional team that everyone can load the box on and dare Christian Ponder to beat them. Which try as he might, he simply cannot do!…
    Yeah, if I’m Frazier I call the shots on how I go out! That wouldn’t include #7 as my starting QB…Skol Brother!

  • Mitchel Duke

    Has Josh Freeman or Christan Ponder ever been to a probowl ? Matt Cassel has and who knows he might get a whole hell of alot better!! any thing is better than Ponder. I know this aint saying much, but he has a better offensive line, and a better receiving core than what he had at KC, and i dont have to say anything about AP. Time to get off the Ponder band wangon or go wash your mouth out with Buckshot Dan!!

    • Andy Wright

      Freeman has been to a probowl. Also, you sound like a red neck idiot.

  • Anthony DuLac

    I’m not sure it’s a terrible idea at all. He’ll be a good QB to have in the stable once we dump Ponder and probably Cassel after this season. We’ve proven to be pretty crappy at picking QBs in the draft so it might be worthwhile to have him in our back pocket when this upcoming draft is all said and done. ;)